Baccarat Side Bets & Strategy Explained

Baccarat Side Bets

Baccarat has caught the eye of many casinos online players because of its lack of complexity and the numerous side bets you can place while playing! With little thought and strategy required, Baccarat is the perfect casino game for players new to the casino betting circle. 

The gambling games developers ensured that the side bets would add a nice touch of flair to the simple game of Baccarat at both online and land-based casinos. Today, we’re going to be discussing all the Baccarat side bets! Keep reading to find out all you need to know. 

What are the Side Bets in Baccarat? 

Side bets can be considered bonus bets that you can place on a Baccarat round. These side bets are based on outcomes beyond whether the next round will be won by the player, the banker, or if it will be a draw. 

Most Baccarat side bets are placed before the cards have been dealt at the start of the round. Many of these side bets have fixed odds that may offer greater payouts than the 8:1 available for regular Baccarat bets. 

Some of the most popular Baccarat side bets are listed below. 

All Red/All Black 

The All Red/All Black bet refers to the side bet placed on a hand consisting of solely red or black cards. The red cards would be only diamonds and hearts, whereas the black cards would be clubs and spades. The All Red Baccarat side bets can pay out 22:1, whereas the All Black Baccarat side bets can pay out 24:1. 

Bellagio Match 

The Bellagio Match is a side bet that focuses on the player or banker getting a hand with a 3 of a kind (3 same cards of different suits). If this happens for the player, the payout received will be 75:1. In the case of the banker getting a 3 of a kind, the payout will be 68:1.

Big & Small / 4-5-6 

This Baccarat side bet is on the total number of cards with which the player and banker will finish the round. A successful bet on 4 cards can get a payout of 3:2, whereas a bet on 5 or 6 cards will get a payout of 2:1. 

Combined Value Bets 

Various bets are placeable on the combined value of the banker’s and player’s hands. These include bets with both hands having a combined value of over/under 9.5. A successful bet on over 9.5 gets a payout of 1.66:1, and a successful bet on under 9.5 gets a payout of 2.23:1.

Double 8 

The Double 8 is a Baccarat side bet that wagers on both the player and banker’s hand having a value of eight. The payout for this type of side bet is 15:1. 

Dragon Bonus 

The Dragon Bonus is a Baccarat side bet that can be won with a natural 8 or 9. For example, if the player has a natural 9 and the banker’s initial hand has a value of 3, this will count as a margin of 6 points. The payout for a margin of 6 points is 4:1. The highest possible payout in this side bet is for a margin of 9 points, which is 30:1. 

Dragon 7 

The Dragon 7 is a Baccarat side bet that wagers the banker will win with a 3-card hand that totals 7. This type of hand usually offers a payout of 40:1. 

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Egalite Bets 

Egalite bets are side bets that are based on specific ties. If both banker and player total 0-9, the Egalite side bet comes into play. These side bets can have varying payouts for each tie to be grouped. The highest payout on Egalite side bets is when the total is 2 (225:1).

Lucky Bonus / Super 6 

A Lucky Bonus / Super 6 side bet is when the banker wins the round through a hand with a value of 6. This pays out at 12:1; however, some live casinos give odds of 18:1 on this bet. This bet can only be placed if the player also puts a banker bet on the same round.

Lucky / Unlucky 8 

The Lucky 8 is a bet on either the player or banker winning with a total of 8 points. This has a payout of 4:1. In contrast, the Unlucky 8 is that either the player or banker will lose with a total of 8 points. This has a payout of 8:1. 

Matching Dragon 

The Matching Dragon side bet comprises 13 side bets or one for each rank. The payout will be based on the total number of cards of the chosen rank that will appear in the following hand. The highest payout received here is for 6 matching cards (100:1). 

Panda 8 

The Panda 8 is a side bet that pays out 25:1. This happens if the players get a winning 3-card 8. 

Perfect Pair 

The Perfect Pair is a Baccarat side bet that the first 2 cards of the player/banker are a suited pair. This pays out 25:1. 

Royal Match 

This is a Baccarat side bet on the player/banker getting a king and a queen in the first 2 cards. This offers a payout of 75:1 for a suited K, Q and 30:1 for non-suited K, Q. 

Same Suit Opening 

Same suit opening is a side bet that the player/banker will get the same suit in their first 2 cards. This pays out 2.87:1 in case the player gets it and 2.86:1 if the banker gets it. 

Suited Three-Card 8

A side bet that the player/banker will be dealt a 3-card hand of the same suit worth a total of 8. The payout is 25:1 if either one of them gets it, and if both of them get this, the payout rises to 200:1. 

Three-Card 6 

The final Baccarat side bet in the list is a three-card 6, and this happens with either the player or banker getting a 3-card hand with a total value of 6. If one of them gets this, the payout is 8:1, and if both of them get it, the payout rises to 100:1. 

Are Baccarat Side Bets Worth it? 

So, are Baccarat side bets worth it? That’s completely down to you! These side bets can’t be applied with any strategy and are based on pure luck. If you’re a player that wants to play a real money game with minimum strategy involved, Baccarat could be perfect for you, and these side bets might potentially help!

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