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How Does A ‘Live Dealer’ Work In An Online Casino?

How Does A 'Live Dealer' Work In An Online Casino

Have you ever wondered how a live dealer works in an online casino? We’ll be diving into this and more in this blog post!

What Is A Live Dealer? 

Before we get into what a live dealer is, let’s refresh your memory on what a live casino is. A live casino is an online casino where you can play casino games with a dealer and other players in real-time from your computer or mobile device. Live casino games include blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and more.

A live dealer is someone who deals in a live casino game. The live dealer is a real person that you can see on the screen when you play. Having a live dealer there can really liven up the game and make you feel as though you’re in a brick-and-mortar casino!

How Does A Live Dealer Online Casino Work?

So, you want to play in a live dealer online casino, but how does it work? First, you must find an online casino that offers live dealer games. 

Now, you need to find a live casino game you want to play. King Casino has a variety of live dealer casino games to play, including Blackjack VIP, Speed Roulette Live, and The Strip Blackjack.

Once you have picked out a live casino game to play, be sure to read the instructions and casino guidelines. A few things to keep a lookout for are the odds of winning the game and the house edge.

When you play a live casino game, you will see a live person at a table in front of you, and depending on what casino game you’re playing, there will be cards, a roulette wheel etc. Playing a live casino games online can feel a lot like being in a real casino!

Is Live Casino Really Live? 

Yes, a live casino really is live! Every live casino game is played in real-time, and you will be able to see this for yourself through the live stream. You can also use the chat box to chat with other players and the dealer.

Live casino and traditional casino games are similar in the way that you play with a live dealer, and you also play against other live players. The dealer will deal with physical cards or place the ball in the roulette wheel and spin it, but the bets are placed virtually. 

In some live casino games, you can chat with other players, providing that same buzzing energy and social element of a brick-and-mortar casino. There is a period for placing bets, and the dealer will announce when this is coming to an end. Additionally, the dealer will respond to decisions you make in real-time. For example, when playing blackjack, the blackjack dealer will wait for you to make your decision and will act according to your decision to stick or twist.

Can Live Dealers See You? 

No, live dealers cannot see you. Video streams are one-way; the live feed is sent directly to the player’s computer. If you want to connect with other players or the dealer, you can use the chat function, which is text only. So players can see the dealer, but they cannot see the players.

Are The Online Gambling Dealers Real? 

The dealers are undoubtedly real. When playing live real money casino games online, whether that is blackjack or roulette, you will be connected with a real person acting as the dealer. 

Live dealer casino games are very similar to online casino games that aren’t live. The difference is that they are hosted by an individual that you can watch live. You will watch the dealer deal the cards, spin the roulette wheel, and create an entertaining and lively experience for everyone. All of this will happen in real-time.

How Do You Play Live Casino? 

The rules differ depending on which live casino game you choose, blackjack, roulette, or baccarat. Before you play, ensure you are familiar with the game’s rules. Let’s go over some of the general rules on how to play each live casino game.

  • Roulette: When you play live roulette online, you have around 30 seconds to a minute to place your bets. The time limit is fixed to ensure the game goes smoothly. When you have placed your bet, the ball will drop. The live camera will zoom onto the wheel so you can see exactly where the ball lands. If you correctly guess where the ball will land, you win.
  • Baccarat: There are no bets from the dealer in live baccarat. The live version is played in real-time, and the game will begin by dealing cards. Like blackjack and roulette, the time limit for live baccarat is fixed. The aim is to score as high as possible, up to 9, when playing against the ‘banker’.
  • Blackjack: When you play live blackjack online, you will be dealt cards through the live stream. Only you will be able to see your cards. Typically, you will be on a 7-seater table and will play with up to six other players who are also playing live alongside you. The aim is to reach 21 or be closer to 21 than the dealer without going ‘bust’ by going over.

In terms of how to play live casino games more generally, you need to locate a reputable, licensed online casino that offers live casino games and create an account. 

King Casino is one such site; we offer live casino games like the following titles: