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Online slot games like Fortunium are a incredibly popular way to gamble online these days. Truly a sensation online, online video slots and online slot machines have very quickly become one of the most commonly used ways to have a fluter online and the casino industry is absolutely booming as a result of this.

*Any values mentioned are subject to change.

Fortunium Game Overview

Why are slot games so loved online? Well, there are many reasons for this of course but one reason has to be down to the fact that there is oh so much choice when it comes to picking an online slot game to play. There truly is a theme for everyone to enjoy and this is exemplified by the slot game featured here, Fortunium.

A really fun slot game that uses a rather unique Steampunk theme, you will not find too many slots of this kind and this helps it top stand out against the amazing amounts of choice out there in the slot game field.

Developed by the legendary online gambling brand that is Microgaming, Fortunium combines a really great theme with top graphics and some lovely gameplay that keeps players coming back to it’s reels, steampunk or not. With some great bonus features and added extras, here is a game with plenty on offer.

Fortunium Theme and Graphics

Fortunium has a really interesting theme and the developers of these slot games have done really well to do the steampunk theme and steampunk culture justice. The graphics are really great as Fortunium blurs the lines between cartoon and animated realism with it’s look and feel.

As for the gameplay in this title, you will find Fortunium fairly familiar as it has the popular lay out of 5 reels. These reels make for 40 pay lines and you can bet between the enormous minimum and maximum bet that this title offers.

The betting here begins at the small amount of just 10p per spin and can go all the way up to £125 per spin if you would like to risk a larger amount. This makes Fortunium a game that gamblers of all budgets can enjoy and the gameplay, lead mainly by the familiar sight of 5 reels, makes it an accessible play in the sense that many other games have this layout.

With three bonus rounds that include a bonus spins feature amongst them, and some really impressive graphics and animations that bring this theme to life, there are many reasons to play this steampunk themed production and the jackpot of 250 is one more of them.

How to Play Fortunium Casino Game

Fortunium is a faulty straightforward online slot game, especially for those who are already fairly experienced within online slots. The game uses the popular layout of 5 reels and these work out to create 40 pay lines that the player can work with to create wins. As ever, creating wins is reliant on matching the symbols that pop up on the reels and differing symbols are worth differing amounts of money.

With 10p betting as an option, players really do have the chance to play this game incredibly cheaply and this is a real attraction for us and many other slot game players, too. The title is set in a golden city and the visuals of this game are really quite something.

Typical of the good work being done by Microgaming even today, the graphics are of a really high level and this is so important when it comes to making the player feel invested in the narrative of the slot game. A video slot, the game works perfectly across all major platforms, as you follow to two main characters on their steampunk adventure.

Microgaming – Developers of Fortunium Online Slot

The developers of online slot games are hugely important in the modern online gambling industry. This is down to the fact that it is these brands and their amazingly talented employees and designers, who have given the modern online gambling world it’s entire look.

Brands like Microgaming in particular have had a huge role to play in the surge in popularity that online gambling and online slot games in particular has seen and enjoyed over the past decade.n As such, it is important to give slot game developers some attention when taking a close look at online slot game titles and that is what we are doing here with Fortunium. 

Fortunium was developed by the aforementioned and highly influential brand that is Microgaming, who are one of the originators of online gambling as a whole. They have invented much of the software that the very industry was built upon and the iconic brand will be written into gambling history from here on in, if it is not already.

For Microgaming were one of the first brands to emerge when online gambling was first being thought of as a possibility back in the 1990s and from then on, the company has been influential in not only releasing amazing online gambling titles, but also in pushing the boundaries of the industry.

The first to move their service into the colourful market for mobile gaming, Microgaming titles are always fully functional across major platforms and this commitment to innovation very much embodies what the brand it all about even today, all these years on. For more top slots, check out the

Fortunium Slot Bonus Features and Bonus Spins

The gameplay in this title is good but, as always, it gets even better when the player triggers come bonus features. The game has three bonus features in total and the wild and scatter symbols are absolutely crucial to triggering these.

The most exciting all of the bonus features is the bonus spins round that will see players not have to add to their stake to spin the reels. Every scatter you land during the bonus spins, will result in another bonus spins. Make the most of the Win Booster feature as well if you are feeling lucky.

Verdict on Fortunium

An original theme and some really good graphics, as well as smart bonus features, make Fortunium a great option for any slot game spinner. If you enjoyed this game why not also check out Action bank slot?

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.