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If A Slot Machine Hasn’t Paid Out Lately, Is It Due To Hit?

If A Slot Machine Hasn't Paid Out Lately, Is It Due To Hit

Some slot machine players claim they can tell when a slot machine is about to hit, referring to them as either hot or cold. A hot slot would be one that has recently made a payout, while a cold slot would be one that hasn’t made a payout in a while.

So, the idea that slot machines that have not made a payout recently are about to hit stems from this hot or cold concept. But is it true? Do slot machines have payout cycles, and can you tell if a slot machine is due to pay out? Let’s find out.

Do Slots Have To Pay Out?

No, slots do not have to pay out. While they do have to if you land a winning combination of any kind, they do not have any sort of payout quota to meet. Not to mention they can’t get “full” and award a payout out of necessity, they can hold a large amount of money, and if they get close to capacity, the casino will empty it to maintain room to take in more.

A Random Number Generator (RNG) is software that determines what happens in a slot machine, generating random number sequences that translate to an array of symbols on the reels. The RNG is not influenced by what happened in the slot machine on previous spins. 

There are no circumstances where a slot has to award a win. They are a game of chance, and wins can occur randomly. 

Do Slot Machines Have Payout Cycles?

No, slots do not have a payout cycle. But, unfortunately, slots having payout cycles is a popular myth among slot players. Some go as far as claiming they can tell when a slot machine is about to hit based on how long ago it awarded a payout. 

But, regardless of how many people believe this, it is simply not true. As we have explained above, each slot machine’s outcome is controlled by an RNG. Therefore, a slot machine’s hot or cold streak is only a myth. 

Each spin has the same chance of landing a win. A win may occur 3 times in a row or not occur in 3,000 spins. They are random.

If A Slot Machine Hasn’t Paid Out Lately, Is It Due To Hit?

Again, this is a big myth. You cannot tell or predict when a slot machine is about to hit. No one can; otherwise, the whole point of playing a slot machine would be moot. Slots are controlled by RNG, and this software is designed to be completely random and churn out completely random results.

So, that whole premise makes it impossible to predict when a hit is due. In order to be able to predict when a slot is about to hit, there would need to be a pattern, and slot machines do not have a pattern, thanks to the RNG software.

Again, slot machines cannot reach capacity and force a payout; it’s all decided by the RNG.

Can You Tell If A Slot Machine Is Due To Pay Out?

All in all, it is impossible to tell if a slot machine is due to pay out. The outcomes are random and unpredictable, which makes telling when a slot is due to pay out impossible. 

If people could tell when a slot machine is due to pay out, it would no longer be fair.

Also, remember that slot games are like any other casino game; games of chance where the house has a slight advantage, so gamble responsibly.