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Must Hit By Slots – Ainsworth Must-Hit-By Slot Machines

Must Hit By Slots - Ainsworth Must-Hit-By Slot Machines

Ainsworth is one of the industry’s biggest and most progressive slot game developers. This company’s slots journey began with land-based slot machines and has now grown popular in the online niche as well.

They are known for creating innovative, aesthetically pleasing, attention-grabbing slot games like Must-Hit progressive jackpot slots. In this article, we will go into detail about what Must-Hit-By slots are, when they really hit, and whether or not they are worth it.

What Are Must-Hit-By Slots?

Simply put, a Must-Hit-By slot machine is typically a progressive jackpot slot game that has a specific prize marking by which point the jackpot should be won. These slot games can also sometimes be referred to as “mystery” jackpots.

Basically, these jackpot slots guarantee paying out the jackpot prize by a certain point. But do not be fooled by this. A lot of players may fall into the trap of playing the slot passed their set budget because they can see the jackpot prize is close to hitting. But, while that is true, getting to the final mark may be more complicated than that and may take longer. More on that later.

How the Must-Hit-By jackpots differ from other jackpots is that you know at which point the jackpot may hit. But, to keep things fair and random, these slots still use an RNG and other factors to ensure that, even though you know the jackpot has to hit by £500, for example, you cannot say for a fact at what amount the jackpot will hit.

In addition, just because you are playing at the point when the jackpot has to pay out by does not guarantee you will win it. It is random.

When Do Must-Hit-By Slot Machines Really Hit?

The Must-Hit-By slot machines hit before or when the Must-Hit-By point is reached. So, for example, if you are playing a Must-Hit-By £20,000 jackpot slot, the top jackpot will be won either before or when the pool reaches £20,000.

So, you always kind of know when the jackpot will hit, but you cannot be certain exactly when that point will be reached. That is because there is a lot of math and RNG involved, and once a certain amount in the pool has been reached, the meter starts to move really slowly. 

Remember, the jackpot prize just has to hit by the time it reaches the stipulated amount, but it can hit way before then. Hence, you can never really tell when it’s going to really hit.

Must Hit By Slot Machine Math

The Must-Hit-By slot machines follow a non-fixed math pattern to keep the point of the Must-Hit-By unpredictable. 

Otherwise, people would try and cheat the system by waiting until the slot reaches a particular number before they play, hoping to hit the jackpot after playing minimal spins. While that could potentially happen, it would be a completely random occurrence instead of a predictable one, as it could just as easily hit before it’s even close to the must-hit-by amount.

Must-Hit-By slots have something called a meter movement, which is where the math comes in. Basically, the meter movement measures how much is currently in the pool, and it may move faster in the beginning, but the larger the pool grows and the closer to the finish line it reaches, the more slowly the meter moves.

For example, say you are playing a Must-Hit-By £1,000 slot game. In the early stages, you may notice the meter growing by approximately £10 for every £100 wagered, give or take. But then, it reaches a target point of £980, and you notice things are really starting to dwindle, with the meter moving by maybe 0.20% of your bet size. So now, instead of £10 progressive pool increase, you are seeing a £0.2. 

Of course, this is an example demonstrating the basic principle; it’s far more nuanced than this in practice.

And while this may seem like not too big of an issue because there are probably a hundred other players contributing to the pool, you don’t know how much each person is betting and how much of their bet is added to the pool because the math formula is non-fixed so as to keep that level of randomness and unpredictability, which then translates to fairness.

Are Must Hit By Progressive Slots Worth It?

The answer to whether or not Must-Hit-By progressive slots are worth it depends on an individual and their reasons for playing these slot games. Like all slot games, the Must-Hit-By progressive slots can be exciting and fun and offer a different experience from other slot games.

Some online casino players may play in the hopes that they will potentially be the jackpot winner. Others may like the concept of a slot game that has a guaranteed win at a certain point and want to take their chance, while others may play them simply to enjoy the gameplay. 

Whatever the reason may be, the main objective should always be to have fun and gamble responsibly. 

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins, etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.