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Gonzo’s Quest

Ever heard of a place known as El Dorado, a city of gold that is so bright, it hurts to look at! There’s a lot to see and do in this casino game online. So, much so that we’d advise you set aside a good couple of hours so that you can enjoy this online casino game! We should mention that there are plenty of secrets found in this online slots game. The kind that can turn good scores great, seemingly in an instant! This is a slot that only gets better the more you play, trust us!
Gonzo’s Quest is a 5 reel by 20 paylines sort of game. One that comes to you courtesy of developer NetEnt, a name that is synonymous with success! Gonzo’s Quest is in many ways the developers shining star. The sort of game that is played across the globe by thousands on a minute by minute basis. Why is that you might ask, well, in this review we are going to be reviewing this slot at length. So, be sure to check out the rest of our online casino slot review below!

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gonzo's quest slot

Expectation of Gonzo’s Quest

We try to look at every slot we review with a clear mind, as we host numerous on our online casino. This allows us to approach each review from an equal stance. Although, we won’t lie to you. We heard a lot about Gonzo’s Quest before we got round to playing it for ourselves and reviewing it for you today! There’s something about adventure in online slots that really does it for us.
You’ll find the perfect mix of action and adventure in Gonzo’s Quest we promise you. The sort of game that rewards you handsomely if you happen to play often enough! What surprised us about this slot was the sheer variation in the gameplay/features. We can’t recall ever having two spins the same which is perfect for those looking to play for long spaces of time as it keeps things fresh!

Gameplay on Gonzos Slot

This is a 3D slot, meaning it is incredibly detailed and does a great job in immersing the player with each spin. One of the main reasons to why this online casino slot is regarded as one of the best out right now comes down to the visuals/crisp graphics! Look to the side of the screen here and you’ll see Gonzo himself. someone who will react to your every action on the reels as you spin!
Gonzo’s Quest can be played from as little as 20p up to around £50 per spin. Which will definitely appeal to a lot of players out there who are looking at different ways to play! Keep in mind that the more you set down at the beginning of each spin, the more you can make if you are successful with your spins! Those that want to jump straight into the action will find that they can do so by hitting the max bet button!
One of the main features found in this slot is the avalanche reels. This feature that will cause the reels to plicate at certain intervals. Depending on what it is you’re matching outright! Match the right mayan symbols and you’ll find that the reels roll like a wave. Adding new symbols onto the board, the sorts of symbols that come with big money attached. Especially if you’re setting down a high bet.

gonzos slot

Slot Game Bonuses

Part of the appeal of Gonzo’s Quest comes via the online casino bonus games and features that permeate throughout. All these features offer punters something different. Depending on the combinations of symbols they’re adding to the same winning line. This is a very versatile slot. Thanks to the avalanche feature that we mentioned in the previous section. Other features in Gonzo’s Quest include:
SCATTERS: In Gonzo’s Quest scatters are the easiest way of unlocking up to 10 bonus spins at a time! Scatters are unlocked through the matching of wild symbols outright. The more scatters you hit the more extra spins you’ll accumulate. Scatters are relatively easy to come by if you can find the wild symbols.
WILDS: Wild symbols are incredibly common in Gonzo’s Quest. They’re very easy to trigger and come with an endless list of bonuses! Wilds not only come with a nice boost to scores and the ability to substitute symbols out for scatters!
Bonus SPINS: Bonus spins are the fastest way of grabbing those high scores very easily! Extra spins are the result of the matching of scatter symbols outright! Bonus spins come with multipliers that can turn your basic scores into massive cash payouts!

Hit or Miss?

So should you play Gonzo’s Quest? The short answer is yes, there’s a lot to take advantage of here. Whether that be from the immersive graphics and unique gameplay elements. Or, perhaps the additional features will be to your fancy. The possibilities are endless in this slot, which is what makes playing this slot such a treat! NetEnt thank you for crafting this slot. It’s fantastic, a sure-to-be favourite amongst a lot of players out there!

Developer of Gonzo’s Quest Slots

Net Entertainment is one on the Mount Rushmore of online casino gaming developers. One of only a handful of developers to break the mould. So to speak and thrive in a rather cut-throat industry full of hungry competition. The visuals found in their games are bold as the gameplay elements that offer punters something different every time they play. NetEnt has created a lot of popular slots over the years. Slots like Gonzo’s Quest only with a few differences here and there! If you liked this one, be sure to check out Mighty Sphinx Slot.