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Can Online Casinos Change RTP?

Can Online Casinos Change RTP

One of the most commonly asked questions by slot enthusiasts worldwide is ‘Can online casino sites change RTP?’ A game’s theoretical RTP can be an important number, yet surprisingly, some may not know what it stands for or what it means.

Today, we at King Casino aim to resolve all your queries regarding RTP once and for all. While doing so, we will provide you with all the information you need in order to answer popular questions such as, ‘Can online casinos change a casino slots game’s RTP?’ and if they can, ‘Why do online casinos change RTP rates?’. So, keep reading to find out!

What is RTP (Return to Player)? 

The RTP is a percentage every slot enthusiast should keep an eye on or at least understand. It stands for Return to Player and is usually expressed as a percentage. It is a theoretical value and can indicate the amount of money you may win back over time while wagering on a particular slot. This number is between 0-100 per cent and is a statistical prediction.

Remember, RTP is just a theoretical value. This number in no way guarantees any amount you will win and is just an average gathered through the game providers’ statistical data. Developers may have calculated this number based on thousands or even millions of spins!

How is RTP Calculated? 

Before discussing if online casinos can change a casino game’s RTP, let’s first discuss how the RTP is calculated. RTP is calculated using data gathered from previous spins over a long period of time. 

Let’s look at an example. A slot machine displays a RTP of 98%. This means that this particular slot may award you with £98 for every £100 you stake. 

However, a 98% RTP in no way guarantees that you’ll win £98 for every £100. Some players may wager £100 and win more than that, while others may wager the same amount and end up losing it all. This is because slot games and online scratchcards are ultimately a game of chance.

Can Online Casinos Change the RTP of their Games? 

So, can online casinos change a game’s RTP? There’s a popular myth that says that casinos have full control over the RTP of slots; however, this isn’t true. Casinos can change the RTP of their games, but they can’t pick random numbers. They can only select from the game provider’s different RTPs for specific best online slots. 

Game providers like NetEnt sometimes create slots that have versions with different RTP percentages. The objective is to provide casinos with an alternative RTP in case the initial RTP they chose isn’t working out. Casinos don’t usually manufacture their games; instead, they source them from game providers; hence casinos can’t alter a slot’s RTP randomly. It’s the developer’s job to work out the mechanics of the slot and see what RTP percentage suits a slot best. 

Why do Online Casinos Change the RTP? 

The big question – why do online casinos change RTPs? Isn’t it simpler to stick to one RTP for the entire time? First of all, changing the RTP of a game can have an effect. Online casinos typically always aim to have high RTPs, as these may attract more players.

Lower RTPs, in contrast, may dissuade certain players from a slot. Hence, if a slot doesn’t perform too well, a casino may choose a higher RTP variation of that specific slot in hopes of attracting more players. If the slot is potentially becoming too popular and decreases a casino’s resources, they may opt to choose the lower RTP variation of the same slot. 

Furthermore, there are times when casinos launch new slots and want to test them out. In such a case, casinos may try out all the RTP variations to see which one best suits that slot. 

How Can You Find the RTP of a Slot Game? 

Now that you know all about the question, ‘Can online casinos change RTP?’, let’s discuss how you can find the RTP of a slot game. Sometimes this process can be straightforward; however, it may also get tricky from time to time. Below are 3 of the best ways to find the RTP of slot games today: 

Slot info section

The slot info section at online casinos such as King Casino is the best place to find out the RTP percentage you will be playing at for any slot. This is the proper way to find out what slot RTP you’ll be playing at, as the casino may have chosen a different RTP variation (offered by the game provider) from other casinos. 

In this case, all you have to do is find out all the information you need regarding the RTP from the info section of most pay by mobile slots. Some game providers display the info section in different areas; however, it’s usually fairly simple to locate. The info section is most often represented by an ‘i’ icon, a gear icon, or a menu on the screen. This menu is usually in the bottom right or bottom left corner and appears once you launch the slot. 

Reputable slot review websites 

Did you know that a quick Google search can provide you with several slot review websites? Checking these review sites for the RTP shows a lot of promise too. Review sites offer a closer look into the RTP of a game and are a great option if the slots RTP isn’t available at your live online casino

You must search the name of your slot on these review sites, and you’ll be provided with the RTP almost instantly! 

Official website of the slot producer

Slot veterans know this is perhaps the most legit way of finding out about a slot’s RTP. The slot producer is the best source of finding out the RTP as they are the ones that developed it. Some of the most reputable slot providers, such as NetEnt, display the RTP of their slot game and megaways slots on their official websites. You might find a short review with the RTP, too!