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Super Sic Bo is Evolution Gaming’s attempt at revolutionizing a 100-year-old game called Sic Bo, and they succeeded at it. One thing that sets the Super Sic Bo casino game aside is its host of betting options, and the random multiplier feature.

*Any values mentioned are subject to change.

Super Sic Bo Game Overview

With a house edge at 2.78% and high volatility, it is almost impossible to stay away from this Oriental classic. We’ve prepared a thorough King of slots review of the live casino game below, so stay tuned. Alternatively, you can register on King Casino to play Super Sic Bo and top three reel slot games today.

How to Play Super Sic Bo

When you find the Super Sic Bo live game on King Casino, you need to know the basic game rules before proceeding.

  • 3 standard dice are used in play, with numbers from 1 to 6 indicated on the dice. The objective is to bet on which numbers you think the dice will roll on, the basic concept of Sic Bo.
  • You can also see the virtual betting table at the bottom of the screen where you place your wagers. Available bets come in different sizes, with a banner also indicating how much time you have left to set your bets. In addition, players can view results from the previous round, including, the percentages of small and big bets, and triple wins.
  • Seconds before your betting window closes, the dice will vibrate in place as if on an imaginary hot plate. This motion creates a random roll of the dice. Super Sic Bo is different from Sic Bo because of random multipliers at the betting stage and the extra betting options available.
  • A few seconds later, the vibrating stops, and the dice come to a rest. The values indicated face-up are the result for the round.
  • You can bet on the total sum, or whether the numbers will be even/odd, or a combination of even or odd.
House edge2.78%
Min/Max Bet£0.10 to £2,500
Gameplay3 Dice
ThemeAsian, Oriental
Special FeaturesLive Chat, Statistics Table, Random Multipliers, etc.
DeveloperEvolution Gaming, 26.4.2019
Similar GamesSic Bo
Max Win 1,000x a stake

Betting Options

There are different bets you can place in the Super Sic Bo game, and each has its significance. We’ll explore them below.

  • Small and Big Bets

These are the most basic types of bets. The Small bet is when players bet on a dice sum ranging between (or including) 4 and 10. On the other hand, the Big bet refers to when the sum is between (or including) 11 and 17.

  • Other Sums Bets

If you don’t feel like placing bets on any specific dice numbers or combinations, a specific sum bet would be a good option. It could range from (or include) 4 and 17. Different sums offer different winning opportunities

  • Single Dice Bet

A Single Dice Bet is the best option when you’re trying to predict whether a specific number will appear on one, two, or all three dice.

  • Double and Triple Bets

A Double Bet would come in handy in a scenario where you think two dice with the same number is revealed. However, a Triple Bet would be suitable when you want to bet all three dice will show the same numbers.

  • Two Dice Combination Bets

A Two Dice Combination bet is the kind you make for the 15 domino-like area where you think two dice combinations are possible, for example, 3-5, 2-3, 1-2, etc.

So, before you make your bets, note that the accepted betting requirements start from £0.10 to £2,500. In addition, the random multiplier feature can be triggered at this stage and impact your overall payout.

Super Sic Bo Odds & Payouts

One thing players should note is that the random multipliers don’t qualify for all bets. Usually, the low-risk even-money bets won’t trigger any multipliers. For example, 4 or 17 expected to pay out at 50:1 can win you 499:1 in Super Sic Bo.

The specific Triple, the riskiest bet, pays at 999:1 when a random multiplier is applied. On the other hand, a regular 180:1 payout for a specific Triple bet would win you 150:1. A combination bet that would pay out at 5:1, pays at 24:1 after it gets enhanced, and double bets rise from 8:1 to 87:1.

Special Features in this Casino Game

Evolution Gaming has an impressive track record for live casino games, so it was no surprise that their Super Sic Bo live game would be as exciting. The company started operating in 2006, but its success truly started to begin in 2017.

It was the year that Evolution released their first live game release, Dream Catcher. Luckily, most Evolution Gaming live games are playable on several devices, for example, PC, tablet, and mobile. Their live games work perfectly on smartphones; the zoomed in effect making you feel like you’re right there with the dealer.

Super Sic Bo is recorded live at the Latvia studios, inside an Oriental-looking studio to touch on the game’s Asian roots.

The two camera setups guarantee HD visuals; a close-up view of the dice vibrating so you see your results first and a wide view so you can take in the beauty of the entire studio. In addition, you’ll have a full view of the dealer and the whole table at all times.

The English-speaking dealer is at the table watching the dice vibrate and chiming in with a word or two now and then. A live chat function makes it possible for you to communicate with other players as the game proceeds. It comes in handy when you’re placing your bets, as you can see other players’ bets too.

To add a little spice to Super Sic Bo, Evolution Gaming snuck in one special feature;

  • Random multiplier feature – random multipliers are attached to a few betting spots starting at zero. If you bet on any of the highlighted spots; and win that round, a multiplier payout is awarded. The multipliers can be 10x, 25x, 50x, or 1,000x.

Playing Super Sic Bo Online

Super Sic Bo is a game every table game lover must frequent at least once because it’s so different from everything else you’ve experienced. We love Evolution Gaming’s attempt at injecting freshness into a traditional game, with the inclusion of random multipliers.

However, some players might feel a bit constrained because the multiplier is better for larger bets. To play Super Sic Bo, you have to ask yourself if you are willing to risk losing money at the betting stage in the pursuit of higher random multipliers. It was a soft yes for us, so we rated Super Sic Bo a 6/9.

You can play Super Sic Bo online for real if you already have an online casino membership. King Casino would be a great place to start since you can access the game anywhere you are as long as you are signed in.

  1. Go to the King Casino site and begin the registration process.
  2. Provide all your details and fill in a mode of payment.
  3. Deposit a minimum £20 deposit to finish the process and claim a £150 match bonus and 50 bonus spins on selected casino slots.

You’re ready to play the Super Sic Bo casino game live on King Casino, so let’s get started. And while you are here and all signed up, you could always check out some of our other casino games, like these gems:

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.