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What Is The Fisher Roulette Strategy?

Fisher Roulette Strategy

Roulette is one of the simplest casino games; it only takes a few minutes to learn. However, you could potentially get more out of roulette with an effective betting strategy, and that’s where the Fisher roulette strategy comes in! 

What is the Fisher Roulette strategy? Like all roulette strategies, it is essentially a bet-management system designed to help mitigate and potentially recuperate losses. However, it’s important to note that it does not increase your chances of winning and does not guarantee profit. So, if you’re interested in learning more, keep reading this guide.  

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What is the Fisher Roulette Strategy? 

Picture this: you’re at the roulette table and want to try and make the most out of every spin. Would it be better to randomly call out your bets or have some sort of top roulette strategy? Ultimately, it comes down to your preference.

Touted as one of the potentially greatest roulette strategies, the Fisher technique focuses on the even-money outside bets: high/low, red/black, and odd/even. The probability of winning such bets is just under 50% (thanks to the 0 pocket). 

Samuel Fisher invented the famous Fisher Roulette strategy, and it’s rumoured that he kept it a secret till the day he retired. Somewhere around 1924, he published a book called ‘The Sealed Book of roulette and Trente-et-Quarante’, and in this book, he revealed the secret of the Fisher Roulette strategy. 

Some of man’s greatest accomplishments came at a time without computers, calculators, or other technologically advanced mechanisms. The Fisher Roulette strategy is one such accomplishment by the great Samuel Fisher, a strategy that has become popular amongst many roulette players around the world like the D’Alembert roulette system

How does the Fisher Roulette Strategy Work? 

The Fisher roulette strategy is not a progressive betting system, but you will still have to increase the bet amount at certain points. All you have to do is follow the formula and raise your bets in a specified order. 

You may want to use a pen and paper to help keep track of your previous bet amounts and sessions when first learning this strategy. There isn’t any need to worry about the starting amount as it can be any amount you wish. Now then, let’s focus on the strategy itself. 

You will need to place 4 bets with the same starting amount. If you lose all of these bets, use the total of the last 3 for your fifth wager, e.g. you start playing with £5. Choose any of the even-money bets and for the next 3 rounds, keep your bet amount set at £5. Once you lose 4 rounds, add the total of your last 3 bets (in this case, 5+5+5=15) and bet it. We do this because the Fisher strategy advises us to let go of the first number in the sequence and use the sum of the rest for the fifth round. 

Now, our bet amount for the fifth round is £15. Suppose we lose again, just continue using the same amount for the next 3 bets. Once 8 rounds are complete, our total will be 15+15+15+15. Now, we’ll use the sum of the last 3 bets in the sequence (15+15+15=45) and bet £45 in the ninth round. 

This process continues until you reach a net win and have potentially won your money back; if you reach a net win, you can return to the start amount and bet £5 again. Remember to make notes of your bet amounts while using the Fisher Roulette system, as it may get a little complicated to remember. 

3 things to remember when using the Fisher Roulette strategy are:

  • This strategy applies to all variations of roulette, including the European roulette, American, and French variations. 
  • The Fisher Roulette system was created to work with the even-money outside bets. For this strategy to work, you can only bet on low/high, odd/even, and red/black. 
  • The Fisher Roulette system may work best in the European and French variations as they have shorter game sessions and only have one 0 pocket. 

If all this sounds perplexing, it might be worth having checking out our breakdown of the roulette wheel and table numbers.

Is the Fisher Strategy Profitable? 

It follows the logic that having a good betting strategy has the potential to help you more than betting randomly at live roulette. The Fisher Strategy is one of the best strategies there is, as the increases aren’t as sudden and drastic as in other strategies such as the Martingale system. 

The famous ‘Sealed Book of roulette and Trente-et-Quarante’ claims that the Fisher roulette strategy can potentially help you make some big wins. According to the book, if you bet £1, you may win £12.80 an hour on average. On average, if your bet is as high as £25, you may win £320 an hour. 

Of course, these figures are theoretical; due to the random nature of roulette, it may not turn out this way in practice. If there were no limit to your bankroll, then this strategy would likely be profitable eventually; however, the table limit also exists for this very reason. Ultimately, this is merely a bet management system designed to help mitigate losses, as all roulette strategies are.

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