Blackjack Strategy Chart

One of the cooler card games going, blackjack has been around as long as any.

It’s a simple setup: the dealer dishes out two cards to each player at the table then each player looks at their cards. The aim of the game is to get as close to the number 21 in the value of your cards as possible, by hitting or standing.

So, if you’re served up a 6 and an 8, you’re sitting on 14. If you stand, you’re probably going to lose out as the chances are that one of the players around you is going to be closer to 21. If you ask for a hit however, that is to say another card, you can risk getting closer to the number 21.

Get a 7 at this point and you’re pretty much in the money, get a 6 and you’re good, but get an 8 or higher and you’ve gone bust and therefore you are out of the game. That’s the risk you have to take playing blackjack.

Additionally, if you didn’t already know, an ace can be worth a 1 or 10 – that’s your choice. So, if you’re sat on 11 and get dealt an ace, you’re going to wanna stay put. The same goes for if you’re audacious enough to call for a hit when you’re sat on 20. But there’s a little more to in than just that. Are there certain tactics that can help you win blackjack. Is there a blackjack strategy to guarantee success at the table? Is card counting easy enough to try out at the table? We tried to find out, read below for more or join today and play!

What is a Blackjack Strategy Chart?

A blackjack strategy chart is effectively a compilation of different methods to find success at blackjack. It’s worth noting that blackjack strategy charts aren’t a sure-fire away to success, otherwise everyone and their gran would be winning at blackjack and the fun would wear off pretty sharpish.

You can download blackjack strategy charts anywhere online, and they lay out the best moves that you can play whether you’re an intense, high-risk player or a more passive player who is counting on everyone else being as passive as you for you to have any chance at success.

As for card counting? Well, there have been cases throughout history where punters have mastered the art and had maximum success and won a lot of money in the process through card counting. However, not only does this require an immense amount of practice and skill, but also casinos are clamping down on it using heightened security and CCTV. So, card counting – we’re not sure if we would recommend this particular option unless you really fancy your chances. Plus, you can’t card count when playing blackjack online so this is a pretty useless option in that respect.

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Our Take on the Blackjack Strategy Chart

If you’re a keen blackjack player then the blackjack strategy chart will come in very handy for you. Just looking at it helped us understand the logic behind the game of blackjack and we’re confident that moving forwards, we’ll be able to have a bit more success at least in our blackjack by having an awareness of what we’re doing, when to ask for a hit or to stay, when to double down, and also what other players are doing around us.

Online Blackjack Games

Sometimes blackjack is best enjoyed in the flesh. It can be quite a social game whether you’re at the casino or sitting in the kitchen having a few beers with your mates. However, the increasing availability of online blackjack games means that you can take the game to your computer or mobile phone with just a few clicks.

On top of this, graphics are getting better and now you can even play online against friends or random people if you want to, which brings that social element of blackjack that we know and love right into your hands. There are a bunch of cool blackjack games that you can play online on all devices right now.

One final note from us that we’d like to mention is that blackjack actually has the lowest house edge of any casino game. That doesn’t directly mean it has the highest winning potential but in a way it does mean that it has the lowest losing potential. You’re probably not going to win fortunes playing blackjack online unless you really ramp up the stakes but it is a whole lot of fun to play indeed.

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