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Megaways Slots

Slot machines never go out of style! Back in the old days, people had to head to land-based casinos to play their favourite slots. With time, slots became available online, and players could access them from the comfort of their homes or even while travelling.

Now, things have gone to the next level. With slot providers realising there was still room for innovation and out came the Megaways slots! These slots quickly captured the world’s attention as they featured countless ways to win. However, if you don’t know what they are, you won’t be able to potentially take advantage of them. So, let’s learn all about Megaways slots online!

If you’re looking for the ultimate slot experience right away, just try out some of the Megaways slots we have on offer here at King Casino.

What are Megaways Slots?

The biggest distinction Megaways slots have from regular online slots is that they offer countless possible ways to win. In some of these Megaways slots, there are millions of potential winning combinations that players can encounter. In contrast, traditional online slots usually offer between 20-50 paylines.

Those who want to play Megaways slots online for real money will be surprised to know that these were first introduced in 2015. An Australian software provider, Big Time Gaming (BTG), was the first to develop these games, and ‘Dragon Born’ was the first Megaways slot to become accessible. It featured up to 117,649 possible ways to win and quickly caught gamers’ attention.

After this, other developers entered the Megaways slots mainstream, and providers such as Red Tiger Gaming took things to the next level. Red Tiger Gaming launched a slot called ‘Laser Fruit’, which offered up to 60,466,176 paylines.

Most people don’t know that Megaways slots have a mechanism that allows them to add more spaces to the reels. Often 6 or more reels are available, and each reel can offer a variety of symbols, leading to numerous potential winning combinations. However, it’s important to remember that the maximum number of winning combinations aren’t always available and can sometimes only be offered upon triggering certain features.

What is the Best Megaways Slot?

One of the best Megaways slots is Bonanza Megaways by Big Time Gaming. It was one of the original Megaways slots and it certainly helped to put Megaways on the map!

The slot offers an RTP of 96% and has 6 reels that can accommodate up to 6 symbols. This slot also has spins, unlimited win multipliers, and cascading reels. Bonanza Megaways is known to be a medium-high volatility game and has a potential max win of up to 26,000x your stake!

A double chance feature has been added to this Megaways slot to potentially improve your chances of triggering spins.

Other Popular Megaways Slots

Besides Bonanza Megaways, several other Megaways slots are popular with players worldwide. These include:

How do Megaways Slots Work? 

Before you can start playing any of the numerous Megaways slots available at King Casino, let’s discuss how Megaways slots work. These slots have a simple aim – line up identical symbols from left to right on the reels to potentially win!

The iconic random reel modifier in Megaways slots allows these slots to offer a varying number of symbols on each spin. With 6 reels present that can offer 2-7 symbols each, the possibility of landing a winning combination can increase substantially! Most Megaways slots offer up to 117,649 possible winning combinations.

To calculate the Megaways winning combinations, multiply the number of reels with the symbols per reel. If you can get 7 symbols in all 6 reels, the winning combinations can go up to a possible number of 117,649 ways to win. Remember, though, that you can’t always get 7 symbols on each of the reels.

A Megaways slot may also feature an extra horizontal row in some cases. Simply add each symbol in the horizontal row to the number of symbols in the corresponding vertical reel. Then, multiply these numbers by the number of reels, and that will be your number of winning combinations for that particular Megaways slot.

So to conclude, Megaways slots have no fixed paylines in contrast to traditional slots, and the number of winning combinations can be calculated by multiplying the number of reels by the symbols per reel.

Benefits of Playing Megaways Slots

There are some significant benefits of the Megaways slots that make them popular at online casinos. Some of the benefits you enjoy with these slots include:

Possibility of Winning Large Payouts

Most Megaways slots have a high max payout that players can claim. Although you may not get the highest payout the slot offers, you still have a chance to claim a fair size. This is partly due to the higher number of ways to win that these slots offer casino players.

More Features

Megaways come with lots of exciting features that make them a joy to play. These features utilize some of the concepts from the regular slot machine and improve these features to make the gameplay more exciting for online casino players.

The increase in the number of developers with a licensing agreement with Big Time Gaming has also provided a massive boost in the variations on the gameplay and features you can find on Megaways slots.

More than a Hundred Thousand Ways to Win

Yes, this is a fact. Megaways slots offer up to 117,649 ways to win, which is impressive considering the highest players can get on regular slots is below a thousand ways. with the number of symbols on each reel varying from two to seven, the number of winning combinations also varies.

Downsides of Megaways Slots

Despite the popularity of Megaways slots, there are certain downsides to this online slot mechanic. Some of the common issues with Megaways slots include:

Not an Option for Land-Based Casinos

Although many players now focus on online casino gaming, there are instances when players have the urge to visit a land-based casino. You can find many excellent games like poker, blackjack, slots baccarat – but not a Megaways slot if you do this.

