What Is The 666 Strategy In Roulette?

What Is The 666 Strategy In Roulette

Strategies come and go in the world of roulette, but one strategy has stood the test of time – the 666 strategy! So what is the 666 strategy in roulette? Why is it named that, and does it work? These are all valid questions regarding the 666 strategy, and today, King Casino will provide you with all the information you need regarding this topic.

Simply put, the 666 betting system is used in the UK casino game roulette and is one of the most aggressive strategies available. That said, this strategy is also fairly low risk. It is one of the many ‘cover-the-field’ strategies available in roulette. This strategy may have countless fans, but can it provide the results it claims to provide? Let’s find out! 

What is the 666 Strategy in Roulette? 

So, what is the 666 strategy in roulette? This top roulette strategy is devised on the idea of betting small amounts on almost every roulette number. This ensures you’ll have a higher chance of winning each spin since you’re practically covering the table with your bets. 

However, you should keep adjusting the strategy to make sure you make the most of it. The best sequence for the 666 strategy is when you make small bets on all but 4 numbers. This makes your chance of losing the round approximately 10% (which is quite low!). 

For the 666 strategy, you need to make 3 types of bets simultaneously. The first bet is on red or black to make sure you cover half the wheel in one go. For your second bet, place 7 split bets between pairs of numbers on the opposite colour. For the last bet phase, place 3 small straight bets on 3 of the remaining 7 numbers. If done correctly, then there should be only 4 numbers on the roulette wheel that will make you lose. 

However, you should recognize that only one of your bets will win each round. So, any profit won’t be that high. For the 666 strategy to work as intended, you must play it for a long time and hope to keep winning to make a profit.The 666 strategy is great as you spread your risk around the roulette table; however, there is risk in this strategy. To win big, you have to bet big, and if you do, you have to face the reality that the ball may end up landing on one of the numbers you haven’t chosen. If that happens, you’ll lose big!

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Why is it Named the 666 Strategy? 

Now that you have an answer to what the 666 strategy in roulette is, let’s talk about why it’s called that. Did you know that roulette is often called the ‘Devil’s game’? That’s because all the numbers on the table add up to a total of 666, which is known as the number of the Devil. 

Roulette has been around for ages. While many believe that inventor Blaze Pascal had ulterior motives for making the wheel’s total 666, it was just nifty mathematics. Still, the legend remains that there was a monk in the Dark Ages who challenged the Devil on his wheel. The monk couldn’t beat the wheel, and the game drove him mad, and he died. 

Now, back to the 666 strategy. The name of this strategy surely stands out to anyone who sees it. That’s because almost everyone knows the number 666 and its association with the Devil. However, since the wheel’s total is 666, the 666 strategy is a clever way of saying you’re going to cover the entire table with your bets. Or maybe, it was the Devil’s strategy that beat the monk…will we ever truly know? 

Does the 666 Roulette Strategy Actually Work? 

Before we explain how it works, you should understand one thing. All casinos are businesses, and their primary aim is to make a profit. If a strategy provides an unfair edge to players, that strategy is banned from the casino as it affects the fairness of the game.

The 666 strategy doesn’t provide an unfair edge; hence casinos allow it. So, if the 666 strategy was that good and worked all the time, casinos would have a problem as you would just be taking their money. However, that’s not the case, and the 666 strategy can fail. Regardless, it’s one of the most played strategies in roulette (especially if you want to play it safe). 

Here’s how the 666 strategy in roulette works. You bet a total of £66 and start by staking £36 on black or red. Next, you place £4 on 12 numbers (split bets). These numbers are 0 & 2, 8 & 11, 10 & 13, 17 & 20, 26 & 29, and 28 & 31. Finally, you move on to the straight bets, pick 3 out of 7 available numbers, and stake £2 on each. 

The major problem with the 666 strategy in live roulette is that your wins are small, whereas if you lose, you lose your entire £66 stake. Players who implement this strategy will find it super hard to recover if they encounter a few losing spins in the beginning. That said, the 666 strategy is great for players who like playing cover-the-table strategies in roulette. If it sounds like a strategy you wish to test out, you can find plenty of roulette games to play right here at the real money casino, King Casino!

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