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Power Blackjack

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Power Blackjack is a super fun variant of Blackjack that you can play at King Casino amongst other top slot games! You can play it online and this is great, as it allows you to play it at a time of day or night that suits you.

*Any values mentioned are subject to change.

Power Blackjack Game Overview

In this article we will tell you everything that you need to know about the game. We will cover the rules, how to bet and some winning tips! All you need to do is stay tuned for the rest of this review.

Or, if you would prefer to play it right now then we have a solution for you. You can log into to play Power Blackjack! Over there you can also spin the reels of some of the best online slots on the market, all in a range of themes with varying slot bonuses.

Similarities between Power Blackjack and regular Blackjack

So, how do you go about playing Power Blackjack? It’s a pretty easy game to follow, especially for you Blackjack lovers out there already.

The game is payed with a 52 deck of cards. Cards number 2 through till 9 are taken at face value, face cards and 10s hold the value of 10 and Aces can either be the value of 11 or 1. During the game a six deck shoe is active and there are set rules of regular Blackjack that remain the same. Take a look at the list below for what they are:

  • The Dealer has to Hit on Soft 17 no matter what.
  • A Blackjack winning payout is 3:2.
  • You can double down after splitting and you can only split four times.
  • However in Power Blackjack you can’t surrender, so keep this in mind.

Rules of Power Blackjack

To begin the game you need to place an Ante bet that equals the minimum bet of the table. You can exceed this if you wish though. The dealer will then deal two cards to you and two to them. One of the dealer’s cards will be hidden and you will be able to see its value.

If this is a 10 or an Ace card they can check to see if they have won a Blackjack hand. You will lose the hand if the dealer holds a winning Blackjack hand. So, what makes Power Blackjack stand out from the crowd? Well, it has two extras called the Power Split and the Power Double. Let’s go through what they are.

  • Power Split: if you want to take this action then your hand must be a total of either 15 or 16. In regular Blackjack you need to hold a pair to do this, but in Power Blackjack you can split any two cards. This makes them into two different hands. This won’t cost you any more than a normal split would.
  • Power Double: to make this move you need to have two 11s as a beginning hand or a hard 9 or 10. This is very similar to a double down, as you will place another bet and you will receive another card from the dealer. In this game, if you aren’t happy with the result, then you can ask for another card from the deck. This could help you to land a winning hand, as you could find the face card that you have been searching for.

How to win at Power Blackjack

Winning is very important to some players, so here are our top tips on increasing your winning chances.

  • Play at a decent casino: play at the online casino King Casino for a safe and fun gambling experience! They have safety measures in place and all of their licenses.
  • Learn the rules: as we have discovered, there are clear differences between the rules of regular Blackjack and Power Blackjack. Not learning them could cost you the game.
  • Control your spending: don’t chase your losses by letting your betting get out of control, set yourself limits and stick to them.

Concluding Thoughts on Power Blackjack

Power Blackjack is a fun and fast-faced variant of Blackjack. The rules are fairly simple, and we predict that beginners will be able to follow them. Check it out today at the online casino King Casino, as well as lots of other fantastic online slots! Try more casino games right here at King Casino:

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.