The main reason you won’t find your favourite Megaways slot in an online casino is the need for developers to pay Big Time Gaming to obtain a license to use this game mechanic. Unlike most online slot developers that have already obtained licenses for their use, this is not the case with land-based slot developers.

Difficulty in Getting the Largest Wins

There are so many ways to win on a Megaways slot that players often assume it would be easy to get wins on these slots. Although most players do get wins on the Megaways games, these are usually small wins.

Players who want to get the best payout on a Megaways slot need to get a spin that provides seven symbols on all reels. It is almost impossible to achieve with a random reel multiplier that makes Megaways slots fun.

It is Not Yet Available in Certain Countries

Like with land-based casinos, not all locations have access to Megaways slots online. This is because many of the developers with a license for the Megaways mechanics offer their services to players in European regions, leaving a large portion of the online community.

Popular Features of Megaways Slots

In addition to the increased pay lines of Megaways slots, players can find other excellent features in these games. These features make the games more exciting, and they include the following:

Cascading Reels

The cascading reel is a common feature of most Megaways slot games. On a slot with the cascading reels feature, any symbol that forms a winning pattern on the reels will disappear and be replaced by another symbol. A significant benefit of this feature is the possibility of the new symbols forming a winning combination.

You don’t need to spin the reels again, and the cascading feature only ends when there are no more wins. The Rainbow Riches Megaways offers this cascading feature if you want to see it in action.

Unlimited Win Multiplier

The unlimited win multiplier implies that the multiplier you get on a Megaways slot can go up to an infinite number. The multiplier on the game starts at 1x, and it will increase every time you get a win on the game. This continuous increase makes it possible for players to claim the maximum win on the Megaways slot.

Bonus Rounds

Everyone loves a unique side game now and then, and many Megaways slots offer this option. The bonus rounds on each game will differ, so you need to go through the features of the game you’re playing to determine its bonus round. Some games offer a bonus wheel for players to spin, while others allow them to pick a bonus spin and multiplier combination, like on the Buffalo Rising Megaways.

Mystery Symbol

There are different effects a mystery symbol may have on a game, and this is often up to the developers to decide. Not all games have mystery symbols, but they are becoming a popular addition to most Megaways slots. Some of these mystery symbols appear randomly and may change to a symbol you need or complete a winning pattern after a spin.

You can find out the mystery symbol of a Megaways slot, if it has one, through its paytable.

Buy Bonus

The Buy Bonus feature on most Megaways slots is like a cheat code for players who can afford it. This feature grants players direct access to the game’s bonus spins feature, where players can often get the most payout on the game. A game that offers this option will always have a dedicated button visible on the side of the reel for anyone willing to pay for it.

To obtain a buy bonus, players can pay up to 85x their stake, like on the Montezuma Megaways, which is higher on some slots. In some locations, like the United Kingdom, the Buy Bonus feature isn’t present on most Megaways games due to a ban on it by the UKGC. It means you need to rely on your luck to get the Bonus spin feature.

Bonus Spins

This may as well be one of the most popular and essential features on a Megaways slot. The Bonus spins feature requires players to land three or more scatter symbols before it becomes active on most Megaways games. However, some games require more than this, and you need to learn how to activate this feature on the slot you pick.

Players work towards triggering this feature since most Megaways slots offer the best payouts during their bonus spins.

Megaways Slots FAQs 

Why are Megaways slots so popular? 

Megaways slots are extremely popular because of the numerous ways they offer potential winning combinations. Some Megaways slots can feature 117,649 or more winning ways.

How many Megaways slots are there? 

More than 70 Megaways slots exist, and this number keeps increasing because of the ever-growing popularity of these slots.

Are Megaways slots worth it? 

Megaways slots are unique thanks to the huge number of winning combinations they can offer. With the potential excitement that can come from not knowing how many winning lines will be possible on any given spin, we’d definitely say that Megaways slots stand out from the crowd.

Who invented Megaways? 

Megaways slots were invented by the Australian software provider Big Time Gaming. These slots were first developed in 2015, and thanks to their popularity, new Megaways slots continue to be invented.

Are Megaways better than normal slots? 

Normal slots have their charm, but Megaways slots can offer greater winning combinations, a unique setup, and an added thrill of uncertainty in each spin. Hence, many players consider Megaways slots the future of online slots.

What does the megaways number mean? 

Megaways slots have a random reel modifier. This changes the number of symbols that appear on the reels and the potential paylines on each spin. This means players can unlock 2-7 special symbols and countless paylines to possibly win.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins, etc.) mentioned in relation to these slot games are subject to change at any time