Play The Best Scratch Card Games Online (& Win Real Money)

Remember the old days when you had to travel to your nearest gas or petrol station, purchase a scratch card, and scratch it with a coin or your keys?

Such a hassle, right?

Well, what if we told you that there’s a new way to play scratch card games. An easier, more exciting way. We’re talking about playing scratch card games online!

Currently, players can choose from tons of exciting scratch card games online and potentially win thousands or even millions! Scratch cards are perfect for people who want to try and win money online. They’re easy to understand and familiar for almost all gamers.

Today, we will provide you with all the information you need on online scratch cards, what odds they offer, and how to possibly win them. Let’s get started!

Play Online Scratch Cards at King Casino

Before we give you all the details about online scratch cards, let’s discuss where you can find them. King Casino is one of many online casinos that can give you your dose of scratch cards, as we have several options for you to choose from.

Scratch Card Game 1
Scratch Card Game 2
Scratch Card Game 3
Scratch Card Game 4

Plus, there are some incredible offers that you won’t want to miss out on! For example, there’s a welcome offer available for new players that provides a 100% bonus on your first deposit up to £50 plus 20 Extra Spins. Players who make a second deposit can claim a 50% bonus up to £100 plus 30 Extra Spins (Full T&Cs Apply).

Apart from providing several options in the online scratch cards category, we at King Casino also offer various slots and other casino games. These include bingo, blackjack, roulette, and other live casino games. You just have to make a minimum deposit to get started!

What are Online Scratch Cards?

So, what are online scratch cards? Simply put, they’re the digital versions of real scratch cards that often have potential prizes worth thousands of pounds. The main idea behind online scratch cards and real scratch cards is the same – you have to scratch the card, and if you end up with the correct matching symbols, you’ll be rewarded.

Players have several titles to choose from when playing online scratch cards, and the best part is that each title has features that set it apart from the others. Essentially, there are two main types of online scratch cards that you will encounter:

  • Web-based cards
  • Downloadable cards

Furthermore, these online scratch card games have further variations that include:

Licensed scratch card titles

Games with licensed themes such as TV or movie themes are included in this category. An example of this is the Pink Panther scratch card.

Bingo scratch card

The layout is similar to bingo in this online scratch card variation. Players have to scratch the correct winning numbers to become the winner.

Casino scratch card

Inspired by roulette and blackjack, one example of an online casino scratch card is RTG’s 5 Diamond Blackjack.

Lottery Scratcher

Online lottery scratchers are included in a huge prize pool. The players who get the right combination will become potential winners of huge prizes.

Prize Games

This online scratch card version is unique, as players have to play a game to potentially win. One example is Treasure Island, where players have to pave their path through a scratch map.

Automated scratch cards

In automated scratch cards, all you have to do is wager and press a button to automatically scratch your card. Dragon Fortune is one good example of this type of online scratch card.

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What are the Odds of Winning on a Scratch Card?

Generally, online scratch cards may offer better odds as they don’t have too many expenses to worry about. Hence, players might have a higher chance of scoring a potential win on these online scratch cards by spending a limited amount. That being said, the major attraction of online scratch cards is that they can be found at very low prices.

The biggest appeal online scratch cards have is that players can potentially win huge prizes by purchasing a scratch card for as low as 10 pence. 

How do you Play Online Scratch Cards?

Playing online scratch cards isn’t a difficult process – all you have to do is find an online casino offering scratch cards. Keep in mind that you might find a big selection in different price ranges when selecting the card you want to scratch.

Online scratch cards are available at fixed prices and are scratched using your cursor or your finger (depending on the platform you’re using). The gameplay is usually very fast, and players can potentially make millions or even play tons of scratch cards without getting a single win. Anything’s possible.

The 5 step process of playing online scratch cards is as follows:

  • Find and register on an online casino offering scratch cards.
  • Make a deposit if you want to play and potentially win real money.
  • Navigate your way to the scratch card section and select a title you want to play.
  • Set the amount you want to bet before the start of the scratching round.
  • Start scratching!

The busy lifestyle of people means that not too many people have time on their hands to play games that require strategy or gameplay. Hence, scratch cards are perfectly suited for such individuals as they offer instant results. Online casino scratch card games are straightforward. To see for yourself, try any one of the scratch card games we have to offer right here at King Casino!

Online Scratch Cards FAQs

Does anyone win on online scratch cards?

Short answer: Yes. One example – Didzis Pirags, a chef, won £1 million playing the National Lottery scratch card game online (2019).

Are online scratch cards rigged?

Short answer: No. As long as you play online scratch cards at reliable casinos such as King Casino, they are not rigged. Legit casinos like King Casino follow online gaming regulations under the watchful eye of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC).

Can you play online scratch cards on mobile?

Yes, most online scratch cards can be played on mobile devices and are available on several platforms such as Android or iOS.

Do online scratch cards expire?

Yes, online scratch cards can expire. Approximately 6 months after the closure date, so be sure to check.

How old do you have to be to play online scratch card games?

In the UK, the legal age to play online scratch card games is 18.

Do scratch card games have jackpots?

Yes, scratch card games have jackpots. Some of the advanced scratch card games feature bonus rounds that give players the chance to potentially win some of the top prizes.

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