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Does Stopping A Slot Machine Change The Outcome?

Does Stopping A Slot Machine Change The Outcome?

The number one thing that players often question when playing slots is how they can win. One of the ways some people claim can help increase your chances of winning slots is by stopping the reels at just the right time to influence the outcome. 

This claim is not true, and in this King Casino post, we are going to explain why.

Does Stopping A Slot Machine Increase Your Chances of Winning? 

A common misconception is that stopping a slot machine increases your chances of winning. When you press the spin button of a slot, the reels will start spinning. You’ll see multiple different symbols and may spot a winning combination, only for the reels to keep on spinning. So, the idea behind the belief that stopping the reels increases your chance of winning is that you can catch and stop the reels at exactly the right time on a winning combination.

However, this is not true. Stopping the reels does not have any effect on your chances of winning. Once you hit the spin button, the outcome of that spin has already been determined. So, whether you let the reels automatically stop or you stop them manually, the outcome of that spin was always going to be the same.

This is because of the Random Number Generator (RNG). The RNG is responsible for ensuring every spin is random and is used to create fair gaming for all players. The RNG in the slot is always working, even when nobody is playing. 

Every second, the RNG generates millions of different number sequences. As soon as you hit spin, the random number sequence created by the RNG in that instant is used, and it will translate to the slot as the symbols you see on the reels. 

Since the random outcome has been determined as soon as you have pressed spin, stopping the reels does not make a difference. All you are doing is stopping the animation.

Is It Better To Stop A Slot Machine Or Let It Go? 

If stopping a slot machine is what you like to do, you can do it! However, stopping the reels does not change the outcome; it has already been determined by the RNG.

Stopping the reels early simply cuts the animation short. The same symbols appear whether you let the reels come to a stop or stop it prematurely. 

The random number generator has no memory or history, so this means the result of a spin is not dependent on previous results. Stopping the reels does not affect the outcome or doesn’t increase your chances of a win because of the RNG.

The only reason to stop the reels is if you are trying to play through spins quickly. However, this is not advised and can actually increase your likelihood of losing more money! This is because you are hitting the spin button more frequently and placing more bets. 

So, it may be best to let it go, let the reels spin and wait for the outcome to present itself on the reels.

What Triggers The Jackpot On A Slot Machine? 

You can find out how to trigger the jackpot on a slot machine by looking at the jackpot slot’s paytable. The most common ways to trigger the jackpot on a slot include:

  • Matching certain symbols on a payline.
  • On a random spin.
  • Through a bonus feature.

However, ultimately, the RNG is what determines when a jackpot is triggered. It is not triggered at a certain time of day, a particular day of the week or during busy/quiet times. The jackpot can be triggered at any time, as slot outcomes are random and unpredictable.