When it comes to learning the ropes of a live casino game, nothing else compares to the blackjack game. A very popular game option here at King Casino, there are some rules for blackjack gaming which other kinds of casino games don’t adhere to. The amount of rules to blackjack can put some people off from enjoying the game play of it, but you needn’t avoid it once you know how to play – especially with a blackjack strategy.

One fun thing to get into with blackjack is the history behind the modern online casino game. In particular, the origins of blackjack games are of interest. Blackjack games were once called 21, but soon turned into blackjack. Another fun fact includes another card game which had been called one and 30, which was among popular games to play in Spain and Ireland. This was in the 15th through to the 17th centuries, way before online games graced our screens. In this game, those who joined in on the play received three cards. The goal was to get as close to 31 with the three cards in one suit.

About Blackjack Online

So back to blackjack, how did it get its name? The common belief is that the game headed to America in the 1800s but it wasn’t popular in the game parlours. So, to try and entice more players to play blackjack casino houses changed black jacks rules a little. They started paying a 10 to 1 bonus when two cards were a jack of clubs or a jack of spades with an ace of spades. The resulting title due to this move became blackjack in America.

When the game of blackjack was initially introduced to the roster of regular casino games, the dealer only laid down one card deck.  These cards were shuffled by the hands of the dealer and players received them face-down, pick the cards up and look at them. After that, the cards either got tucked under the chips or pulled in to themselves to indicate to the dealer if they wanted to stand or hit. The history of the blackjack card game is one of the most interesting of all. But for now let’s dive into the online blackjack rules and more at King Casino. Onine slots are also available for punters!

How do you Play Blackjack?

To learn how to play blackjack at King Casino, you must first learn the rules of blackjack so that you have a good chance to beat the dealer. First off, the process when you play blackjack – play begins with players making their original bet and the dealer must then start and cards are dealt. The first two cards are given to the players, and the dealer gives themselves two cards too, of the two cards one is face-up and the other is face-down for both the dealer and the player.

With this card deck game, in terms of value all the cards are dealt which count their face value. A picture card counts as 10 while the ace can count as 1 or 11. Card suits mean nothing in blackjack, as the total of a hand is the sum of the card values in the hand. After this, players must decide whether they wish to stand, hit, surrender, double down or split but the dealer makes their move last and the dealer must hit on 16 or less and stand on 17 to 21. Players will beat the dealer when their hand is more than the dealer has, or the player has 21 or less when the dealer busts.

So, you’ve probably gathered by now that the point of blackjack, or more importantly how to play and win blackjack, is by beating the dealer’s hand by one of to ways, and there is a little blackjack strategy involved. The first way to win is by having a total which is more than the total of that which the dealer holds. The second is by not going over 21 with your total when the dealer does. A term we mentioned earlier is when the dealer busts, which is a phrase often thrown about in any blackjack rules guide. But what exactly is it?

Busting, or when the dealer busts, is when either the player or the dealer’s hand exceeds the amount of 21. It’s occasionally called the term break when the hand of the dealer equates to more than 21. So after cards are dealt a player has a 10-6 and draws a card to a value of more than 9, the player busts because their hand totalled 25. It’s pretty straightforward stuff and things only really become more clear once you begin to play the game, and you can find blackjack right here at King Casino.

Blackjack Dealer Image

What are the Basics in Blackjack Games?

When it comes to the basics in blackjack, there are only some things you need to know. Aside from the strategies mentioned above, we’re going to strip blackjack right down to the very basics. As a card deck game, this comes down to the fact it is a card game and so every card count their face value in blackjack and what this means is picture cards count as 10. It also means the ace can count as either 1 or 11, and card suits don’t really mean anything!

The case even with online blackjack games, the total of any hand the dealer gives is the sum of the card values within the hand. So, a hand which contained 4-5-8 would total what’s known as a soft 17. Aside from a soft 17, another card deck in play would be a 15 if a queen-5 was present as these first two cards would total the sum 15. It’s commonly assumed that with a blackjack card game the ace counts as 11 unless it makes your hand total exceed 21, if so it reverts to the value of one.

