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Betting Few vs Betting Many Numbers In Roulette

Bet Few vs Betting Many Numbers In Roulette

Is it better to bet on a few or many numbers in roulette? That’s the question on the mind of every roulette player. Finding the ideal amount of numbers to bet on in roulette can be a confusing task, especially if you’re new to the casino roulette world. 

To simplify this task, you should first identify the way you wish to play online casino games like roulette. Would you rather play with lower odds of landing a win but the potential for a higher payout? Or, would you rather have a higher chance of landing a win but for a lower payout? Whatever the answer is, you’ve come to the right place! 

Let’s take a deeper look into betting few vs betting many numbers in roulette. 

How Many Numbers Can You Cover in Roulette? 

Before we discuss betting a few vs betting many numbers in online roulette, it’ll be helpful to learn a little about roulette betting. For starters, how many numbers can you cover in roulette while betting? 

When playing roulette, several betting options are available that pay out at different odds. Playing more numbers may offer lower payouts, while playing single numbers may offer you better payouts.

If you want to cover many numbers in roulette, you can follow certain betting systems that focus on ‘covering the table.’ These include:

  • Bet 35 numbers: the easiest way to cover all bases is to bet on 35 numbers. 
  • 11 Street bets: betting on 11 streets means betting on 33 numbers. Only 3 numbers will give you a loss. 
  • 17 Split bets: betting on 17 out of the 18 splits is also a great way to cover the table. Only 2 numbers are missed here.
  • Bet 5 Double Streets: betting on 5 out of 6 double streets allows you to bet on 30 numbers in total. 
  • Bet 1-18 and Third Dozen: in this bet, you will only ignore 6 numbers on the table. Both areas in this bet pay 1:1.

What Happens if You Bet Every Number in Roulette? 

The key to understanding the answer to ‘Is it better to bet a few or many numbers in roulette?’ lies in understanding roulette bets. So, what happens if you follow cover-the-table strategies that include betting on every number in roulette? Simply put, you may be more likely to land wins; however, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be making a profit!

Since you’re covering large sections of the table, the percentages of your wins will go up, but the payouts will be lower. 

As for betting on all numbers in live roulette, there are 35 numbers – not including the 0 pocket – and placing bets on single numbers offers a 35:1 payout. So, if you bet the same amount on 35 numbers, and the ball doesn’t land on 0, then you will simply receive winnings equal to your total bet. 

Therefore, if you place a bet on the 0 pocket as well, then you will lose money as you will have placed 36 separate bets but only paid back for 35 of them.

If you’ve just started playing roulette, these cover-the-table roulette strategies strategies may help you get to grips with roulette whilst you are starting out. However, if you’re a more experienced player, you may prefer to bet on fewer numbers so that if you do manage to land a win, the winnings may be higher. 

How Many Numbers Should You Bet on in Roulette? 

Now that you have a better understanding of betting a few vs betting many numbers in roulette, so let’s talk about how many numbers you should be betting. 

In short, there is no answer to how many numbers you should bet on in roulette. The aim of playing should be for entertainment, not to make a profit. That said, you can consider the following tips when deciding on how many numbers to bet on, depending on how you wish to play: 

  • Covering more numbers will mean that you are likely to win more frequently than betting on fewer numbers. Bets like the Red/Black, Odd/Even, and High/Low bets cover almost half the wheel and have a higher chance of winning than most other bets. However, they have the lowest payouts of all bets in roulette, paying out at 1:1 odds. 
  • If you bet fewer numbers, the chances of winning are lower as there are fewer opportunities to land a win, but the payouts are likely to be higher. For example, the highest payout available is 35:1 (when you make single-number bets). 

In contrast, the strategy for professional players is different. The amount of numbers to bet on depends on the professional method you decide to use. Most professional methods focus on certain areas of the roulette wheel, and players can even bet different amounts on these sections. 

For example, one technique sees you bet on a number you think the roulette ball will land, as well as on the numbers to the left and right of the chosen number on the wheel. 

Betting Few Numbers vs Betting Many 

So, is it better to bet a few or many numbers in roulette? At the end of the day, this comes down primarily to preference. Both types of bets can be used to your advantage; the important part is to remember that roulette is random, and nothing is guaranteed. 

Also, one important thing to always do is to play within your means. You don’t want to exceed your budget. You can use either method as long as you ensure you’re playing within your means. 

Does the Amount of Numbers You Bet Change Your Chance of Winning? 

The amount of numbers you bet on determines your chances of winning. Betting on fewer numbers will mean you have a smaller chance of winning, but if you do win, the payout will be bigger than winning bets placed on more numbers. In contrast, betting on more numbers will mean you have a greater chance of winning, but if you do, the payout will be smaller than wins from bets on fewer numbers. 

Betting on more specific numbers isn’t too dissimilar to placing outside bets. There’s a higher chance of landing them compared to inside bets (bets on fewer numbers) but lower payouts.

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