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Can You Claim Scratch Card Winnings Online? (How To Claim)

Can You Claim Scratch Card Winnings Online? (How To Claim)

Have you ever wondered whether you can claim scratch card winnings online? In this King Casino blog post, we’ll guide you through how to claim your National Lottery scratch card wins.

Can You Claim Scratch Card Winnings Online? 

It is not possible to claim scratch card winnings online, nor is it possible to buy physical scratch cards online. If you win a prize under £100 on a scratch card, you must go into any shop that sells National Lottery scratch cards and claim your winnings there. 

Some places you can buy physical National Lottery scratch cards include all the big supermarkets, local corner shops and the Post Office.

How To Claim Scratch Card Winnings 

How you claim your scratch card winnings depends on how much you have won. If you have won less than £100, it’s very easy to collect your win. Before you claim your win, check your scratch card to see how much you have won. If it is £100 or less, you can go to any shop that sells National Lottery scratch cards. Go to the checkout, where scratch cards are sold, and hand over your winning ticket. The shop assistant will verify the win and then give you your prize.

For wins between £100 and £500, it is possible to collect them from your nearest scratch card store. However, some shops may not pay out the larger prizes. The reason for this is simply because they may not have that amount of cash there. Your best bet for collecting scratch card wins between £100 and £500 is to go to a large supermarket.

If you win a prize between £500 and £50,000, you must go to the Post Office or contact the National Lottery directly. The Post Office can pay out wins up to £500. If your win is more, they can write a cheque.

If you win a scratch card jackpot over £50,000, you must contact the National Lottery. So they can validate your win, you will need to complete a prize claim form. Typically, your jackpot will be paid via cheque or a direct bank transfer.

How Long Do You Have To Claim Scratch Card Winnings?

Scratch cards expire once all the tickets have been sold or end when the top jackpot prizes on a scratch card have been won. From the expiry date, winners have 180 days to claim their National Lottery scratch card win.

Can You Check If Your Scratch Card Is a Winner Online? 

It is not possible to check if your scratch card is a winner online. No scratch card checker currently exists. If you are unsure whether you have a winning scratch card, read the instructions on the back. Compare your results with the instructions, and double-check just to be sure.

If you still aren’t sure if your scratch card is a winner, you can go into a store that sells scratch cards and have someone check for you. In-store, they use a scratch card machine, which immediately lets you know whether you have won. You could also call the National Lottery line, who will gladly help.

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