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Slot games are nothing short of a sensation in the world of nine gaming, and this is a reality that has excited the hundreds and thousands of online gamblers who chose to have a flutter on these kinds of titles every day.

One reason for the huge surge unpopularity of these kinds of online gaming games, has to be down to the exceptional amount of choice there is when it comes to picking a title to play like Super Hot Fruits.

When it comes to online slot games and video slot machines, there really is a gem for every theme it seems.

*Any values mentioned are subject to change.

Super Hot Fruits Game Overview

From out of this world spectacles that take you into mythological lands, to historical slots that take you back to Ancient China, Ancient Egypt or perhaps to a Victorian age murder mystery, there really is a slot game for just about any interest and any mood that the online gambling community can feel.

Yet, despite all of the flashy graphics that you might find online, used to create highly ambitious themes and push boundaries once never even thought to be crossed with slot machines, there are still very much some humble, good old-fashioned slots to be enjoyed.

Super Hot Fruits is a slot games that proves this to be true, offering some old school looking slot game nostalgia for those who like their slot machines fruity and their gambling simple. Without any further delay, let us get into what makes this title so special.

About Super Hot Fruits Slot Machine

Fist off, this is very much a no nonsense online casino game that harks back to an era when all you could expect from a slot machine was some fruit to line up on the reels and hopefully some sound coins falling out of the machine.

Just because the game is super simple does not mean that it is not superbly fun, though, and you will find that in the game’s simplcity, Super Hot Fruits really delivers a great and extremely accessible slot with lots of ways to win.

There are just the 5 reels to work with in this game, so nothing too out of the ordinary in terms of layout either, although you will find that most fruit machine style slots that come out usually just stick to the age old three reel format, for old time’s sake perhaps.

With 5 reels there are more possibilities though and a jackpot of 2500 times your stake is the fitting prize should things really go your way in this fruit themed slot. Super Hot Fruits is developed by Inspired Gaming and they have done a fine job at creating a modern slot game that pays tribute to the history of the iconic pastime.

Inspired Gaming – Developers of Super Hot Fruits Casino Game

The developers of online gambling games give the online gambling world it’s very identity. This may seem like a big statement, but it is online game developers who have created the graphics and the various themes and layouts that have helped the online slot game rise and rise to the poplar format of online gaming that it is today, even manning to compete with the likes of sports betting and online poker for people’s gambling budgets.

The developers of this game are Inspired Gaming and while this may not be the most well known slot game developer in the world, especially in a world that contains greats like Microgaming and Yggdrasil, Inspired Gaming are doing great things and becoming more and more well known in the online gambling and online gaming community.

You can expect top graphics and a cohesive theme and aesthetic from this developer and that is very much evidenced here in Super Hot Fruits. Better still, titles from this developer are more often than not fully optimised for performing on smartphone devices so you can enjoy them anywhere you might be, internet connection depending of course… watch out for that tunnel! For more fruit themed slots, check these out:

How to Play Super Hot Fruits Slot Online

This is a classic feeling online slot game and therefore it is perhaps to the surprise of absolutely no one, that the game starts with the placing of a bet. The betting range in this title is something that we really like as with bets from 10p, the game is open to players who like to bet on a small, humble budget.

However, for the higher rollers, a top end bet of £100 should be enough to keep you occupied, especially when you remember the size of the jackpot in this title. By the way, the jackpot is 2500 times your stake, in case you forgot, so you can do the maths for yourselves.

The symbols on the reels are classic fruit machine ones with fruits and bells among them. There is also a wild symbol to look out for as well and some bonus features to be enjoyed which are more typical of online slot games rather than the traditional land based slot games that this title takes so much inspiration from.

Super Hot Fruits Bonuses

Super Hot Fruits Slot Bonus Features and Extra Spins

The main bonus feature in this title is a very effective feature that the game takes it’s name, Super Hot Fruits from. The special feature is called Hot Spins and it is worthy of such a name, due to the 100% chance of winning when this bonus feature is active.

Every time you land a Hot Spins win your total winnings are multiplied by four times and it is here in this feature where you will see your wins really climb and climb.

Stacked wilds are also active during the bonus spins feature in this title, making for a really effective iteration of a bonus spins round that many slot game regulars will already know and love. Using the Hot Spins feature is up to the player and they can use it a maximum of 50 times in one go.

Return To Player

Return to Player (RTP): 94%

RTP is used to explain the potential money that an online slot or casino game can pay back to players. It appears as a percentage and is generally calculated from gameplay over a long duration of time.

For example, if a slot has a RTP of 97% this means that it could pay back £97 for every £100 wagered.

However, there is no guarantee that players will receive this amount, as slot payouts are entirely random.

Verdict on Super Hot Fruits

If you like old school slot games but want to also enjoy a game that has some of the best part of modern slots, the Super Hot Fruits might just be the online slot machine for you. If you enjoyed this game why not also check out Wild Rails slot too?

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.