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Lightning Baccarat


Lightning Baccarat from the stables of Evolution Gaming is the latest casino product of the developer presented at the ICE 2020.

*Any values mentioned are subject to change.

Lightning Baccarat Game Overview

This casino game is an elegant one hosted by eye-catching dealers in a gorgeous studio setting. After releasing a few games in the lightening series, including Lightning Dice, and Lightning Roulette, evolution Gaming has found it fit to whip out one more electrifying casino game right before the start of the new year.

Lightning Baccarat is the third and newest member of the lightening family, and you may read on or play slot games online at King Casino today.

How to Play Lightning Baccarat Online

The interesting thing about the Lightning Baccarat casino game is that players do not need to learn any unique rules in order to play. This remains a standard game of baccarat where the well-known baccarat rules apply. You only need to go over some new features, and you will be set for your first bet.

As most of the baccarat games you will find in casinos, Lightning Baccarat is also played with a total of 8 standard cards of 52 decks, and the dealer will collect cards from a shoe of cards that were previously shuffled. Here, the player will be betting on Player or Tie, Banker, which are the three standard wagers in the game of baccarat.

Therefore, you should be confident that there’ll be three major betting areas for all of these three bets. You will also find two more side bet areas for Player Pair and Banker Pair. Betting on the Banker, would means that you stake your funds on the Banker’s hand with the aim of beating the player’s hand. Whatever hand has a value that is closest to 9 is a winner.

In other to interpret the hand values, players must recall that Aces are often ranked the lowest in baccarat, and they are only worth a point each. Playing cards from numbers 2 to 9 will retain their face values, while 10s, Jacks, Kings, and Queens are only worth 0 points. In this game, participants have to place bets and then accept a 20% Lightning fee before cards are drawn.

A Lightning round will be launched in which a total of 5 lightening cards are drawn randomly from a digital deck and then assigned various multiplier values such as 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, or 8x. If you win your bet and the hand you choose to wager on contains a Lighting card, their multipliers will be joined with your win.

Key Benefits Lightning Baccarat to Players

  • Lighting round paired with multipliers that can rise to 262,144x
  • Attractive studio setting with some random lightning flashes
  • Trained dealers that players can chat with
  • Maintenance of Standard baccarat rules that makes the game easy to play and master
  • Availability of two side bets paying 9:1 odds, Player Pair and Banker Pair

Enjoy these benefits when you play Lightning Baccarat on King casino

Casino Game Statistics

But how does the Lightning Baccarat casino game compare to regular baccarat games, you may wonder. Lets have a closer look:

BETLightning Baccarat PayoutBaccarat Payout
Tie5:18:1 / 9:1

Evolution Gaming Casino Games To Play

Evolution Gaming is made a name as one of the premier developers of online Casino games to the iGaming markets. For the last one decade and a year, Evolution gaming has played a major role in promoting the popularity of the Live Casino format games.

The idea behind all the games in Evolution’s Lightning series is that regular casino card and table games are enhanced with random multipliers before the start of the game. For instance, when you play the Lightning Roulette game, up to five numbers are selected at random, as well as multipliers about 500x.

Some of the popular Evolution Gaming products include:

Play these Evolution gaming offerings as well as Lightning Baccarat on King Casino.

Final Thoughts on Lightning Baccarat

Lovers of baccarat out there who are in search of a tight game version that features a unique twist may find Lightning Baccarat interesting.  

There isn’t so much to learn before playing this online casino game, but you must find your way around the few unfamiliar features. This is only one of the few games in the lightning series, and you can explore this and many other casino games on King Casino once you sign up today.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.