Basic Blackjack Rules

Let’s talk about some rules now. Blackjack is one of those games which you play at a semi-circle shaped table, covered in an opulent felt cloth and usually with seating for up to seven players. In front of every player is a circle or in some cases a square box, and it’s in there that the wager is placed using casino chips. The dealer is trained by the casino and responsible for making sure the cards are dealt properly. The dealer follows strict procedures around collecting losing player bets, paying winning bets, and just keeping the blackjack game ticking along nicely.

More often than not, you won’t find a land casino or an online casino where cash is used to make an original bet or a side bet. Instead, casino chips or checks are used and these are bought once you’ve taken your seat at the blackjack table, virtual or not. You then wait for the dealer to finish the current round and then pop your cash on the table before the dealer and ask the dealer for your chips. The dealer converts your cash to chips and slides them on over and once you have them place the chips in a neat stack in front of you.

Many casinos will allow you to play two hands or more per round, as long as there are some empty spots on the table – this is more often the case with online blackjack games. If a player does this however, they must make a wager in each betting spot they want to get a hand. Bear in mind that in most casino houses, players have to wager double the table minimum on every hand when playing more than one, so it’ll be more than the original bet.

How do you Play the Card Game 21?

The goal of the game 21 is to make sure the value of your card deck totals to as near 21 as possible without exceeding – or busting it. In addition, probably more important, it’s up to you to beat the hand both the dealer and other players have drawn, harder if it is two hands.  It’s a super fun game to play, and in some cases you can win with the first two cards. If the dealer or other players have 20 and you have 19, you lose the hand. Pretty straightforward.

In terms of the card values which are an important element when you play this game, and determines where the house edge is, an ace is either 1 or it can sometimes be 11. With the card values from two to 10, these are respectively 2=2, 3=3, and so on. When it comes to the jacks, queens and kings in blackjack, any of this card is your best friend when you play blackjack because all of those are individually to the value of 10.

Once the dealer has shuffled the deck of cards, one card is dealt, and then another, until altogether the players have two cards and the dealer has two cards. The card amounts dealt to those who play should be dealt one card at a time to each player, starting from the left side of the dealer. This is also the case with any side bet placed in blackjack and 21 games. Once the dealer has given all a card, next up everyone checks out their card deck to see who is in play and who has the house edge on side. When the card totals are all added up, the game of 21 or blackjack truly starts.

Blackjack Rules

Unlike other games at King Casino, blackjack is a game you play with rules, but that doesn’t mean it’s not as fun. Once the games begin, now it’s time to get to know a friendly term known as hitting in blackjack or 21.  Now, be aware that hitting is optional, but it is sometimes the difference between winning the hand and beating the house edge, and losing. It’s only really handy if your dealer initially gave you a low value hand to play with, that’s any total value beneath 12. Hitting is asking for a further 21, or blackjack card from the dealer, and you do this by tapping your index and middle finger together on the table during your turn.

You can choose to hit as many times as you like in one turn with these games, and can do so until you’re satisfied with your card total amount or until you bust. Then we have staying, which is where you choose to keep the hand you’ve been dealt, something many of us choose to do in life. You can choose to stay as soon as you’re happy with your card count and you can indicate that you want to stay with one wave of your hand face down on the table.

Staying is a good idea above a total card count of 11, but you might still want to play the odds to get the highest total beneath 21. You can also do something called folding in blackjack, which is the act of dropping out a hand in blackjack and having whatever bet you made forfeited automatically. Bear in mind however, that as per blackjack regulations you can’t win the hand anymore after you have decided to fold. You can fold at any time though, in a hand before you show any card, and you do this by simply exclaiming “fold”.

In a casual game of blackjack, betting isn’t necessary but it can add an extra edge to blackjack depending on the bet’s value so that’s worth keeping in mind. Although online, or on land, a casino house edge will come into play and the bet value matters more. There’s almost always a minimum bet to play blackjack or 21, and only then will the dealer give you cards. There are rules in place for the dealer too, they can’t place bets, and have to hit if their cards are less than 17. There is also an order to the game which must be adhered to, whereby the dealer will show their cards after the players show theirs from left to right.

