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Low Stakes Slots – Play Slot Games With Small Minimum Bet

Low Stakes Slots - Play Slot Games With Small Minimum Bet

One of the best things about playing slots at King Casino is the range of slot games you can play. It just depends on what type of spinner you are.

For example, do you want to play high stake games? Or do you prefer to play slot games with small minimum bets? We’ll focus on the latter in our article below.

What Are Low Stakes Slots?

Low stakes slots are online slots geared toward players with smaller budgets. They usually target players who want an extended gambling session without having to wager large bets. Other names for low stake slots include low-bet slots, low-roller slots, or low-balance slots.

Spinners who opt for these games may have smaller bankrolls, are beginners, or enjoy the gameplay and prefer to get more spins from their budget. 

Best Slots For Low Stakes

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best slot games with low minimum bets:

Minimum Bet Slots

Sometimes, playing minimum bet penny slots has its advantages because it helps you spread a limited bankroll. Calculating the minimum bet is easier once you figure out the cost per spin and how many paylines you want to play. We’ve broken it down for you below:


Some 1p slots let you choose how many active paylines you want, while others don’t offer that option. 1p slot games with flexible paylines are sometimes described as ‘adjustable’, while those with a pre-set number of payline are labelled ‘fixed’.

Let’s say your penny slot has 40 paylines. You can choose anywhere from 1 to 40 paylines to play, provided it’s not a fixed payline slot.

For instance, if you play on all paylines with a £0.01 coin value, the minimum bet per spin would be 40 (paylines) x £0.01 (coin value) = £0.40.

Therefore, if you play on a single payline instead, the cost would be 1 x £0.01 for a minimum bet of £0.01.

Coin Value

The coin value in a given penny slot is usually indicated on the paytable, or it’s up to the player to adjust it themselves. Coin values can vary anywhere from £0.01 to £0.05. These may appear on a menu, or you can browse them to select your preferred value.

Small Bets High Payouts?

Now that you have a better idea of how low stakes slots work, you might wonder if smaller bets make it possible to win high payouts. The answer is yes.

Slots are random games of chance, and their outcomes are unpredictable. Payouts are normally proportional to the bet amount, hence why they are given as a multiple of your stake. Therefore, lower bets are likely to lead to lower payout amounts than if you were to bet higher, but proportionally they are the same. 

For example, say you land a winning combination that pays out 5x your stake. If you placed a bet of £0.10, you would receive £0.50 in winnings, but if you bet £1, you would receive £5. 

That being said, winning high payouts from small bets is still possible and has occurred for some players.

Some low-bet slots may offer progressive jackpots you can trigger after unlocking specific bonuses or symbol combinations. Players have managed to win high payouts this way in the past. Other games have sizeable maximum payouts that may be attainable through exciting bonus features.

So, although winning high payouts after placing small bets is not guaranteed, it is possible.

Small Bet Slots FAQs

Let’s look at some frequently asked questions some players have about low stake slots.

Can You Win The Jackpot From Minimum Bet On Slots?

Yes. You can win the jackpot from minimum bets on slots, depending on the type of jackpot available. For example, some slots might require a specific symbol combination to land a fixed jackpot, a random bonus game to unlock, etc. Alternatively, you can also land the maximum payout if you experience consecutive wins. Note that slot outcomes are entirely random.

However, some progressive jackpots may require you to play at the maximum bet to have the chance to trigger it. It may be best to read up on jackpots and other features in slots before playing.

Does Playing Max Bet on Slots Increase Your Odds?

No. Playing the maximum bet does not increase your odds. Slots are random games of chance; therefore, every outcome of each spin is unpredictable, and the chances of winning are the same on each spin. However, some progressive jackpot slot games might require you to play the max bet to unlock certain features.

What Are The Best Slot Games For Low Stakes Players?

We have a wide range of the best slot games for low stakes players at King Casino.  

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to these slot games are subject to change at any time.