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88 Fortunes

88 fortunes slots online

Turn your financial standing around courtesy of 88 Fortunes, a new online slots game from developer expert Bally Technologies! Fans of Chinese/Asian-themed slots will have a lot to be excited about here as this slot caters to your every need through the use of addicting gameplay and unique design.

Not only does it look the part, but this slot is set to make you a lot of cash if you can play often enough, and that’s a promise!

*Any values mentioned are subject to change.

88 Fortunes Review

88 Fortunes is a 5 reel slot, one that has around 243 different ways that one can come out on top. Punters can spin here from as little as 88p a spin across all devices — this includes mobile for you gamers who like playing on the go!

Expect the unexpected with 88 Fortunes, we went in thinking we knew everything and were pleasantly surprised at the actual outcome. Check out the rest of our casino online review below for more info!

Theme, Graphics, & Soundtrack

So many things are to be expected in life, death, taxes and online slots using the same tried and tested themes over and over again — if it isn’t an Irish-themed slot then it’s bound to be an Asian one, thankfully 88 Fortunes is a cut above the rest of the pretenders, a slot that we can tell you now will entertain you for hours on end. Consider this one of the best games coming out of the Bally Technologies catalogue, we do. So what can one expect from 88 Fortunes?

Quite a lot actually — this is a slot that can be challenging at points, something that might throw newbies off, but persistence is always going to be key in slots with high RTP percentages like this one. Since this is a Chinese-themed game, one should expect the colours red and gold to permeate throughout. The look and feel of this slot gives off a very regal vibe, doing an excellent job in setting the tone from the moment your eyes and this slot meet.

How to Play 88 Fortunes

To play this slot one must first select a starting bet of some kind — consider it an offering of sorts. Bets in 88 Fortunes are varied, giving punters plenty of ways to play. Punters can spin this slot from as little as 88p a game up to £88 — just know that you stand to win more by playing on higher amounts in comparison to the safer, smaller bets. Novice or veteran, it no longer matters in 88 Fortunes, this is a slot fitting for everyone!

Once you are satisfied with your offering all you need to do then is hit spin and watch as the reels shift and shake. Remember, there are 243 different combinations to success here, meaning you are going to be getting some level of variety in how your games are determined.

Symbols in 88 Fortunes can be combined using as few as three matching icons in the same line — again, keep in mind that you stand to make more cash by finding five total. Symbols in 88 Fortunes are varied to say the least too — again, playing along to the theme of choice here. Everything is draped in gold here, icons include golden eagles golden ships, golden turtles and golden gongs.

88 Fortunes Bonus Features & Jackpots

The golden eagle is the highest value symbol with five of them on a payline giving you 1,000 coins for your efforts. Since this is a jackpot game one should expect a few hidden secrets too, take the Fu-Bat jackpot feature for example.

To unlock this feature all you need to do is have one of these symbols appear on the reels! Matching this icon will allow you to pick from 12 lucky coins, if you can reveal three matching baby symbols then, you’ll be gifted one of four different jackpots: a mini jackpot, a minor jackpot, a major jackpot or a grand jackpot.

Other bonuses here in 88 Fortunes come via bonus spins, these are unlocked through the matching of scatter icons you see dotted about this slot — symbols that are a lot more common when you’re matching wild icons. Wilds are the most common of all bonuses here, match those and you’ll be golden, trust us!

Bally Technologies – the Developer of 88 Fortunes Casino Game

Established in 1968, Bally Technologies is a developer known for countless bonafide hits in the world of online gaming — but don’t take our word for it, ask anyone who’s played any of their games in the past and they’ll tell the exact same thing.

These guys have well over 3,500 employees at their disposal, set in more than 25 offices spanning the globe, it goes without saying, but these guys are the real deal, and you should capitalise on their games ASAP.

Bally started honing their slot crafting skills back in 2013, coming into an already heaving market, carving out their own little niche through exciting slots with a great set of features/bonuses. Fast-forward to 2019 and there are well over a dozen slots to play and perfect — take 88 Fortunes for example.

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The Verdict on 88 Fortunes

We aren’t lying when we say that this is the most fun we’ve had in an Asian-themed slot in quite a while. Bally Technologies has done a bang-up job in crafting something that you will want to keep coming back to, this is due to the progressive jackpots and bonus spins bonuses, although some will still simply because of how fun it all is!

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.