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Are Instant Win Games Fixed & Predetermined?

Are Instant Win Games Fixed & Predetermined?

Casino games are a great form of entertainment for many people. Players who like simple and fast-paced gameplay often play instant-win games. 

Instant win games can be so much fun, and in an instant, you can see whether you have won. 

But are these instant-win games fixed and predetermined? Read on to find out!

What Are Instant Win Games? 

An instant-win game is a game of chance with an instant outcome. Typically, these are gambling games where you pay for a ticket or spin. The most common places you can find instant win games are The National Lottery website and many new online casinos. Instant win games have various prizes, including small instant wins and larger jackpot prizes.

Instant-win games come in many different forms. Some instant-win games you will find in an online live casino include online scratchcards, spinning wheels, card games, instant roulette and keno. The most popular type of instant win game is the scratchcard.

Scratchcards are the most popular instant win game because they are easy to play. To play, all you have to do is click the symbols and drag to scratch them off to reveal instantly whether you have won. 

Many gamblers choose to play instant win games because of how quick and easy they are to play. In just a few seconds, you find out if you have won a prize. There are some large attractive prizes available, too, and they generally have low stakes

Another reason why instant win games are well-loved is that there’s so much choice. There are instant win games with various themes from popular TV shows, animals, diamonds, and fruit

Are Instant Win Games Fixed? 

No, instant-win games are not fixed. You may have read rumours that instant win games are fixed or have questioned whether they are rigged because you have never won. These claims are false, as instant win games are games of chance. 

All players have the same chance of winning. Each instant win game provider provides information on how many winning tickets there are per game on their website. 

Are Instant Win Games Predetermined?  

Instant win games are completely random and are not predetermined. Therefore, if you play, there is never a guarantee that you will win

Something that you can do to increase your odds of potentially winning is to pick instant-win games with better odds. The odds of each instant win game should be clear and easy to find on the instant win casino website

However, while choosing certain instant-win games may give you better odds of winning than others, this does not mean you will win. This is because the outcome of instant win games is always random.

Does Anyone Ever Win Instant Win Games? 

Yes, of course! People win instant-win games all the time. Instant win games tend to have different tiers of prizes. For example, the smallest prize on a scratchcard may be £1, and its largest prize for matching all symbols may be £1,000. 

More people tend to win the smaller prizes, while the larger prizes are won less frequently due to the lower odds of winning.

Does It Matter What Time You Play Instant Win Games? 

There is no best time to play instant win games. If you want to play instant win games, simply choose the most convenient time for you. 

It does not matter when you play instant win games, as the odds are always going to stay the same, and whether you win is based on chance.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this game are subject to change at any time.