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Ultimate Texas Hold’em Live

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Ultimate Texas Hold’em Live is a  game that boils down to the player vs the dealer. The live game has the same rules as the traditional Texas Hold‘em, where 2 cards are dealt upwards, and 5 community cards are in play.

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Ultimate Texas Hold’em Live Game Overview

The game is played with a single deck of 52 cards (no joker), and an unlimited number of players can play at the same time. So sign up to King Casino to play casino games like Texas Hold’em Live right away!

The goal is to have the best 5 card hand; and be better than the dealer’s hand. Ultimate Texas Hold’em Live requires practice to master certain aspects, e.g., when to make a bet and if it is too early or too late. We have the answers in our review below. The slots online game’s house edge is a favourable 2.43%. Playing live games online is now easier than ever, with online casinos like King Casino updating their collection often.

How to Play Ultimate Texas Hold’em Live

If you’re a poker player yet to experience Ultimate Texas Hold’em Live, we’ve got you covered. The first thing you need to know about the game is that it takes place between the dealer and the player. The game starts when the player sets a bet, with several coins available to choose from within the time limit.

The dealer will draw two cards; one is the players, one is theirs, and then the player is prompted to up their bet by 3x or 4x (the Ante Bet). It is optional to take up the ante bet; you can always pass and wait to see what the first three cards the dealer will reveal are.

Once the cards are revealed, you are offered the choice to take up the Ante bet again. At this point, you can up the Ante by 2x, or wait and see what fourth and fifth cards the dealer will draw. Once all the cards are placed on the table, you can up the Ante by 1x, or fold if you think you’ll lose, and the dealer will win.

The Ante will push if the dealer has less than a pair, and if the dealer doesn’t qualify, the player won’t win. Instead, you just get a push; meaning, you get your money back. You can find some of the Ultimate Texas Hold’em Live game stats in the table below;

House edge2.43%
DeveloperEvolution Gaming
Bet levelsBet levels £0.50 to £1,000
Maximum payout500:1
Special featuresSide bets

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Betting Options

Now that you know how to play Ultimate Texas Hold’em Live, it’s only right you know how to place bets in the game. It is mandatory to set your first bet before you start playing called the Ante bet. Whenever community cards are dealt, the player is given the option to up the Ante by a certain number. There will be 3 opportunities to bet during the game, but you can only use up 1 chance.

Betting early might have its advantages if you intend on raising the Ante by 3x or 4x your initial bet. If you wait too long, you might lose your window; and raise the ante by 1x or 2x. It isn’t mandatory to make a bet during the game, especially when you think you have a losing hand. These are some more betting options available in Live Texas Hold’em;

  • Blind bet – this is an automatically placed bet after you up the Ante during the game. You might consider the blind bet, especially when we know the highest the Ante bet can pay is even money. If the dealer qualifies, the blind bet could bring in money.
  • TRIPS side bet – this is optional and pays out if the player manages a 3 of a Kind hand or better. This bet is paid regardless of whether or not the dealer qualifies.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em Live Odds & Payouts

Side bets are an excellent addition to any live casino game, but every player wants to know what payouts are offered in the game. For Ultimate Texas Hold’em Live, the best bets are likely to be the Blind side bets. The only downside about them is that you need the dealer to qualify to activate them. When activated, it could pay a Royal Flush worth 500:1, the maximum payout in the game.

If you have a royal flush and the dealer hasn’t qualified, it won’t count. So most players opt instead for the Trips bet, even if it only pays 50:1 for a Royal Flush. At least you’re guaranteed to receive the payout whether or not the dealer qualifies, or if you’ve won the main round.

Special Features in Ultimate Texas Hold’em Live

Evolution Gaming is the developer behind Ultimate Texas Hold’em Live, the best live poker experience you might ever have. The game’s graphics are amazing; everything is set in HD, and gameplay is easy to keep track of.

There’s a lot of gold to the design; the background wall is decked in gold-looking mirrors, and the dealers are dressed in gold dresses. Evolution’s journey in the casino industry begam decades ago, with the developer focusing on live games instead of popular slots.

Side bets are the key special feature they included in live Texas Hold’em. Players can also readily access the game in the best reputable casinos on any PC or mobile device. Unfortunately, there is only one camera angle available, so players won’t be catching any side views of the dealer if they were hoping for the chance.

Another disadvantage, depending on how you look at it, is that you certainly can’t call the dealer’s bluff because there is no way they back down unless the rules stipulate so.

Playing Ultimate Texas Hold’em Live Online

Now that you are well versed on Ultimate Texas Hold’em Live game rules, there’s only one thing left to do. You can play the game on any online casino like King Casino, but you will have to register an account to play. Having an online casino membership is the best thing because you get to access a wider variety of live casino games.

In addition, every new player that signs up on King Casino will receive a £150 welcome bonus and up to 20 Book of the Dead bonus spins after making their first £20 deposit. If classic casino games is not your thing, and you’d rather spin the reels of some of our slots, why not give the Temple of Iris slot game a spin?

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.