New Online Slots

When it comes to choosing new slots, one thing’s for sure – at King Casino you can find some of the best. Keep a look out for epic options, including some of the most iconic titles like Starburst, Book of Dead, Bonanza, Asgardian Stones, Fishin Frenzy, and Eye of Horus. There are plenty of others to choose from too, so there really is something for everyone at King Casino.

The new slots of 2020 are unlike many other slot games that have come before. Advances in technology has made it so that our new slots have only the best in nearly every aspect. This is all thanks to excellent graphics which really up the immersive factor, in addition to other things like innovative and somewhat different gameplay features.

New Slots Developers

Indeed, it does seem that developers are getting far more creative with gameplay features now than ever before. New slots often have the most quirky way of triggering bonus spins, and offer some of the best first deposit deals to new players in a rush to be best. Features like the Megaways mechanic and the introduction of virtual reality are also making a positive impact to the online casino gaming experience.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out the motivations behind the seemingly constant reformation of slot games with new online games. In addition to the fact it keeps gamers developers relevant and helps some brands trail blaze, it’s also partly just a matter of gaming evolution. As new technology is being released on a regular basis, it’s only natural for games developers to try it out.

Remember that the overarching principle for all slot and other games developers is to create games for a player to have fun with. The more features implemented and opportunities taken to create an immersive gaming experience, the better, because it’s those elements among a few others which make great live casino games. Read on for more about new slots at King Casino.

Features of August 2020 Slot Games 

New slot games have a wide range of great new features for players to take advantage of and further enjoy the gaming experience. While there are some features you might know well, all King Casino slot games have epic gameplay features which are made to give you excitement and the best gaming experience.

That’s exactly what you’ll get with King Casino slots. Take your pick from a wide range of new online slots with some fabulous features. Many even have multiple new features for you to enjoy. Take the cascading reels feature for example, which offer a unique and new aesthetic to the way usual slot games work.

With the cascading reels feature, instead of the standard spinning reels, symbols fall or cascade down and evaporate! This allows for more icons to cascade down and fill in the empty spaces where previous symbols were. This is a fun alternative take on the mechanics of slots, and one of the best features to enjoy with new slots at King Casino.

There are many more however, which have all been implemented for the fact that they can make the slot gaming experience more fun and immersive. Even the standard slot symbols like wilds have had a revamp and turned into something more exciting with new slot games. With the wild symbols in new slots you can get more gains than ever before.

Sticky wilds for example, feature in the majority of all new online games at King Casino. Sticky wilds have become so popular that there’s somewhat a race to have as many of them included in new slots than any other special feature. What makes them so popular? It stays in place for one or more re-spins, which allows players to take the chance to nab a big win.

Then there’s the transferring wilds. Check your online slot game has these if you’ve ever played a game and wished a symbol would just move to another and help you win. This is an interesting variation which is again found in new slots rather than the more traditional slots. Transferring wilds will transfer from one set of reels to another so you get stronger chances of hitting one or more combinations. An ideal plot twist.

Pros of New Online Slot Games

Aside from offering players a better chance to win big, there are plenty of other pros when you play new games. New online slot games have some of the best technology in play, partly due to the fact that this new technology is around now. At King Casino, you’ll find some of the best slots around, created by the best games developers, all to make sure you get the maximum gaming experience.

New technology implemented with new slots has allowed for better graphics, better features and above all, better wins. Take Book of Dead for example, which has some of the best graphics and features when compared to many other slot games. You can’t go wrong playing new slot games when there’s so much about them for you to enjoy.

The better features of new slots aren’t difficult to understand for new players either, with many having been innovated from traditional features or symbols and their functions. This is definitely a big plus, as there’s nothing worse than having to re-learn how to play your favourite game. Especially when it takes so long it gets in the way of enjoying the game itself!

Another huge pro with the new slots you’ll find at King Casino is one that also owes to the fact there are better features. That is the chance to win more frequently, and in some cases more money than you would without the feature. One such feature that can help you win more is something called ‘win both ways’, quite common now in new slots.

Win both ways is somewhat of a marvel with new slots, and it’s one of the best features you can go for with most of the new games at King Casino. The win both ways feature takes a slot and makes it splendid, as it allows the player to claim wins from the left to the right. It allows you to grab wins from the opposite direction too, which you can do when the win both ways feature is activated.

Another pro that the best new games at King Casino have over their predecessors is the bonus games. New online slots tend to have a bit more variation with their bonus games than with the more traditional online games. Plus, with new slot games there are far more chances to trigger the bonus games as there are more features.

How to Play New Online Slots 

With so many features, it’s understandable you might think that new online slots are a bit harder to play than regular best slots. However, that’s not the case. While there are a bunch of new features to play with, many are just innovative variations on symbols or functions that we’re used to already. There are many new online slots which are easy to play at King Casino and which feature great bonus choices, like the following for example.

Book of Dead 

This new online slots choice at King Casino comes with just the one bonus feature, so there’s not much to get your head around thankfully. The bonus feature with the Book of Dead is in the form of a bonus spins feature. Which is nothing new, but it utilises a new symbol feature.

