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Lightning Dice is a live casino game show developed by Evolution Gaming, a leading European gaming company. It’s an exciting game style released in 2019 to King Casino and is played with three standard dice. The game is playable on all platforms and is relatively inexpensive, with a minimum table limit of only £0.20.

The house edge in the Lightning Dice casino game is 3.79% for results 3 and 18 and 3.97% for all other results. This dice game features a unique mechanism of rolling the dice with extra Lightning Multiplier bonuses on each throw, with the potential to win up to 1,000x your stake. Keep reading the Lightning Dice review to know more about it, or sign up now to play casino games as well as high RTP slot games!

*Any values mentioned are subject to change.

How to Play Lightning Dice?

Lightning Dice live casino game is simple to learn and quicker. The rules are straightforward and basic. Three regular dice are rolled, and the players place bets on the overall sum of the three dice.

Before the dice are rolled, you can place a bet on one, several, or all possible results. There are a total of 16 possible outcomes ranging from 3 to 18. You may even gamble on all 18 bet areas at once by using the “BET ON ALL” button. After the betting ends, the Lightning procedure begins, in which one or more numbers are picked to have multipliers applied to them.

The dice are then thrown into a sort of plastic, clear upright container by a live dealer. The camera then zooms in on them to show the winning number. The winning number is formed by adding these numbers together. If you accurately guessed it and bet on it, you win the appropriate prize. After the winners are paid off, a new round of Lightning Dice begins.

Betting Options

Only bets on the total sum of three dice from 3 to 18 are possible in the Lightning Dice live game. You have the option of betting on as many totals as you wish. Each sum is followed by the number of possible combinations that the dice can make to reach that result. The more choices you have, the more likely you are to get that total. Depending on how rare a number is, it has a somewhat different payoff value.

Additionally, your bets per game round must be a minimum of £0.20 and can be as high as £2,000 per round. There is also a Repeat Bet option in Lightning Dice live casino game that allows you to repeat your previously selected numbers and bet rapidly.

Lightning Dice Odds & Payouts

If you bet on outcomes 3 and 18, you will receive the best payout rate in the Lightning Dice live game. These outcomes are rolled the least times on average because just one combination of the three dice is possible in both situations. As a result, both provide the best standard payout. Also, the genuinely high Lightning Strikes of 500x and 1,000x can only be obtained due to these results.

There are two sorts of payouts in Lightning Dice. The first type of victory is a standard win, a cash prize awarded if you normally win the number. Then there are Multiplier boosted wins, which can have any multiplier value between one and the maximum multiplier value. In the table below, we will provide both payout values.

Dice NumbersPayouts
10 & 114:1 to 49:1
9 & 125:1 to 49:1
8 & 136:1 to 49:1
7 & 149:1 to 99:1
6 & 1514:1 to 99:1
5 & 1624:1 to 249:1
4 & 1749:1 to 499:1
3 & 18149:1 to 999:1

Special Features in this Casino Game

Evolution boasts a basic dice game to the level of a beautiful tv show, complete with motivational, friendly hosts including several studio effects. Lightning Dice Live’s ambience is gloomy and reminiscent of a stormy night. The strong lighting effect and the inventive ways of dropping the dice add to the overall experience. In terms of accessibility, the game’s interface is designed to be enjoyed on a wide range of devices, including smartphones and desktops. The game’s clean and clear graphics, as well as its exciting user interface, make it a delight to play on all platforms.

Lightning Dice live dealers are the best of the best, thoroughly trained and incredibly entertaining. You can also chat with the dealer if you have any questions regarding the game. Moreover, the only bonuses in Lightning Dice are multipliers. With each round, they appear on one or more numbers. The number picked and the amount by which its value is enhanced is determined randomly.

Playing Lightning Dice Online

Lightning Dice is another excellent release from Evolution Gaming. This addition to the famous Lighting brand is unique, and the gameplay also suits the colour palette. From the background to the dealer’s outfit, any player would want to play this game based on its appearance. In addition, the camera will shift to where the focus is required.

It’s a fast-paced game where you can wager on a few numbers or all 16 bet spots. It gives its players a one-of-a-kind experience, and you may also receive a random multiplier of up to 1,000x. So, create an account at King Casino by filling in your personal information and start playing the fantastic Lightning Dice live casino game right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many frequently asked questions about the Lightning Dice live game from players. So, we’ve gathered and replied to them here for your benefit.

What exactly is Lightning Dice?

Lightning Dice is a straightforward and fun live dice game. It is played with three regular dice, and you must bet on the sum of those three dice. The game is hosted by a live dealer and is an incredible experience.

What is the highest possible payout for Lightning Dice?

Lightning Dice has a maximum payout of 1000x. Unfortunately, this multiplier is only available for Total Bets of 3 and 18, i.e. three ones or three sixes. The next two biggest with 500x are 4 and 17.

What are the minimum and maximum amounts you can bet?

Although betting limitations change from one casino to another, different maximums also apply to the various betting possibilities. You may often play for as little as £0.20 or as much as £2000.

Can King Casino offer me more games from the Lightning Series?

Yes, at King Casino you can find a fair few casino games from the Lightning Series as well as other similar games to Lightning Dice, just have a look at the list below for your next casino adventure:

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.