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To look at, Disco Danny is nothing to blink twice at, but whilst there is no mind blowing details given to us, there are some groovy colours and patterns framing the slot board.

Rainbow stripes running from the wall to the floor giving us a real 80s feel as the reels dance across it. Check it out on King casino online!

*Any values mentioned are subject to change.

How to Play Disco Danny Slots

Disco Danny is a very simplistic game, that being said, the details haven’t been left out when it comes to the symbols, they’re not masterpieces of art, but they are still easily up to scratch for the industry standard. They are flashy and shining, reminding us of all the things of the 80s that are still popular today, aside from collars that big perhaps. Below we have the symbols we will see and their payout rates.

  • Mixed Bars – 0.6x of our stake.
  • Double Bars – 2x of our stake.
  • Triple Bars – 3x of our stake.
  • Lucky sevens – 4x of our stake.
  • Roller-Skates – 6x of our stake.
  • Disco Danny – 10x of our stake.
  • Disco King – 100x of our stake.

Disco Danny comes at us with 3 Reels and 3 Rows offering 5 Paylines which seems a little small, even for a slot game that has such a small board. We are playing with a High Volatility slot, so make sure to consider this in the strategy you employ, though this being said it also has an impressive RTP of 96.04%!

So if we can hang in there, then there statistically is a chance for us. And by us we mean any of us, the betting range on this game is leaves scope for anyone of legal age to get involved. With a minimum bet of min bets of £0.10 going all the way up to a max bet of  £250.

Bonus Features and Bonus Spins in Disco Danny

For a game with such a restrictive board, we might expect to see  a plethora of bonus features to get our teeth into, however this in not the case. There is only one for us to use, but for the one small bonus feature this game has to offer, it brings a lot of potential with it.

The Aim to get into this bonus feature is to land 3 silver disco balls or 2 silver and one golden disco ball on the reels, if we can manage this it will bring us into a multiplier bonus feature which offers a variety of multipliers to get our hands on, the peak of which is 50 times our original stake. We are given 3 respins to get us through this round.

NetEnt – the Developers of Disco Danny Casino Game

NetEnt has been up and running for 20 years, but they haven’t truly hit their run until the last 5 years, in which they have seen impressive growth and integration into the market of online slots casinos. Not is not to say they haven’t been doing a good job the whole time.

They have. And they been learning what we will love best and now they have the space to be able to do it with ultimate efficiency. For more great slots, check out these:

Our Verdict on Disco Danny

Disco Danny is a good game for what it is; a throw back to a simpler time of partying and having fun in a free love era. It does a great job of providing that to us with iconic symbols like the roller-skates and Disco Ball. It would be nice if there was more to this slot game though.

It is a recently release, coming out in July 2020, initially I thought perhaps it was an early mobile slot game and therefore the simplicity was due to a technological bottleneck, preventing them from making something that stands up to an era that was so full of interesting things, however it isn’t.

And I was left wondering why things weren’t further developed. For what is on offer it is a good slot game, but with a theme like this there has been so much potential missed. For this reason we give it a 4/10

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*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.