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Casino Random Number Generators Explained (How They Work)

Random Number Generators

Online casinos have come a long way from being entirely land-based. Today, you can play some of your favourite casino games on your laptop, phone, and tablet! One vital component of the software that runs these games are Random Number Generators (RNGs). 

As most of you know, randomness is a necessary part of any casino slots game. Most online casino games use these RNGs to determine the outcomes of the games; however, live dealer games are also available in which RNGs aren’t used. In this detailed article, let’s learn about RNGs and find out how they work!

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What is a Random Number Generator? 

A Random Number Generator (RNG) is a computer program that generates number sequences randomly. These computer programs are designed to provide a vast number of sequences every second (while active) at random. 

Casinos popularly use Pseudo-Random Number Generators, which don’t require external data to determine outcomes. These only require a seed number (produced every millisecond) and an algorithm. 

How does a Casino RNG Work? 

The outcomes determined by the RNG in the casino games are random. Each time a random outcome is required, the RNG takes a seed value, usually the system time to a high degree of accuracy, and puts it through a complex algorithm. This generates a sequence of numbers which then corresponds to an outcome, such as the symbols visible on the reels or the pocket in which the ball lands in roulette

If you’re playing Blackjack in an online casino, the software will use the RNG to give you your next card if you decide to hit. You would be given this card from the top of the deck in a real casino.

Do Random Number Generators Have a Pattern? 

The big question that’s on every casino player’s mind is – Do RNGs follow a pattern, or are they completely random? Well, even to produce random results, the RNGs have to follow a certain algorithm. Hence, the RNGs can never actually be truly random.

Sometimes they can use external factors to influence the seed value and to recreate natural entropy; for example, an RNG could be made that uses the timing of the intervals between a player’s keystrokes. Would these results be random as there are correlations and patterns in the timings? That being said, most RNGs are pretty much indecipherable. They serve the purpose of generating random outcomes effectively! 

Can You Beat a Random Number Generator? 

By now, all of you will be wondering if it’s possible to beat a Random Number Generator or not. The short answer is yes – but most people are incapable of doing so, and some Random Number Generators are so complex that they’re unbeatable.

Contrary to popular belief, the games aren’t ‘hot’ or ‘cold,’ and anyone can win at any given time. That’s the point of the games being random! The chances of winning for all players are also the same regardless of how long you play or how frequently you are pressing buttons. 

In the past, people successfully rigged the casino software at land-based casinos (Ronald Harris from 1993 to 1995). However, it’s almost impossible to do so today as RNGs have become more sophisticated and are incredibly complex. 

Are Online Casino Games Fair? 

Contrary to the belief of some, online real money casino games are always fair – as long as you’re playing at a licensed casino such as King Casino. The software of all licensed casinos is tested by independent companies such as Technical Systems Testing (TST). 

These companies conduct all kinds of tests before declaring the casino fit for a license. These tests include:

  • Evaluations of the Random Number Generator (RNG) software.
  • Game payout verification and reporting. 
  • Game and mathematics evaluations.
  • Evaluations of live dealers, sportsbooks, etc. 
  • Audits of the Poker system.
  • Full security audits and penetration testing.

Once an online casino passes all these tests, they are given a badge and certificate that says that all their games are ‘fair’ and random. This means that the games provided by this casino aren’t influenced by variables such as the number of credits, size of pay-off, VIP cards, and more. 

Also, it’s important to remember that no changes can be made to a machine without going through a lengthy process. Hence, it’s safe to say that all the games at licensed casinos, such as King Casino, are fair. 

To conclude, Random Number Generators are complicated programs that work to keep casino games as random as they can. They’ve been doing this for a while and will continue to do this as online casinos are thriving! Why not check out how these RNGs work in any of the new online casino games we offer at King Casino? 

Random Number Generators FAQs 

How do gaming sites generate random numbers? 

Gaming sites use Random Number Generators (RNGs) to produce vast sequences of numbers that don’t follow any pattern. Typically, one of two methods is used to generate these numbers:

  • True Random Number Generator
  • Pseudo-Random Number Generator 

Are online casino games random? 

All online and mobile casino games use RNGs to determine the result of each spin. RNGs ensure that every spin’s results are completely random and not influenced by previous outcomes. 

Can you predict online slots? 

No, there is no way to predict online slots. Many players believe they have some trick figured out, but in reality, there’s no such thing. Online slots, casino games and online scratch cards are completely random. 

What does RNG mean on slot machines? 

RNG stands for Random Number Generator; it’s considered the brain of the slot machine.