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Welcome to Bonanza, a 6 reel uk slots from online casino developer Big Time Gaming. A developer who should not need any official introduction if you’ve played any of their online casino in the past. Bonanza gives you the chance to match symbols in well over 117,649 different combinations. Making it one of the most versatile online slot games around right now! In Bonanza, you can play from as little as 20p to around £500 per spin. Which is definitely going to appeal to a lot of folks out there looking to win big.
This online casino slot uses the Megaways game engine. What that means is that this slot can handle a lot of action at any given time. Which is perfect when you consider the number of features and gameplay elements that go into a slot. All you need to do in this game to win is to match corresponding symbols in the same line! If you want to learn more about Bonanza then be sure to check out the rest of the review below for more info!

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Expectation of Bonanza Slots

Bonanza was quite a difficult online casino game to process once we finally got our hands on it. You see, there isn’t really any other slot out right now that’s remotely similar to this one. This is a slot that has so much to offer punters from the moment they hit spin. Once you have a couple of spins under your belt you’ll begin to see why this is such a popular game. Moreover, why so many people out there have won a lot of cash from spinning here! Play this slot for yourself and tell us you didn’t enjoy it we dare you!

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Gameplay on this Online Slot Game

There’s a lot to see and do in Bonanza. This is an online casino slot that you can pick up again and again and always find something different! We love slots like this as there is a lot of replay value on offer. In terms of a setting, this slot takes place within a mine. One that looks to be abandoned which definitely works in your favour as you can cause a lot of damage. What’s more, it’s nice not have to worry about the repercussions! We will never forget the first time we played this slot. It was somewhat eye-opening and completely threw us for a loop!
In terms of symbols, each offers something different in the scores department. The more you play this slot the more you will ultimately win. Try to keep your head in the game. We know that it can be somewhat confusing at times. Although that’s to be expected from a slot that has so much going on at any given time! Some of the symbols on the board here actually have a few hidden tricks up their sleeve. Allowing you to rack up massive scores that of course equal gigantic payouts.
At random intervals a cart will knock new symbols onto the reels. Thus, causing the reels to shift a little which will provide new combinations for you to try and match! We’ll get into the additional features a little more in the next section. For now, know that they are amongst some of the best set of features we’ve ever come across. Especially, in an online slot by a significant margin.

Bonanza Games Bonuses

Bonanza is chocked full to the brim of online casino bonus features and things of that nature. Each of these symbols works towards giving you the best possible chance to win big! Bonanza is a slot that is only heightened by the number of extra features. Which permeate throughout these troublesome mines. Here are a few features that you can expect to see here:
EXPLODING REELS: Every time you successfully match a symbol the symbols above will move down a peg. Successful lines will explode. Which is not only satisfying but it definitely encourages you to want to do it again. Until you cause the entire board to explode!
WILD: Look out for the sticks of dynamite, these are the games chosen a wild symbol. Wilds will cause most of the symbols on the board to rotate out for the scatter symbols instantly! Wilds are unique in that they come with a nice boost to scores also! The more wilds you match the more scatters you’ll place on the board!
Bonus SPINS: Bonus spins are the result of the matching of scatter symbols outright. Scatters are won only through the matching of wild symbols outright. The more scatters you can match the more bonus spins you will get as a result. Extra spins are valuable because they come with multipliers. They ability to really ramp up your scores!
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Hit or Miss?

There’s something really special about Bonanza. Ask anyone who has ever played this online casino slot before and they’ll tell you the exact same thing. Developer Big Time Gaming has a hit on their hands with slot. Probably why it’s so prominently featured on the homepage of a lot of popular casino sites right now. If you are ever looking for a game that comes with a lot of financial opportunities then this will be the slot for you! Check out Bonanza today to find out for yourself!

Who Developed Bonanza

There’s no greater online casino games developer out right now than Big Time Gaming. This is a developer who is constantly striving to be the best with each and every new release they come out with. Big Time Gaming has come a long way from their early days. Not to say that their early games aren’t worth checking out because they most definitely are. Slots like Bonanza are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the level of creativity on display with their games! If you liked this game, be sure to check out Gold King Slot.