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Starburst might just be one of the simplest online casino games you’ll play ever! Don’t believe us? Try it out for yourself and tell us otherwise. There is a never-ending arcade feel to this slot, the kind that will constantly keep you on your toes across countless spins! If you happen to be a fan of slots from the past — the kinds that are incredibly easy to play and come with major cash prizes — then you’ll no doubt fall in love with this space epic of an online slot from NetEnt!

There’s plenty of different reasons for one to stick with this online casino slot, from the arcade feel to the list of additional features from this 5 reel by 10 pay-line games! Play here from as little as 10p per spin up to around £100, so as you can see, there’s plenty to win if you’re willing to lay it all on the line! If you are someone who loves bright colourful lights then you’ll find that this slot ticks all the boxes. Be sure to check out the rest of the review for more information!

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Expectation vs Reality when Betting on Starburst

This is a very popular online casino slot, one that is featured on the front page of a lot of different sites out there, meaning it was quite difficult to try and eliminate bias in our opinions although we did try. Slots like Starburst are relatively hard to come by, especially when one considers the number of developers there are out there that are all vying for the same success. Starburst is as simple as it is fun which is hands down one of its biggest attributes! We can’t get enough of this game and we believe you won’t too once you get your hands on it!

Gameplay on Starburst Slots Game

A true marvel to just sit back and gaze at, that’s one of the best ways that you can describe this slot to anyone familiar with online casino games, not in the know. For those that don’t know, Starburst is a 3D slot, meaning there are multiple levels for one to look at with each and every spin. It’s a truly rewarding experience playing Starburst on a visual level alone! In terms of graphics/animations, Starburst ticks all the boxes, very rarely will it glitch or stutter, which is pretty impressive when you see how much action can fill the screen at any given time.
starburst slot gameplay
Symbols in Starburst take the shape of a variety of different symbols — the kind that is deemed somewhat valuable on earth yet here they are floating through the vast reaches of outer space! Jewels, diamonds and rubies all offer punters the chance to win and win big depending on however many symbols you can cram into your winning lines! Each of these symbols reflect something different in terms of scores; the higher the score, the more money you make! Did we forget to mention that this one is playable on multiple devices also? And if you want more bursts of fun, you should try the Berryburst slot.

Starburst Bonus Spins and Game Features

Looking to make the most money possible in the shortest amount of time? You’ll need to be utilising the online casino bonus games and features here that can fast-track your scores almost immediately! One of the best things about Starburst is the fact that the features here aren’t too complicated, meaning you can pick up on them rather quickly and can, therefore, use them to your advantage!
Jackpot: The jackpot in this particular slot sits pretty at around 250 coins, which doesn’t seem like a lot now, but when you see how much that pays out at, you’ll no doubt see just how valuable this jackpot truly is! To win the jackpot you need only find the jackpot symbols, line them up and it’s all yours!
Expanding Wilds: Wilds are incredibly common symbols on the board here, expanding wilds work just a little different although they do possess the same effect! Match a wild symbol on the middle reels and the symbol will begin to expand. The bigger it is the easier it is to match as it spreads out over multiple reels!
Re-spinning Wilds: Yet another bonus wild symbol, the kind gives players a second chance at a potential victory. This feature can only be activated on reel 4 and you don’t have to do anything to trigger it since this feature is automatic.

Hit or Miss? To play Starburst or Not?

Starburst is a fantastic example of a simple slot done right, made by a developer who clearly cares about the well-being of their players! Should you check out this slot for yourself? Yes, definitely, there’s a lot to see and do and there’s also plenty of chances to come away with some serious coin! One for a fan of space-themed slots too, the soundtrack is equally as fun too!

NetEnt – the Developer of Starburst Casino Slots

A name synonymous with success in the world of online gaming, NetEnt — otherwise known as Net Entertainment — is an online casino developer who has had a hand in crafting some of our personal favourite online slots. Starburst is one of the best slots in their catalogue, but the fun doesn’t stop there! These guys tackle all sorts of themes in their games — crafting experiences that stick with you; who said that online slots were only good for just the money? If you’ve never played a slot from NetEnt before then you’re in for a real treat! If you liked this one, make sure to also check out Book of Dead.