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Real Roulette with Holly

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Real Dealer Studios have been making quite the name for themselves since they were formed in 2009, and are now one of the most competitive names in the online new casinos industry. They’ve got their way to the top by merging Hollywood-style visuals with classic RNG gameplay, and the players love it.

Part of the charm is bringing in real people dealers that players can connect with, and one of those is the roulette deal holiday. So, today we’re going to look at the roulette game that she hosts, Real Roulette with Holly.

*Any values mentioned are subject to change.

Real Roulette with Holly Game Overview

The game looks great, both in the way it has been set up and in the professional game presentation. On top of this, there is a strong RTP available of 97.3%, and the chance to win up to £64,500, which is not bad for a low variance roulette game.

Stay with best slots casino King Casino as we find out a little more about Real Roulette with Holly, including how to play it.

Getting Started with Real Roulette with Holly

There are a couple of ways to play Real Roulette with Holly online. You can either play it for a free through the demo version of this slot (this can be done quite easily with a quick Google search), or you can deposit £20 at King Casino.

If you opt for the latter, you can claim a matched deposit bonus up to £150 as well as 50 bonus spins on selected casino slots. Either way, here are some tips on how to get up and running on Real Roulette with Holly.

  • Open the game up, and set your stake by choosing the chip value. This is done by clicking the purple chip at the bottom.
  • Selected the numbers you wish to bet on, or the groups of numbers underneath including even and 3rd 12.
  • You can go back and add more chips of different sizes to other numbers if you so wish. Just keep an eye on your overall bet with the figure in the top-right of the screen.
  • Hit spin to start the motion of the roulette wheel.
  • Allow Holly to read out the result and find out whether you have won or not. Good luck!

Design & Symbols

We really like the blend between real-world visuals and graphics that Real Roulette with Holly has to offer. When you start the game, everything will be animated, but this only lasts the duration of choosing your stake.

After you hit the spin button, Holly steps up and rolls the ball across the roulette wheel just as you would expect a dealer to do in a brick-and-mortar casino. You’ll get to see a reel roulette wheel spin, and then the RNG chooses the outcome of the spin as if it is the roulette wheel in the video.

Even the graphics look good. The process of choosing your stake is smooth and easy thanks to some great design work as well as a clear layout. Nothing is unnecessarily complicated in this roulette game like it is in some others, and even beginner players will be able to engage with this easily.

You’ll even get instructions as you go through when you play for the first time. What more could you ask for?

Real Roulette with Holly Bonus Spins & Special Features

Because Real Roulette with Holly is a roulette game, there are no bonus spins or special features to report. This is more often than not the case with roulette, so don’t feel disappointed by this news!

Reasons to Play this Roulette Game

Statistically, Real Roulette with Holly is about as good as it gets for a roulette game. The RTP is up there with the best, coming in at a solid 97.3%. As most roulette games are, this is low variance, and the max win on offer of £64,500 is reasonable considering that the max stake is £1000.

Don’t worry, though. You can still play this roulette game even if you have a lot less cash to put down. The min stake available here is £0.25. Enjoy the rest of the Real Roulette with Holly data below.

Min/Max Bet£0.25 to £1000
Return to Player (RTP)97.3%
ThemeClassic Roulette
DeveloperReal Dealer Studios
Max Win£64,500
Real Roulette with Holly Casino BonusKing Casino grants up to 20 bonus spins and a £150 bonus on a few slots after a minimum £20 deposit.

*All values are subject to change at any time.

Our overall score of Real Roulette with Holly? A solid 8/10.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re in a rush and want to check out the Real Roulette with Holly highlights, you can do so by skimming through the q & a session below. Just make sure that you come back for more later.

What is the RTP of Real Roulette with Holly?

The Real Roulette with Holly RTP comes in at 97.3%, which means players can expect to receive 97.3% of their stake back over 1,000,000 spins. This might not mean much out of context, but when we consider that the online roulette average is around the 95% mark, the Real Roulette with Holly RTP looks really impressive.

Are there any other similar roulette games to Real Roulette with Holly?

The Real Roulette series stretches to a few different dealers. If you don’t like the idea of Holly, you can check out Real Roulette with Dave or Real Roulette with Matthew or the the following titles:

Can I play Real Roulette with Holly for free?

It’s really easy to find a Real Roulette with Holly demo online that you can check out for free. Just be aware that it is not possible to win any money by doing this.

How can I win on Real Roulette with Holly?

It’s real simple! Just make sure that the ball lands on the number that you have selected or in a group of numbers you have selected.

What is the most I can win on Real Roulette with Holly?

The Real Roulette with Holly top prize is £64,500.

Can I play Real Roulette with Holly on mobile?

Mobile players rejoice! Real Roulette with Holly is optimised for mobile playing, so you can take it on the go.

Return To Player

Return to Player (RTP): 97.3%

RTP is used to explain the potential money that an online slot or casino game can pay back to players. It appears as a percentage and is generally calculated from gameplay over a long duration of time.

For example, if a slot has a RTP of 97% this means that it could pay back £97 for every £100 wagered.

However, there is no guarantee that players will receive this amount as slots are random in nature.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.