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High Stakes Slots – Play High Limit Slots Online

High Stakes Slots - Play High Limit Slots Online

High stakes slots can be some of the most entertaining slots to play, and they can also offer big prizes. However, this could also mean any losses are greater. 

Are they worth it? Do they have good odds? Read on to find out more about high limit slots online.

What Are High Stakes Slots? 

High stakes slots are slot machines that have large betting options. A high stakes slot would be a slot with a high max bet limit where you can place big bets of over £100 per spin. 

Many players enjoy these slots as they have the potential to award impressive payouts. However, as you are betting so much per spin, you may see your funds dwindle at a quicker rate than in lower stakes slots.

Do High Stakes Slots Have Better Odds? 

It is a myth that high limit slots have better odds. If you win on a slot, you may win more with high stakes simply because you are betting more to begin with. For example, let’s say there’s a prize of 10,000x your bet up for grabs. You bet £0.10, score the winning combination and receive a payout of £1,000. Imagine you win again, but this time using a £100 bet. This brings your potential payout to a whopping £1 million.

The difference here is obviously huge. But how could you have predicted the win? The simple answer is you can’t. All slot machines, whether high or low stakes, use a random number generator to determine the outcome of spins. It doesn’t matter whether you bet minimum or bet max. You still have the exact same chance of winning because the random number generator picks outcomes at random.

High stakes slots don’t necessarily have better odds. In fact, they tend to have higher volatility. Volatility indicates how much and how often a slot pays out, in theory. Slots with higher volatility are likely to pay out less often than lower volatility ones, but they’re typically more substantial. Lots of jackpot slots have high volatility.

Additionally, high stakes slots generally have a lower Return To Player (RTP) percentage. This means that over time, they generally return less to players compared to high-RTP slots. High limit slots also tend to have a high house edge

Is It Worth It To Play High Limit Slots? 

There are many pros and cons to playing high limit slots. Let’s go through some of the pros first. If you are someone who enjoys high stakes slots to be able to bet big and you can afford to, one advantage is that these slots have maximum bet limits. In some, you can select “bet max” and start spinning right away!

Another potential pro to high stakes slots is that they often have large fixed jackpot prizes. Some of these jackpots can be worth up to 20,000x or 50,000x your wager, or maybe even more! However, jackpot slots tend to have high volatility and don’t pay out very often. Furthermore, even the standard prizes award more since they are proportional; 5x your stake will pay out more on a £100 bet vs on a £5 bet.

Now let’s move on to the cons. The biggest con is the cost; you could lose more money in a shorter space of time since you are betting more per spin. You may not get to play for as long with your budget. 

Additionally, there isn’t a huge selection of high stakes slots to choose from. You are likely to find much more penny slots (low stake slots) than high stakes slots on offer at most online casinos.

Although the big prizes are attractive, you should never place a large bet if you can’t afford to. Slots should not be seen as a way to earn money, and playing high or low limit slots is just personal player preference. Slots are a form of entertainment, and you should only bet money you are comfortable losing.

Play High Limit Slots Online 

Whether you prefer to play high limit slots or low limit slots online, you can play them at King Casino. King Casino has a great selection of high limit slots, as well as many other exciting slots from top live online casino operators, including Microgaming and NextGen

Some of the top high stakes slots you can play include Jackpot Fortunes, 88 Fortunes, Eye Of Horus The Golden Tablet, Cleopatra, and Funky Pharaoh Jackpot King.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.