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Wild Rails Slot

It is a great time to be a fan of top slot games, because every other week a new game seems to emerge, offering you the chance to spin some delightfully developed reels. The online gambling scene and more specifically the online slot game market is absolutely thriving right now with more people playing slots like Wild Rails than ever before.

*Any values mentioned are subject to change.

Wild Rails Game Overview

One reason for this is down to the sheer amount of choice that exists out there for slot game spinners, with a wide range of slots new and old, simple and advanced, just waiting to be played.

This game featured here is called Wild Rails and this is a fine example of the modern online slot game. Inspired by trains, the game uses this unique theme to lead the narrative for a video slot that has 5 reels and 30 pay lines.

With betting from 30p and a jackpot of up to 900 times your stake, there are many reasons to hop on board this train themed slot game, developed by the slot game experts that are Play ’N Go.

Available on all devices, there aren’t many reasons to not give this one a go, in all honesty, what with amazing graphics and forward thinking gameplay on offer on this casino online.

Wild Rails Theme and Graphics

To summarise this online slot game win just a few words is not easy, for it is packed full of content. Inspired by trains and a certain period in history when this method of travel was so much more luxurious than your Thameslink in and out London is now, the game contains some lovely graphics and is largely led by a couple of main characters.

These guys give the game this time period feel and add a level of sophistication that you might struggle to find in other online slots.

The characters are well dressed and so are the reels, with wonderfully well designed symbols and icons on them. The game has 5 reels and 30 pay lines to work with, which makes for a familiar but interesting layout to play on.

There is something quite simple about the game in spite of the fancy graphics and this can only be a good thing, because, paired with a betting margin that goes from 30p up to £90, this makes for a really accessible title that can be picked up by slot gamers of all budgets and all levels of experience.

How to Play Wild Rails Video Slot Machine

The gameplay of this online slot machine is very simple and easy to understand, as it uses the simple style that sees the player match up symbols on the pay lines to create wins. The more symbols you land, the more money you will win, simple.

One thing that makes the game a little different to those around it though, is this unique theme that takes us back in time via the golden age of train travel. A luxurious feel sets the tone for a slot game that will inspire you to make some big wins, even if the reels don’t go your way first off. The name gets it’s name, Wild Rails from the game’s incorporation of wild symbols.

The wild in this title is fittingly a train symbol and this has the ability to make for some big wins with up to 30 times your stake being the reward for landing 5 of these in a combination.
The game has high variance which we are into, offering a maximum win of 5000 times your stake if you play the reels right.

Wild Rails Slot Bonus Features and Bonus Spins

There are some really nice and really useful little bonuses in this title. As well as the Wild Trains feature in Wild Rails, there is a popular bonus spins feature which will please regular players of online slots who know the power of these rounds already.

By landing the scatters, you can get up to 10 bonus spins from the off and then you can win more extra spins by landing even more of these scatters. Get the wild trains with your bonus spins and you will feel the rewards.

Play ’N Go – Developers of Wild Rails Casino Game

The developers of online slot games are amongst the most important brands in the entirety of the online slot game industry, due to the simple fact that it is they who create these diverse and deeply detailed titles that we all know and love so dearly.

Developers of online slot games like this one here, are a huge reason as to why the slot game has come so far in recent years, with the once humble fruit machine now flickering alone in the corners of old pubs, a thing of the past we are afraid to say.

The brand who developed this game, and did a mighty fine job of it, too, we should add, is company called Play ’N Go. This is a name which will familiar to regular players of online slot games and to regular online gamblers in general, as this brand has created a whole host of different gambling titles over the years across slot games and casino classic.

Play N’ Go are one of the most well known developers of online slots around and have a growing catalogue of titles that ranges from simple slots to much more ambitious and glossy ones like this one here.

As the name of the company suggests, Play N’ Go are vert much well adapted to the mobile online gambling market and have a knack for providing online casinos with titles that work brilliantly on your smartphone. Their games are largely available across all major platforms though, with tablet gamers and desktop gamers able to enjoy their slot games, too:

Return To Player

Return to Player (RTP): 96.53%

RTP is used to explain the potential money that an online slot or casino game can pay back to players. It appears as a percentage and is generally calculated from gameplay over a long duration of time.

For example, if a slot has a RTP of 97% this means that it could pay back £97 for every £100 wagered.

However, there is no guarantee that players will receive this amount, as slot payouts are entirely random.

Verdict on Wild Rails

Some lovely graphics create a really unique online slot game here with a theme we don’t think we have ever seen before. All this, plus some great bonuses and even greater wins. All aboard!

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.