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Does It Matter How Much Money You Put In A Slot Machine?

Does It Matter How Much Money You Put In A Slot Machine?

Slot machines are games of chance. So, our actions cannot influence the game’s outcomes. However, this doesn’t stop some punters from believing that the more money you put in a casino slot machine, the more your odds improve. Unfortunately, this is untrue.

In this Wizard Slots blog post, we’ll show you why it doesn’t matter how much money you put in a slot machine.

Do Slot Machines Know How Much Money You Put In?

Yes. Slot machines know how much money deposits are made to make possible winning payouts according to the bet values placed. It has no impact on the gameplay or potential payouts. So, the game knows the payout value of a 4x your stake win.

The game calculates the payouts based on every player’s given stakes. So, any potential payouts remain fair across the board.

Does It Matter How Much Money You Put In A Slot Machine?

Slot games are games of chance, so it doesn’t matter whether you play a £10 bet or a £100 bet; the odds remain the same. The game doesn’t consider how much has gone in other than to calculate payouts. 

Slot machines work on a Random Number Generator (RNG), which uses a complex mathematical algorithm to generate random number sequences. The end result is a random and unpredictable outcome on each spin. The sophisticated system translates the number sequences into the symbols in the game, which results in a random array of symbols on every spin.

The bet size has no impact on the RNG performing its role.

How Much Money Should You Put In A Slot Machine?

Every punter might answer this question differently because it comes down to personal preference. The amount you put in has no bearing on the odds of winning. So, whether you prefer to place higher wagers or lower wagers, the odds of winning remain the same. 

There are a few factors some players consider when deciding how much to bet. For example:

Consider The Rules

Some games offer incentives for higher stakes. For example, some progressive jackpot slots require a maximum bet to be in with the chance to potentially trigger the jackpot

Look At The Minimum and Maximum Bets

You can look at the betting window offered in the given slot machine. It explains how much money players are able to wager on each spin.

Evaluate Your Goals

Slots are games of chance. So winning is never guaranteed, and thanks to the house edge, the casino always wins in the long run

So why do we play slot games? For entertainment. 

That’s why it’s important to only bet money that you’re comfortable losing. Start by calculating your budget and ensure you play within your means.

Ultimately, the only person that can answer how much you should put in a slot machine is you. The odds of winning are the same no matter how much you stake. The most important thing is to gamble responsibly and don’t chase losses.


Deciding how much to bet on a slot machine should be based on your budget and should be done within your means. Remind yourself that the amount you wager does not affect the odds of winning; they remain the same whether you bet the minimum amount or the maximum. 

Slots are forms of entertainment and should not be played for the purpose of trying to make a profit. They are random games of chance, and nothing is guaranteed.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.