Fast Withdrawal Casino

Every player comes to an online casino for different reasons. Some people come to experience the casino games themselves, whether that is by playing for free or not. Others like to win large payouts and therefore will only go for the games that feature a large jackpot. They don’t care how long it takes to achieve so long as it is there.

Then there are some who want speed. They play slot games online purely to get real money wins as quick as possible. These players are after a fast withdrawal.

What is a fast withdrawal casino?

A fast withdrawal casino is an online casino that promotes the fact that its games pay-out quickly. The amounts are not necessarily large. The only stipulation that the players are looking for is a quick pay-out. It does not even matter about the type of casino game.

The speed at which a casino pays out is measured in seconds, with the fastest withdrawal casinos clocking in pay-out times of between 4 and 5 seconds. That is extremely quick.

What hampers withdrawal times?

These withdrawal speeds can be affected by different variables, both controlled by the player and casino. Players looking for fast withdrawals must keep an out for the following.

Pending periods

When playing at an online casino, players deposit into their casino account. However, this does not go straight to the casino itself. When following Gambling Regulations, these funds must be segregated into a different account. Only if the player loses does the money then go to the casino.

When the player wins, this money also gets placed in the casino account. However, this money does not come from the segregated account but the casino site itself. It is because of this that the casino will add extra security checks as the money is first passed on, then the player’s bank will perform the same checks as the money is transferred through once more.

All these checks take time, of course, leading to what is known as pending times. These can hamper how long it takes you to withdraw money from an online casino.

Type of casino game jackpot

Every casino game plays differently, which means they will pay out in a variety of ways. If a game has one large jackpot, it is highly likely that it will take a while to achieve. A game with more than one jackpot will make these pay-outs far more achievable.

However, the type of casino game jackpot to look for when looking for as fast withdrawal time is the progressive jackpot. These types of jackpots increase gradually whilst still paying out small sums as the player goes on. A progressive jackpot casino game is likely to pay out the quickest.


The variance, or volatility, of a casino game, dictates how much the machine will pay-out and how often. A high variance game will pay-out quickly but with little amounts. A low variance game will pay-out rarely but the amounts received will be on the higher end.

Of course, players looking for fast withdrawals should look for high volatility casino games.

Benefits of fast casino withdrawals

If money is still real money at an online casino, why is it important to look for fast withdrawals? These are the benefits of playing at a fast withdrawal casino.

Variety of games

At a fast withdrawal casino, the only criteria that the casino game needs to meet is that it has a quick pay-out time. This means that the games available to players will be any type of casino game. There are no real limitations to the variety, so long as the player gets a fast withdrawal. Games at a fast withdrawal casino include the likes of:

  • Slot games
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Bingo
  • Slingo
  • Baccarat

Mobile Compatible

One of the benefits of playing casino games on mobile is that you can play anywhere. This even means whilst on shorter journeys, for instance on a bus trip. For gaming sessions such as these players will need a fast withdrawal site.

It is lucky then that most fast withdrawal casinos are available on smartphones. In fact, it is the best way to play these games.

Welcome bonuses

Just like at regular online casinos, these quick withdrawal casinos come with their own sign-up bonuses and welcome offers. These are used to attract new players to a casino, therefore if these bonuses help the player achieve a fast withdrawal, the player will snap them up in no time.

Types of fast withdrawal casino bonuses include:

  • Bonus Spins
  • Matched Deposit Bonus
  • Extra deposit amounts
  • Free deposit bonus

Fast pay-outs

The most obvious benefit of a fast withdrawal casino is, of course, the quick withdrawal times. The faster the player receives a real money payment, the quicker they can go on to wager some more. These types of casino feed into the basic needs of consumers, providing something unique that players want and online casinos can benefit from.

Fast Casinos

Cons of the fast withdrawal casino

As with everything in life, these fast withdrawal casinos come with their downsides. They do not destroy the concept of fast withdrawals however they are something to keep in mind.

Limited payment methods

The fast withdrawal casino may allow players to deposit and play with any payment type that they choose. They may even advertise the fact that they accept these payment methods.

However, some of these payment methods may affect your withdrawal speeds. That means the site may request that you not use certain digital wallet sites or the pay by phone bill method if you are looking for fast withdrawals. Alternatively, they may not allow these payment methods at all as it disrupts their fast withdrawal stats.


All online casinos try their best to uphold the tightest of security measures, even fast withdrawal sites. However, with some more secure payment methods being disallowed at certain casinos, you may be at more of a security risk whilst gambling here.

You are no more at risk than when using a bank payment at a regular online casino but security-conscious players must take this into account, especially if their payment method of choice isn’t available.

Smaller pay-outs

This was touched upon in the variance section but it needs repeating. Fast withdrawal games may offer high-speed pay-outs but this does not necessarily mean that they will be the most lucrative. High variance casino games will always pay out swiftly, but their nature means that they will not pay out the large amounts often.

How to sign up to a fast withdrawal site

The fast withdrawal casinos require players to be registered so that they can use their casino games. To sign up for a fast withdrawal casino just follow these simple steps.

  • Step 1: Use the login button to access the sites registration tab.
  • Step 2: Fill out your personal details including an email address and payment method
  • Step 3: Use this payment method to make your first deposit or £10 or more

Once the player is signed up, they can find the casino game they wish to play by using the search function. Starting the game is as easy as hitting ‘Play Now’.

Loyalty Schemes

Fast Withdrawal sites can only do so much to tempt players to use their site. They can feature a variety of high volatility games but the pending times at certain banks can still disrupt their withdrawals speeds.

This is why some fast withdrawal sites will offer a Loyalty scheme to attract players to their casino. This is an additional sign up bonus that players can register for which bestows them with various bonuses, the most important of which is reduced pending times. There will be different levels of Loyalty level, the more lucrative ones being more expensive.

Always try and remain aware that you should always be wary of offers that seem too good to be true, especially when it means someone gaining access to your bank details. The fast withdrawal casino site should provide a detailed list of terms and conditions as well as a customer support line for their players that encounter fraud or suspicious activity.

It is for this reason that some Loyalty schemes at fast withdrawal sites have been banned. They are not dangerous when used legitimately however, they have provided avenues for unfriendly parties to act illegally within the online casino world.

Terms and conditions

It has already been stated however, it is always very important to read the terms and conditions of any offer or sign up process. If a casino fails to provide a list of terms and conditions, do not sign up and do not give them any money.

The casinos are lawfully required to provide players with these terms and conditions as well as a declaration stating the risks of wagering. It is the responsibility of the player to make sure they read and fully understand these terms. They are there to protect you and other players.