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Slot volatility, also known as variance, is the term online casinos use to estimate the level of risk associated with a particular slot. Volatility suggests how often a slot machine might payout, and how big or small the rewards may be.

A low volatility slot has the potential to payout frequent, although small, amounts. As well as the Return to Player (RTP) rate, the volatility of a slot can be an important factor when choosing which slot to play. There are many amazing things about low volatility slots. It is often suggested they can be the best slots to play if you’re new to online slot gaming, as potentially there is less risk involved.

Low volatility slots can also bring lots of fun. They are usually classified as being low risk, with the potential to have a higher hit frequency and overall, more chances for small wins.

One possible disadvantage to low volatility slots is that the payouts are generally relatively small compared to slots with high volatility. Slots with low volatility may be the best ones to play if you want a longer slot gaming experience. The risk can be low, and you could potentially land frequent, yet small wins. However, this may not always be the case, as slot machines are still ultimately a game of chance.

Below is a list of all of the low volatility slot games we have. Alternatively, you can view all of the slots we have available on our online slots page.

Different Types Of Volatility In Slots

You can find information about a slot’s volatility in the instruction manual (generally accessed by pressing “i” or “settings”). Here, it should state whether the slot has low, medium or high volatility.

In theory, High volatility slots may bring in less frequent wins, but with higher potential rewards. Slots with high volatility usually have a higher risk level, as there is less chance of winning every time you play. As a result, wins may occur much less frequently compared to low volatility slots.

However, if you do manage to score a win in a high volatility slot, it is likely to be much bigger. High volatility slots could be the perfect choice for more experienced online slot gamblers, due to the high-risk level involved.

One good thing about slots with high volatility is that the top potential prizes are generally significantly higher.

For those wanting the best of both worlds, medium volatility slots could be a great choice. Slots with medium volatility are usually pretty popular with gamblers, as they tend to bring in frequent wins with a medium risk level.

The prizes most likely may not be as big as high volatility slots, but plenty of generous top prizes are available. With medium volatility slots, you may also enjoy more bonus features. Slots with medium volatility can provide an excellent slot gaming experience, with potential frequent wins and exciting features.

Low volatility slots are considered the best slots to play. This is because these slots usually come with a low-risk level and have the potential to payout frequent, small wins. This makes low volatility slots perfect for gamblers who are new to online slots or want to stretch out their gameplay.

As you can potentially prolong your gameplay and the risk is lower, low volatility slots can be so much more enjoyable to play. However, one possible disadvantage to playing low volatility slots is that the top prizes are usually relatively small, and there is little chance of a huge win.

When choosing the best volatility slot, it’s down to what kind of slot experience you would like. You may like high volatility slots if you don’t mind potentially long periods without wins, but want a chance of winning a big jackpot prize. If you want to make your gaming experience last a long time and possibly enjoy smaller, frequent wins, you might like low volatility slots. If you want the best of both, you will perhaps enjoy medium volatility slots the most.

Here are some of the best low volatility slots to play at King Casino:

Low Volatility Slots FAQs

How Do You Choose A Low Volatility Slot?

Find the best low volatility slots to play here at King Casino. First, browse through our slots collection and choose a slot machine to play. Once you have found a slot you like the look of, take a look at the slot’s instruction manual. This is under the “i” or “settings” tab.

Here, you can read whether the slot has high, medium or low volatility. If you’re unsure, simply type in “slot name volatility” into your search engine, and you should get the answer right away.

What Does Low Variance Mean On Slots?

Variance is essentially the same as volatility. It’s just another term online casinos use. A slot with low variance has the potential to provide frequent wins, but often these will be of lower value than a high variance slot.

Do Low Volatility Slots Provide High RTP?

Low volatility slots typically have a high RTP and may pay out frequently, which might be attractive to some slot gamblers. However, this might not always be the case as slot games still remain a game of chance.

 Do You Win More Often On Low Volatility Slots?

Generally speaking, low volatility slots can potentially payout more often, but wins tend to be smaller.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to these games are subject to change at any time.