To get your bonus spins at Book of Dead, a symbol is randomly selected and becomes a special expanding symbol. This symbol leads to multiple reels displaying the same symbols which can lead to massive wins. Another way is more traditional, and triggers the bonus spins by matching the Book of Dead book symbol.


Starburst is another choice which has one epic bonus feature, and it’s not in the traditional form of bonus spins. While it does lack the bonus spins feature, what it does have a brilliant expanding wild. The Starburst wilds can expand and give you entire wild reels, as well as subsequent re-spins. Overall, it can lead to three wild reels.

It’s fair to mention at this point that the Starburst wild symbol is certainly the star of this show. The Starburst wild symbol subs out for all symbols and appears only on reels two, three and four. When one of the symbols show up on any of the three middle reels, the Wilds feature is triggered and it expands and awards re-spins.


This is one slot which really encapsulates what new online slots at King Casino are here for. Bonanza offers three bonus features, central to the which includes the reactions bonus feature which removes winning symbols for new winning combinations. There’s also a great bonus spins feature with Bonanza, which starts with 12 bonus spins and each triggers a multiplier feature.

The unlimited win multiplier feature is awesome and offers its services on an unlimited basis. A multiplier is applied to any pay out after every successive explosion, and it starts at 1x and increases by 1 with every subsequent win. How high can it go? The sky’s the limit.

Slots 2020 Image

Making your First Deposit with New Online Slots

When you’re making your first deposit with new slots, it can be a bit daunting. But fear not, the fact our slots are all online now makes things a whole lot easier, and there’s a super-fun element to joining King Casino. You don’t just get a free casino spin like most offer, but with King Casino you’ll get some great free casino spins! This is one deposit bonus you don’t want to miss, yours when you deposit 20 pounds.

New players can get King Casino bonus spins, and all you need to do is sign up to play epic slots and make your first deposit. The king Casino offer gives new players a brilliantly lucrative welcome package which grants you a 100 per cent bonus on your first deposit in addition to 100 bonus spins. This is one of the most generous deposit bonus options you can get with any online casino.

With a minimum first deposit of just £20 at King Casino, players can receive 20 spins as well as a 100 per cent bonus on a first deposit. This is followed by 40 spins the following day, and an even further 40 spins are granted when a deposit is made on the third day with King Casino. With a wide range of fantastic new slots, why not sign up and get your bonus spins deposit bonus today with a small deposit?

King Casino isn’t one of those online casino sites which just limits itself to slot games either. Making the most of the newest technology, at King Casino you can also find live blackjack. In addition to the standard variety of blackjack games, there are many live blackjack tables to play with, featuring a live dealer and more realistic casino experience.

There is also the in-game chat room service, which gives players the chance to communicate with one another and the opportunity to play alongside players in different continents. Live blackjack is somewhat of a tech revelation as it doesn’t have the influence of an algorithm to contend with, thanks to the live dealer who deals the cards.

Once you’ve had the pleasure of joining King Casino and made your first deposit, get your bonus spin on at some of the hottest new slots. Take your crown and start spinning with some of the best titles you’ll find with any online casino. There’s something for everyone and all slots have brilliant features so that you can be in with the chance to win big. Find out more about promotions here.

How to get Bonus Spins with King Casino 

You can play new online mobile slots at King Casino with the new casino member bonus you’re entitled to once you’ve joined King Casino. For all the best new slot options, just head on over, sign up and the bonus will automatically be credited to your account so you can play. Slots spins have never came so easily!

King Casino has one of the best bonus offers around, and as far as a new casino goes, this is one of the most generous bonus offers. You can play from a variety of new slot options which also have innovative features too, and these aren’t complex at all because they still echo traditional casino slots features. King Casino is among the newest online casinos which offers both new slot options and traditional options.

If you’re looking to play with this new casino and all the new slot choices via your phone, you can play that way too. With a number of online slots available to access via download of their app, you can play and enjoy new slots spins no matter where you are. New players get access to the epic bonus too, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t join plenty of other new players and be in with the chance to win.

King Casino is home to some of the best casino slots and new slot options out there, including all of those listed above and more. For the best online gaming experience and the chance to get a great value bonus for new players, King Casino is where it’s at. Just deposit 20 pounds and you can get the chance to enjoy a number of spins and chances to win with new slot options, all free!

Last Thoughts on New Online Slots 

The new online slots and bonus choices you can try at King Casino are among some of the best at any new casino online and elsewhere alike. For one of the best online casinos, the slots choices are wide and varied and have a great range of bonus offers for you to play with. You can also find some of the best new casino slots with King Casino that you just won’t even see with any other casino.

Of all the new online slots action out there, King Casino is definitely where new players will find the best value and biggest benefits. Especially when it comes to the bonus spins offer which all new players are entitled to upon joining the online casino. Play with the bonus spins from when you deposit 20 pounds and you can’t go wrong. There are so many online casinos out there which claim to have the best new slots and bonus, but it’s only here you’ll find that claim and the great bonus backed up.

To enjoy the best online slots experience, sign up to King Casino and join a bunch of new players today who are all loving and enjoying their bonus spins! It takes little to no effort as well, which is another special advantage of joining up with King Casino. Great slots, great bonus, great gameplay. What more could you want?