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How Many Numbers Should You Bet In Roulette?

How Many Numbers Should You Bet In Roulette

Wondering how many numbers you should bet in Roulette? You’re not the only one! Many Roulette players worldwide want to know what the perfect amount of numbers to bet in Roulette is. The simple answer is: it depends on what your aim is! 

Some people play online casino games for fun, while others may play professionally. Depending on your intentions, you can dabble with systems and switch the amount of numbers you bet on. 

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Does the Amount of Numbers You Bet Change Your Chances of Winning? 

Yes, the amount of numbers you bet on changes your chance of winning in roulette, but there’s a difference between winning and earning a profit. Although this gets confusing for many players, we’ll try and break it down in the simplest way possible. 

If you’re a seasoned live Roulette player, you’ll have noticed that all typical Roulette tables have the same house edge. So, over the long term, the results you get while betting in Roulette will be the same, regardless of your bet. 

For example, if you bet £1 on a single number such as ‘5’ for 3,700 spins, it will mean that you have bet a total of £3,700. Your theoretical results will be 100 wins out of 3,700 (37/1 odds), and you would win £35 per winning spin of the roulette wheel. So, your total winnings would be £3,500. However, as you would theoretically lose £1 on each of the other 3,600 spins, your total losses will be £100 (if the house edge is 2.70%). 

On the other hand, you can also wager £1 on 10 numbers for a total of 370 spins. This way, you would also spend £3,700, and your expected wins will again be 100 (this time over 10 numbers). You would win £26 per win and lose £10 per loss. So, your total winnings will be £2,600, and your total losses will be £2,700. That means a loss of £100 again (assuming the house edge is 2.70%). 

In both these cases, you will be spending the same amount and losing the same amount. The only major difference is that you will lose more quickly when you bet on more numbers. This applies to all types of bets in Roulette. The bottom line is that the amount of numbers you want to bet is a matter of personal preference. Betting more numbers can potentially allow for slightly frequent wins, but you also run the risk of potentially losing money at a faster pace. 

Can You Bet Every Number in Roulette? 

If you’re wondering how many numbers you should bet in Roulette, then you must have also wondered if you can bet every number in Roulette. While there’s no method to bet on every number in Roulette, a few methods, like the 1-3-2-6 Betting System can help you bet on most of the table. Let’s take a look at them:

  • 666 Roulette system

In this system, you bet on every number on the Roulette table except for 4. To give you a better idea of how it works, let’s assume the unit stakes are £1. First, you place a bet of £36 on either black or red. Next, you place £4 split bets on 12 numbers which are: 

0 & 2, 8 & 11, 10 & 13, 17 & 20, 26 & 29, 28 & 31.

Now, you place 3 of the remaining 8 numbers and place straight-up bets of £2 on each. This could be as follows:

£2 on 35, £2 on 24, £2 on 22.

The total amount you will have spent on this system is £66.

  • 35 Number Bet

Making a bet of £1 on 35 numbers will mean you have placed many bets but will stand to lose £35 every time you play and one of the two numbers you haven’t bet on comes in.

  • 17 Splits Bet

This bet allows you to cover 34 numbers.

  • 11 Streets Bet

These are bets on 3 numbers in a row, and betting on 11 streets means you have bet on 33 numbers.

  • Double Street Bet

A Double Street Bet allows you to bet on 30 numbers and is often known as a Line Bet. 

  • Numbers 1-18 Plus Third Dozen

This bet covers 30 numbers, and you have to bet a certain amount on 1-18 and a certain amount on the third dozen. 

Betting Fewer Numbers vs Betting Many 

When you bet fewer numbers, you are making a more high-risk bet. However, high-risk bets can potentially be more rewarding and are perfect if you want to try and win large sums. The probability of these high-risk bets (such as on single numbers) hitting is low – 1:37. 

On the other hand, you could bet on many numbers, which would be a lower-risk bet. However, you would not stand to win large sums if you do win since you’ve bet on a high percentage of the table. So, you may win more often, but your winning amount will be low. 

How Many Numbers Should You Bet? 

The answer to how many numbers you should bet in Roulette lies in the purpose you’re playing for. Are you playing professionally, or are you just playing for fun? If you’re playing professionally, the amount of numbers you should bet depends on the method you choose. 

Those who apply the Roulette wheel bias method will aim to bet on the numbers they think are biased (between 6-12 different numbers). Other roulette strategies and systems suggest you bet on the green zero and the various numbers around them. 

You can hope to potentially win by betting on one single number. Betting on single numbers can potentially offer the highest payouts. Betting fewer numbers may mean a lower chance of winning, but the payout percentage is higher.

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