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Slot Games With Bonus Rounds

Slot Games With Bonus Rounds

Bonus rounds are perhaps the best piece of innovation to ever happen in slot games. 

As a result, they have since become the most sought-after part of slot games, with most slot players preferring to play slot games with bonuses over simpler, more basic ones.

So, what are bonus rounds in slots, and are they random or are they predetermined? Find out in this article below!

What Are Bonus Rounds On Slot Games?

Before the upsurge in online slots, bonus features or bonus rounds were not really a thing in the slot industry. Before, as a slot player, you would likely see a classic three-reels and three-row online slot with no bonus features. 

But then, casinos ceased being purely land-based establishments, and we started having online casinos. With that change came the abundance and availability of numerous online casinos as well as the advancement and improvement of online slots. As a result, slot game developers started creating slots with bonus features to keep up with the growth and compete with other casino games

They have also been implemented in brick-and-mortar casinos with the move away from mechanical slot machines to electric video slots.

Bonus rounds on slot games are like special extras that are hidden somewhere inside the slot game where, if you trigger them, you could receive some exciting and handsome prizes. 

The most common bonus round is an extra spins feature, but there are also other formats available. Sometimes, depending on the slot game, the extra spins can be triggered an unlimited number of times. 

For example, in the Fruit Party slot game, you have the potential to trigger the extra spins round an unlimited number of times.

How Often Does A Slot Machine Hit A Bonus?

There is no definite or straight answer to this question because:

  1. Slot machines use what is known as a Random Number Generator (RNG). It is software that ensures that the slot game has a random outcome on every spin. It also means that the bonus feature triggers at random, if at all. Therefore, you can’t really know how often it is going to hit.
  2. Some slot games have bonus features that you cannot retrigger, while others have bonus features that you can retrigger over a limited number of times or unlimited. Additionally, in some slot games, you are able to trigger a bonus feature while playing a bonus round, while in others, you can only activate a bonus round from the base game.

All this information would be available on your chosen slot game through Help or an Information button, which should be easily accessible from the game’s interface.  

However, ultimately a bonus feature can only trigger if you meet the requirements that are needed to activate it. That can either be done by collecting a certain number of symbols, filling up a bar, or lining up scatter symbols on a payline which typically triggers a bonus feature in a game with bonus rounds. 

Can You Buy The Bonus In Slot Games?

If you are in the UK, you cannot buy the bonus in slot games as this feature is banned in the UK. 

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) banned bonus buying due to it encouraging players to spend more money which could lead to problem gambling. 

The thing with bonus features is that they do not guarantee a win. They are just another part of the slot game that may allow you to access bigger wins than in the base game, but it doesn’t increase your chances of winning

In addition, whenever there is a big win available, the odds of hitting it can be lower, so you can see how bonus buying could lead to spending and losing money at an increased rate. 

So, to combat this, the UKGC banned bonus buying in the UK.

Are Slot Machine Bonuses Predetermined?

Although there may be an overwhelming amount of people who believe that slot machine bonuses are predetermined, that is not true. 

Remember that slot games use RNG software; this ensures that slot games remain entirely random, so it would be impossible to determine when a slot game bonus hits. The RNG produces large quantities of number sequences every second, and each one translates into a random outcome on the reels. 

The number sequence produced at the moment you click spin is the outcome you see on the reels, so it cannot be predetermined.

However, the amount in a bonus you may potentially win if you hit a winning combination during a bonus is predetermined. You would typically find the prizes or potential maximum win prizes from the slot game’s Information or Help button, so you never have to guess how much is the potential reward.

Slot Games With Bonus Rounds – Summary

In summary, bonus rounds are an exciting and fun addition to slot games. They could potentially see you win big prizes, and they can add some excitement to the game. However, in the UK, you can not buy access to the bonus rounds because this feature was banned by the UKGC due to the potential to cause problem gambling.

In addition, bonus rounds are not predetermined in a way that you can tell when a bonus win is about to hit. The RNG produces random, unpredictable outcomes on every spin. It’s all down to chance.

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