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Egyptian Magic Slot

Egyptian Magic Slot game

Welcome to the world of Egyptian Magic. A world where basically anything is possible if you set your mind to it and come on our online casino. Or if you’re willing to make the right play!

*Any values mentioned are subject to change.

Egyptian Magic Game Overview

If you are a fan of Egypt themed online casino slots then the one we’re going to be talking about today should be to your liking.

Especially, when you consider the number of combinations there are to take advantage of with every spin one partakes in! In terms of layout, Egyptian Magic is a 5 reel game played out across 9 paylines!

This online casino title comes to you from developer Neogames. A pretty reputable developer so you know that the quality is there before you even play! In terms of difficulty, this is a somewhat easy slot to play. One that should require only a couple of spins before you get the hang of it!

We would recommend new players get a few spins under their belt. Before they try their hand at a higher bet, you’ll thank us later. Those looking for more info should check out the rest of the online casino game review!

Expectation of this Ancient Egypt Slot Game

Okay so currently there must be around a hundred online casino slots out there that are of an ancient Egypt theme. This might sound like a good thing as it provides players with a lot of options. But think about it; how many of these games are actually worth checking out and aren’t terrible.

Egyptian Magic is one of only a handful examples of an ancient Egypt slot. That we would actually go out of our way to play on account of how fun it is to play. There’s a lot to see and do in this new slots game so let’s jump back into the details!

Gameplay on Egyptian Magic Slot

In Egyptian Magic, the power is in your hands completely! There are countless ways to play, all that offer a different online casino experience each time you play! Note to any developers out there right now who are looking at making a successful online slot using this theme.

Follow the guidelines that have been laid out by Neogames in this slot. Do that and you’ll succeed and have your game become successful. Just don’t copy too much as you want a level of originality in there!

This might be one of the most simple games we’ve ever come across. Why that comes down to the simplicity of the gameplay. That coupled with the fact that most can just pick up this game and master it.

Veterans of online slot gaming like it because of the high RTP percentage and novices like this game because of how fun/simple it is to play. Egyptian Magic literally has the best of both worlds! Did we forget to mention that the graphics are incredibly here also?

The fortunes favour the bold in Egyptian Magic. Remember that as you embark on your own quests across these gold-plated reels. Each symbol found in this one takes the shape of an ancient Egypt related symbol. The kind that definitely adds a level of immersion to your experience.

Symbols in this slot each represent something different in terms of scores. The more you match the more you win!

Egyptian magic slot

Egyptian Magic Bonus Rounds

Egyptian Magic has a lot of tricks up its sleeve, all of which offer something different. These features keep things interesting and definitely keep you invested as you play.

If you play often enough you’ll find these features a lot more often. In  comparison to those who simply try it out for a couple of spins before moving onto something else! Here are but a few features that you can expect to see from this one:

  • WILD SPHINX: The sphinx symbol here is the games chosen wild. This symbol has a very important role. Match it and every symbol in that line will switch out with another symbol. This new symbol is a scatter symbol. Wild symbols are the most common bonus feature you’ll find here!
  • SCATTER: Scatter symbols are represented via the pharaoh symbol. Match the scatters and you’ll cause the reels to bounce around a little. Not only that but they will also gain you access into the bonus spins round. Where you can utilise multipliers that will help you elevate your scores even more!

Hit or Miss?

Any fan of ancient Egypt should check out Egyptian Magic for all the reasons outlined in the online casino game review above! Check out this slot today if you are looking for a history lesson as well as a lesson in how to make money fast!

We can’t help but feel like you’re missing out if you play online slots on the regular and haven’t yet played this one from Neogames. Here’s an idea, why don’t you go play a few spins and let us know what you think?

Neogames: Egyptian Slots Developer

Neogames opened their doors to the online casino industry all the way back in 2005. A time when the competition between online developers was fierce. Not many developers from back then are still active. Just to give you an idea of how rare it is to find a developer that has been in business for longer than a decade!

The games that these guys make are always creative and do a great job in encouraging players to keep coming back for more. Despite saying just one more spin over 10 spins ago! Be sure to also check out some of our top games:

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.