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The juice is indeed loose in Fruit Spin, a wacky ride into a world full colour and cash! Fruit Spin is bursting with action and excitement – and it is now available on our online casino. The likes of which have only encouraged hundreds if not thousands of players out there to try their luck on these reels!

Making a hit slot like this can be quite difficult. This is especially true when there are so many other fruit-themed adventures out there for you to choose from! Online Casino eveloper NetEnt is no stranger to the successes that come with slots.

Just look at Twin Spin which is in many ways a direct relative to the slot we’re talking about today!

*Any values mentioned are subject to change.

Fruit Spin is a 5 reel by 40 pay-line online casino game. The kind that gives punters the chance to win quite a wad of cash rather quickly! If you’ve never played a NetEnt title before then you’re in for a treat! Fruit spin allows players to spin from as little as 20p.

This is definitely going to encourage quite a few punters to check out this slots game outright! If you want to learn more about this fruit bowl of an online slot then check out the rest of the review below for more info!

Expectations of Fruit Spin Slots

Expectations going into online casino game Fruit Spin were very high to be completely honest. We all loved Twin Spin which is incredibly similar to this one, so we knew that the likelihood of us enjoying this one was going to be quite high too! Fruit Spin does a few things a little differently compared to Twin Spin.

This is actually a great change of pace. We think developers should all be looking at NetEnt for inspiration. They can learn how to establish something fresh within their games. NetEnt could have very easily copied and pasted another one of their slots and put it out there. But, thankfully they didn’t, and the result is fantastic!

Fruit Spin Online Gameplay

Fruit Spin is an online casino slot that has just about everything you could ever want and more! Not only do you have access to some of the most beautiful reels in all of online slot gaming, but also amazing gameplay elements!

Once you’ve played one spin on these reels, it can be rather difficult to then step away! This is because you find that you’re locked into a routine, one that will make you quite the amount of coin if you let it!

Fruit Spin can be played from as little as 20p to around £200 per spin. This is definitely going to appeal to the majority of players.

It can appeal to novice players and veterans who are looking for something fun and fortuitous to play! Fruit Spin follows Twin Spin in the fact that it is incredibly easy to play and pays homage to the slots of old! We love slots like this as they tend to offer you something a little different compared to your classic fruit slot. This is a more modernised for your enjoyment!

So what will you be matching in this slot? Well, you’ll be matching quite the mix of symbols ranging from rubies and sapphires to oranges and raspberries. All symbols found in Fruit Spin offer something different, in terms of scores.

This means every successful spin should feel fresh and new because it is! All symbols have been expertly crafted, only adding to the experience of playing Fruit Spin. The soundtrack certainly helps here too, it’s very mellow and quite groovy in parts.

Slot Bonuses

Fruit Spin has a lot to offer in terms of online casino bonus games and bonus features that’s for sure! All features have been designed to offer players the quickest path to victory! If you are someone playing these games for the sole purpose of making money, then you should be looking to these bonuses.

They’ll fast-track you to the highest of high scores! Play a few spins naturally before you go for these bonuses, it will definitely help. Here are but a few features you’ll find here:

  • LUCKY WHEEL: This feature activates whenever any part of a 3×3 scatter is visible on the reels! Once triggered, the wheels will begin to spin and will actually reward you with cash prizes or will grant access to the extra spins round! How much you are given as a prize will change every time!
  • STACKED SYMBOLS: Stacked symbols are always going to be beneficial. Think about it, you’re getting more bang for your buck in one fell swoop without changing up your strategy a lot! All symbols can stack and have been known to payout a lot of cash in the process (maybe the best feature in the game for racking up massive scores).
  • Bonus SPINS: Extra spins work just a little differently in Fruit Spin. You’ll begin with 5 spins but the extra spins symbol on the board will turn into an extra spin symbol. Every time you match that symbol you are given an additional spin. Bonus spins here come with multipliers, the kind that can really help you win the big bucks!
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Hit or Miss?

Slots like this will not be entertaining to us for reasons that we shouldn’t have to explain if you read the online casino game review above! If you loved Twin Spin and were looking for more then you’ll find Fruit Spin to be the successor you never knew you wanted till now! A fantastic slot from a developer who clearly has their heads screwed on! Check out Fruit Spin today!

Developer of Fruit Spin Slot Game

You can’t spell success without NetEnt! Over the years these guys have had a hand in crafting some of the industries top online casino games; they make it look so effortless when they do too! If you’ve never checked out a NetEnt slot before then you are definitely missing out on some fun times.

Not only that, but you’re missing out on the boat-loads of cash that people make from only a handful of spins. Enjoy this game? Then be sure to check out some other popular titles:

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.