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Fire up the blenders people, it’s time for one of the juiciest online slots you’ll play all year, it’s Fruit Blast from developer Skillzgaming!

In this slot punters are given a chance to play with all sorts of vibrant fruit in the hope of creating some incredibly tasty wins — we can’t say that we’ve played a slot quite like this before, which is probably one of the reasons why we enjoyed playing this one so much!

*Any values mentioned are subject to change.

Fruit Blast is a little different compared to some of the other games you might be used to coming out of the Skillzgaming recipe book. This slot is played out across a 5×5 grid, with as few as three symbols needed to complete a win of some kind — think of this as the blend between Bejewelled and Candy Crush.

Be sure to read the rest of the review down below for more info guys, or if you are already into this game – start playing on the best casino sites.

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Fruit Blast Bonus Spins and Bonus Features 

Slots that are incredibly bright and colourful in both image and gameplay will always work to get us hyped to play no matter what. Fruit Blast is an interesting one, to say the least — we can’t say we’ve played many slots before that have you creating smoothies!

Developer Skillzgaming has definitely put a lot of effort into this slot, tuning it to the right frequency of players, allowing you to drop in and drop out whenever you like!

The theme of this slot is incredibly well done. Like we’ve already mentioned a few times now, it’s your goal here to craft various smoothies by the beach. Here you live a life of luxury apparently as this beach appears to be on a remote island off the coast of somewhere exotic.

We’re guessing that all of the ingredients used in the making of this slot are from the local area given how bright and shiny they are — we forget that this is a game sometimes!
To play Fruit Blast, you must first present the game with a starting bet of some kind.

Now, the starting bet will determine how much money you end up with once the reels have come to a complete stop, so choose wisely. The more money you set down, the more money you’ll win if you come through with a big win, so keep that in mind when choosing. You can play for fun too, we aren’t ruling that out!

Extra Symbols and Gameplay in Fruit Blast Video Slot

Instead of waiting for random symbols to appear sporadically on a payline, here in Fruit Blast gamblers are asked to select specific combinations of three or more fruit icons in block patterns to accumulate potential wins — similar to a cluster slot, the only difference is you are more hands-on with how you play

. This is somewhat different compared to other slots you might be used to playing, but we enjoy having more of an impact on how our wins are accumulated!

Every symbol you see on the board here will offer you something different you know, and since this is a smoothie sort of slot you should already have an idea on the list of symbols you’ll find here in Fruit Blast. Know that every symbol is limited to a little square, which would normally make them harder to see, thankfully each is sporting their own colour!

A full bar of cherries will return 0.5x, lemons will pay 1x, grapes will pay 2x, watermelons will pay 5x, and pineapples will pay 10x. It is possible to fill a bar up more than once with a maximum total bet win limit per round of 1,000x. Know that the more you play of this slot, the more you’ll get through the big symbols, you simply require patience and time.

Unlike other slots you might play right now, Fruit Blast has a level of progression to it that you just won’t find elsewhere. With every successful spin, the player will get stars, and these stars will fill up a meter that will push you into deeper levels!

Every time you advance up a level, you’ll find that new achievements will pop up, providing more incentives for you to keep pushing! Players will also unlock new bartenders as they level up too — these guys can be found at the back of the game just chilling.

Skillzgaming – The Developer of Fruit Blast Casino Game 

Try not to let the name of this developer fool you, they may have the word skill in their name, but all of their games are open to everyone! Skillzgaming is a unique developer since they are a start-up company from Tel-Aviv, having opened their doors a few years ago in 2014.

In that time, this developer has gone from success story to success story, captivating audiences across the globe with countless unforgettable games (like Fruit Blast we’re reviewing for you all today).

These guys are incredibly driven in delivering only the best for their player base, something that is quite hard to find nowadays. For a relatively new player to the world of online gaming, these guys certainly do a great job in making themselves look and feel like the real deal. Check out some of these slots from their catalogue, some we play every day:

The Verdict on Fruit Blast

Would we play Fruit Blast from Skillzgaming again? Absolutely, there’s a lot to see and do here, and plenty of new symbol recipes we want to try. The concept of this slot is simple and easy to remember — not to mention the gameplay is incredibly unique compared to other slots out right now — we can’t recall ever having so much fun before in an online slot.

If you’ve yet to visit Fruit Blast, then what are you waiting for? If you enjoyed this game you should also check out Gemix slot too!

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.