What is the House Edge in Blackjack?

Blackjack is one of the few games out there which is known for having one of the most favourable house edge of all casino games. It’s vital for players to get to grips with how the house edge works and to know which techniques and strategies can be utilised to reduce the house edge and up your odds of winning. These are some of the essentials to success with blackjack games. So what is it? The house edge is simpler than you think – it’s just the advantage the casino has over the player, statistically speaking.

At a blackjack table in any casino, it is the dealer who represents the casino. Acting last in the hand, the dealer gets the advantage over other players by seeing their cards, potential mistakes and actions. When playing different variations of blackjack, like those at King Casino, the house edge can often be different from one to the next. In addition, different blackjack regulations can chance the house edge, and understanding this can help you choose the right variation to play at King Casino.

The  edge percentage in blackjack varies dramatically, but it’s widely agreed that the most common is 0.5 per cent. But how is the house edge determined in blackjack? It depends on the players who are using strategies when playing blackjack, but it alters based on how well they’re executing that. With more experienced players for example, they know how to use advanced strategies when playing blackjack and this can reduce the house edge further to zero.  In the same vein, if a player is enjoying blackjack minus strategy or practicing strategy incorrectly the edge advantage might rise by as much as two per cent.

However, there are ways to reducing the house edge in a game of blackjack, and this is something which is only achieved through a good strategy. Whether it’s basic or more advanced, knowing what decisions to make at what time can help you be successful. The more advanced strategies are nothing crazy. It might include some card counting which can bring it down to zero, but it can be difficult to master. Card counting is also something which is basically redundant when it comes to online casino play.

Why is it called Blackjack?

So, why is blackjack called blackjack?  There are a whole bunch of theories out there, but generally speaking the reason why it’s called blackjack is pretty much just down to etymology.  While it’s likely you’ve probably never given any thought around why it’s called blackjack, it’s interesting stuff never the less. When 21 made its way to American shorelines, gambling halls needed to promote 21 to disinterested punters. To promote the game of 21,  casino houses offered plenty of perks.

One of the ways casino houses promoted 21 to punters was by offering bonus payouts in addition to one included which paid more if a blackjack was dealt. A black jack meaning, a jack of spades either/or clubs, which was dealt alongside an ace of spades. It is now the most popular game with cards in the casinos, and as it became more popular over time, the bonus payouts started declining and the informal name of blackjack just so happened to stick around. It’s been that way ever since, and as a fun side fact it’s rumoured that the first casino in Vegas to hold a blackjack tournament was The Sahara in 1978.

The precursor to blackjack was a popular French game in the 1700s known as Vingt-et-un, which is French for 21. And, there are of course other kinds of blackjack. For one thing, a blackjack is also a small leather bound club and it’s also a small oak tree with black bark found only in the east of the US. It is also a type of weed! Other variants of the game blackjack is a drinking cup which is known as a blackjack, and a mineral called blackjack which is a variety of sphalerite. Our guess is as good as yours.

Another kind of blackjack you may be more familiar with is the term used to describe the skull and crossbones flags which are popular on pirate ships. A blackjack flag is also commonly known as the Jolly Roger, and I’m sure we can all relate to that one if we’ve played the game before. There’s more blackjack trivia yet, as fun fact – in a two deck round, if you get an ace as your first card, odds are great. That’s because your chances of getting a blackjack is a solid 31 per cent!

Last Thoughts

With King Casino you can find some of the best blackjack games around, from the classic variants to the more modern options. There’s no need to be put off either, as we hope to have demonstrated it’s a pretty straightforward game once you know how. This is much the case with most games in the casino too, so that should give you the feel good factor. As ever, be sure to play at a reputable and favourable online destination, like King Casino, and you can’t go wrong. With strategy and the aim of having fun, you’re sure to have a great gaming experience with blackjack.