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Evolution Gaming designed the simplified version of Live Baccarat, and it has drawn many people to online live casinos. Dragon Tiger is not only simple to play, but it also has a stylish Oriental atmosphere.

The live game has a low volatility level and a house edge of 3.28%. With as low as £1, you could place a bet on a possible outcome. The maximum bet differs depending on the casino you are playing. The rounds are entertaining and straightforward. Also, they are fast at 25 seconds each. Continue reading this online casino games review to know more about the game or try it right away on King Casino.

*Any values mentioned are subject to change.

How to Play Dragon Tiger

Since Evolution Gaming released Dragon Tiger in 2018, the live game has become one of the most popular high RTP slot games played in online live casinos. Part of what interests gamers is that it is a simple game, and anyone can understand it easily.

In this live game, you are not holding any cards. Instead, just like in baccarat, you will predict the outcome of a battle between two players, the dragon and the tiger in this case.

The game plays using a 52 deck of cards without any jokers, and the cards are dealt from a blackjack shoe holding eight decks. The live dealers conduct the game perfectly, maintaining a balance between the time needed to place bets and the one required to play the game. You can play up to 6 rounds in under 3 minutes since the betting time is 15 seconds, and the game round takes about 25 seconds each.

When the betting time is up, the live dealer places one card each on the Dargon and Tiger’s sides of the table face up. Players stake on which card will be higher, but there are other side bets which are explained in another section below. In Dragon Tiger, the Aces are the lowest while the Kings are the highest. If you predict the outcome correctly, you are rewarded with cash.

You may also need to understand the mechanics of Dragon Tiger to know what you are going to encounter and have a fantastic gaming experience.

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Betting Options

The following are the bets you can choose on Dragon Tiger:

  • Dragon or Tiger to win: This option is for choosing a dragon or Tiger had to win. If you use this option and there is a tie, the casino keeps half of your stake.
  • Dragon or Tiger Small: This option bets that the chosen hand will have a card value less than 7. If the number 7 is drawn, you lose your bet.
  • Dragon or Tiger Big: This option bets that the chosen hand will have a card value greater than 7. In this case also, if the number 7 is drawn, you lose your bet.
  • Dragon or Tiger Suit: This option is for betting on the suit that the dragon or Tiger gets.
  • Tie (Side Bet):A bet that the two cards will be of the same rank but different suits. For example, 9 of diamonds and 9 of hearts. Tie bets have a house edge of 10.36%.
  • Suited Tie (Side Bet):A bet that the two cards will be of the same rank and suit. For example, 9 of diamonds and 9 of diamonds. Suited Ties have a house edge of 13.98%.

Dragon Tiger Odds & Payouts

The betting options listed above have different payouts. Find them on the table below:

Dragon or Tiger to win11:1
Dragon or Tiger Small11:1
Dragon or Tiger Big11:1
Dragon or Tiger Suit3:1
Tie (side bet)11:1
Suited Tie (Side bet)50:1

Special Features in Dragon Tiger

Evolution Gaming, the developer of Dragon Tiger, is one of the most popular game developers in the iGaming industry. The developer has a rock-solid reputation for designing top-quality live dealer games, and Dragon Tiger is one.

Like many other live dealer games from Evolution Gaming, the game is streamed using modern technology. Depending on the player’s internet connection speed and preference, the game could be streamed in classic or 3D viewing mode.

The environment of the game is always decorated with multiple Chinese symbols. Generally, the game has an Asian theme. For example, the imposing statues of a dragon and a tiger made of glass are placed on different studio sides.

The live game interface has all the buttons you need to enjoy the game. The dealers communicate impressively, but you could interact with them using the live chat option if you have a reason.

You can play the game on both desktop and mobile devices. On mobile devices, you would be able to stream the game in either portrait or landscape.

Playing Dragon Tiger Online

Are you interested in playing Dragon Tiger right now? Then, you are on the right page. Click on ‘Play Now’ on this page, and you can register or log in. Signing up on King Casino is easy and fast. Also, you could be rewarded with a fantastic welcome offer. For a deposit as low as £40, you could get up to a £150 match bonus, and 50 bonus spins on Starburst and Book of Dead. Successful login or registration will give you access to Dragon Tiger. Follow the process below to play the game:

  • Stream the game live from Evolution Gaming’s studio.
  • Set your stake on which position will have the higher hand. You have about 15 seconds to do this.
  • The minimum stake is £1, and the maximum stake depends on the casino you are playing at. You could also stake on the side bets.
  • The dealer deals two cards face up, and you immediately know if you have won.
  • Winnings are paid into your balance.

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*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.