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High volatility slots have always been popular; the blend of high risk with the potential for high rewards has long appealed to players. These slots often come with the largest jackpots and incredible bonus features, so it’s no wonder many want to know which are the best high volatility slots.

On this page, we are going to be explaining what a high volatility slot is, the different types of volatility in slots, which slots have the highest volatility & the difference between volatility & variance.

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What Is A High Volatility Slot?

Knowing the volatility of a slot before you play can be very useful. Volatility in slots refers to the risk a particular online slot has. Slots with high volatility are considered high risk but potentially high reward.

There is more risk involved when playing high volatility slots as wins are less frequent. However, wins in high volatility slots tend to be more significant. When a slot’s volatility is high, you must be more patient, as it may take a few spins before you score a win. For many slot enthusiasts, this is worth it as wins are usually much bigger than other online slot games. Some high volatility slots even have huge jackpot prizes to offer.

It’s important to note that discussions surrounding slot volatility are how they should behave in theory; in practice, you may find it to not always be the case.

Many players find high volatility slots exciting as they enjoy the risk and the chance for a huge potential payout. High volatility slots are best for players who can afford the risk and enjoy the excitement of a possible big win and don’t mind the long game. New players are best suited to low volatility slots as there is less risk, and you can potentially benefit from lots of little wins.

Different Types Of Volatility In Slots

There are three types of volatility in slots; low, medium, and of course, high.

Let’s start with low volatility slots. Low volatility slots are low risk and low reward, but payouts may come frequently. Low volatility slots are the best slots to play for beginners. If you’re new to playing slots online, slots with low volatility are a good place to start to familiarise yourself with the game with less risk.

Additionally, wins are likely to occur more frequently, which can be very exciting. On the other hand, online slots with low volatility tend to have fewer or no bonus features and smaller top prizes.

Medium volatility slots bring a balance of both high and low volatility. Medium volatility slots have average risk, average reward and average frequency. If you want the best of both, this type of slot could work best for you.

The main advantage to slots with medium volatility is that you can hit high rewards now and then, and there are fun bonus features to play. The downside to medium volatility slots is that wins are not as consistent.

Finally, there are high volatility slots. Slots with high volatility have high risk, high reward and low frequency. If you enjoy the risk, then high volatility slots could be the best for you. High volatility slots also have the best top payouts compared to others.

However, it may take time to see any reward when playing high volatility slots. Wins are typically less frequent.

Again, this is all just in theory; actual outcomes may differ.

High Volatility Slots FAQ

Is High Volatility Good For Slots?

High volatility is good for slots if you love risk and the chance to win bigger prizes.

If you want to play slots with high volatility, it is best to have a high bankroll and good bankroll management due to the infrequent wins.

With high volatility slot games, you may need lots of patience as wins don’t come around often. It’s also essential to gamble responsibly and only bet money you are comfortable with losing. However, high volatility slots can offer lots of entertaining bonus features, including bonus spins and potential jackpot prizes.

Which Slots Have High Volatility?

King Casino has many of the best high volatility slots. Here are some you can play today:

What Is A High Variance Slot?

Slot variance refers to how often and how much a slot machine pays out. A high variance slot is, in theory, more likely to award larger payouts than lower variance slots, but wins arise less frequently.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to these games are subject to change at any time.