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Twin Spin Slot

Twin Spin Slot Game

In Twin Spin from NetEnt, anything is possible, want to become rich? Play Twin Spin online casino online game. Want to have a good time while doing so? Play Twin Spin. This 5 reel slot is one that comes with all the nostalgic feels of old only in a more modern setting.

This game is complete with all the graphics and sound effects you’d expect in most premium slots out, right now! Twin Spin is an online slot that appears to only get better as time goes on. Play it for yourself, you’ll no doubt feel the same!

*Any values mentioned are subject to change.

Twin Spin Game Overview

What this online casino slot promise is well over 243 different ways of coming out on top with every spin played! We should mention that this slot is Mac, Linux and Windows compatible. This is perfect as it doesn’t alienate anyone looking to play!

We should also mention that this slot is mobile optimised which allows you to take the action pretty much everywhere without fail! If you are looking for more info on this slot then check out the rest of the review to learn more!

twin spins slot

Expectation of Twin Spin Slot

All we knew about this slot going into it was that it was in many ways a homage to the slots of the old online casino games. The sorts of slots that you could pick up and master within a couple of minutes! This is hands down, the main selling point of this slot.

It has brought hundreds if not thousands of players to the game. They come in hope of making as much money as possible! Fans of groovy slots will find their fill and more courtesy of Twin Spin we promise you. This is a slot best played for hours on end with the volume cranked all the way up (you’ll thank us later).

Gameplay on Twin Spin Online Slots

Twin Spin is a very bright game to behold, one that uses a lot of neon-like colours in its approach! We personally can’t get enough of this  online casino slot. This is partly because of how well it looks compared to a lot of slots out right now. This design is looking to appeal to players who love playing the best slots such as this one!

Bells, lemons, cherries, BARs and playing cards. These are all symbols that you can expect to see from this game. Each of these offers something different in terms of scores once matched. Matching the most symbols in the same line will grant you the most cash possible!


Each symbol is incredibly well-designed and does a great job in allowing the player to pick and choose their favourites. Our favourites are the cherries, but that’s just us! Playing card symbols serve as Twin-Spins lower value symbols. These are the kind of symbols that will help you in small doses!

Immersive is the word we’d use to describe this slot for a lot of different reasons. The soundtrack to this slot is potentially the best we’ve heard from any online slot! It’s the perfect amount of groovy, the kind that will get your foot tapping as you try your best to make the most cash possible with each spin!

Twin Spin basically ticks all of the boxes and is one you should definitely play for yourself. If you are wanting to try a slot that tries to do something familiar yet different!

Twin Spin Bonus Features

Twin Spin does not have a lot of additional online casino features compared to some of the other slots in the NetEnt catalogue. Now, we think this is a shame, but shouldn’t be a reason for you not to check out this slot for yourself! If anything, having fewer features here makes you appreciate the game in its simplest form.

Keep in mind that this slot has a high RTP percentage. This means that playing this slot in its simplest form will definitely make you a lot of coins. Bonus features here include:

  • WILD: The wild symbol in Twin Spin definitely helps players looking to chase the high scores! Wild symbols are one of only a handful of bonus features found in Twin Spin. Wilds will not unlock scatters. But instead, will switch out certain symbols on the board for different symbols. Essentially, a symbol that reshuffles the board!
  • BONUS: Every spin you participate in comes with adjacent reels. These are two reels that are constantly connected to one another. As the reels are spinning, the twin reels can expand into a triplet, quadruplet or even a quintuplet reel, all containing the same symbols. Win on one reel and it will be replicated on the other, causing massive spikes in scores!

Hit or Miss Twin Spin?

We have Twin Spin in our favourite five slots of all time, why do you think that is? This is an online slot that appears to only get better and better the more you play it. We personally play this slot as the perfect alternative to say a cluster slot or one that’s a lot more complicated in comparison.

The simplicity of this game is its strongest attribute, ask any player why they play Twin Spin and they’ll just tell you the same thing. Check out Twin Spin today and take a trip back to when simplicity was everything!

NetEnt: Developers of this UK Slot

Net Entertainment is maybe one of the best online casino games developers going right now. They are a developer who time and time again have proven themselves to be more than equipped to supply the globe with nothing but the best. The best in terms of online games.

Their games are not only imaginative, but they are incredibly fortuitous. They are a perfect balance, one that not many developers out there have been able to capture. If you’ve enjoyed this game then why not also check out other popular titles at King Casino:

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.