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Is There A Trick To Winning On Slot Machines?

Is There A Trick To Winning On Slot Machines?

A frequently asked question among many slot enthusiasts tends to be, “Is there a trick to winning on slot machines?”

If there is one thing you can bet on finding at any legitimate casino, it is slot machines. These colourful machines are a staple of nearly every live casino and can be played by anyone because they require no skill. However, there are no tricks you can employ to win on slot machines at regulated and licenced UK casinos.

In this King Casino blog post, we explore what happens if you put a magnet on a slot machine, how slots determine who wins and other popular questions. So, continue reading to find out!

Can You Trick A Slot Machine To Win?

Slot machines have been around since the late 1800s and keep improving with time. Comparing the first slot machine developed by Charles Fey, the Liberty Bell, with current online and land-based slot machines, you would see a world of difference, thanks to technological advancements.

The more popular slot machines are growing, the more scammers are coming out of the woodwork, claiming they know a trick or two to beat a slot machine, including putting magnets on a slot machine, hacking slot machines with an iPhone, and even using a button sequence to generate a win. 

However, these have never been proven effective because you cannot trick a slot machine into winning. But we’ll discuss these in more detail later on. Moreover, attempting to cheat a slot machine is illegal and could result in adverse consequences. 

If there is one thing that is constant about slot machines, it’s the Random Number Generator (RNG) software installed in them. This nifty software ensures that every output coming out of a slot machine is entirely random and unpredictable. It also makes it almost impossible to trick a slot machine in any way, shape or form.

Are There Any Slot Machine Cheats That Work?

While you may find many articles online claiming that certain slot machine cheats work, that information is misleading and untrue. There are no slot machine cheats that work in reputable casinos.

Even so, that has not stopped some people from trying these tricks, even though there are no recorded accounts of them ever working in modern slot machines. Below are some of the most popular slot myths:

Fake Coins

In the 1990s, fake coins were used to try and trick physical slot machines. Though these coins did not necessarily increase the chances of the player winning, they did give them the opportunity to never use their own real money. It is worth noting that the person who used fake coins in slot machines was caught and sentenced to 2 years in prison. 

Nowadays, slot machines have sensors that can detect if a player is attempting to use fake money. 

Monkey Paw

A Monkey Paw is supposedly a wire tied to a bent metal rod that could be inserted into a slot machine’s payout chute to trigger the coin hopper. According to this myth, once activated, the slot machine would supposedly spit out coins as though you have won a jackpot

However, current slot machines are very sophisticated and cannot be easily tampered with by devices such as the Monkey Paw.


The Yo-Yo trick uses a coin attached to a string. You then deposit this coin through the coin chute and yank it back up like a yo-yo. The slot machine supposedly registers the coin and cannot tell if it has been yanked out. But, again, this would be ineffective in today’s slot machines. 

Bill Validator Device

With this trick, a player wraps a bill with a device that tricks the machine into thinking you have deposited more than you actually have. So, for example, you could deposit a £10.00 note, and the machine may read it as £100. 

However, if you were to try this with modern-day slot machines, it would not work because of the sophisticated sensors these slot machines have.

What Happens If You Put A Magnet On A Slot Machine?

Perhaps in the early days when slot machines were magnetic, cheaters could use magnets to attempt to manipulate a slot machine. 

The idea was a player would spin the reels, and as soon as they saw a combination that could result in a win, they would stick a magnet on the side of the slot machine to stop it from spinning and lock it on the winning combination.

That would supposedly trick the slot into thinking you have landed on a winning combination and trigger a payout. Fortunately, the RNG chip controls today’s slot machine reels, so the magnetic trick would not work. However, if you try it anyway, you could be caught and sent to jail because cheating on slot machines is illegal.

Can You Hack A Slot Machine With An iPhone?

There are a plethora of things you could do with an iPhone. You can shoot films with it, have it read you your emails while you focus your eyes and hands on something else, you can use it to remember your parking spot or even recognise background noises. But it cannot help you hack a slot machine.

However, you can use your iPhone to play any of your favourite slot games or any other pay by mobile casino game and deposit funds to your casino account!

Is There Any Secret Slot Machine Button Sequence?

No, there is no secret sequence to slot machines. Because of the RNG software, it is impossible to time when a slot machine may hit or to influence a potential win by pressing buttons in a particular sequence.

But you wouldn’t be hard-pressed to find people who claim that you will generate a win if you press certain buttons in a certain sequence and frequency. But, of course, by now, you probably know that that is far from the truth and highly impossible.

How Do Slot Machines Determine Who Wins?

Well, slot machines do not determine who wins per se. Instead, the RNG software determines a slot machine’s win or lack of. It is this software that determines the symbols you see on the reels.

So, if the symbols line up in a winning combination, that has nothing to do with who is playing and everything to do with what the RNG determines. That way, potential wins and losses are fair and entirely random, making slot games true games of chance.

Last Word

Slot machines are designed to be fun and entertaining. They are not meant to be a quick money-making scheme. If you keep that in mind, you may have a much more enjoyable experience playing them. 

Trying to cheat them is not only a waste of your time and futile, but it is also illegal. Not to mention it would also mean playing the slots under immense pressure, which defeats the purpose. 

So, instead, set a budget, stick to it, and enjoy playing the games!