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If you are a fan of some high risk, Egyptian themed slots games then the Lucky Egypt slot could be just the online slots game for to dig your teeth into!

There are hundreds of Egyptian slot games out there with their own variations of takes on how it should be done, Amatic Industries give us their version, it is a slick game that we found to be a lot of fun.

*Any values mentioned are subject to change.

How to Play Lucky Egypt

Visually Lucky Egypt is a highly detailed and well crafted online slot game. The background is filled with tiny details scrawled across the ancient Egyptian styled pillars with shimmering jewels inlaid, the kind of craftsmanship you would expect to see in a high end casino.

The symbols don’t shy away from this level of detail either, particularly with the character symbols which are near photo realistic; it wouldn’t be surprising if the princess was a digitized image from a photo shoot it’s that humanistic. Just like the background, every symbol has a golden glimmer to it and intricate details to discover as we play through the Lucky Egypt game.

Lucky Egypt is a simplistic slot game for the high rollers. It comes with 5 Reels and 3 Rows as the classic slots do, from that we get access to 50 Paylines. With all this opportunity available to make some of those sweet wins we are given a steep min bet of £50.

The likelihood is that those of us who are undeterred by quite a high minimum bet will be equally unafraid of a little extra risk and the risk is abound as the max bet goes all the way up to £500! With a Max payout of 150 times the original stake that means we could take home £750 profit from a single spin, so high rollers gather round!

Bonus Features and Bonus Spins in Lucky Egypt

For those of us interested in this slot online game, it comes packed with most of the commonly seen features such as wilds, bonus spins, scatters and more. Let us take a look at them.

Starting with the wilds. The wild symbol is Anubis, this wild works as a replacement symbol, though it will not replace any of the bonus or scatter symbols.

There are also cash spins which are given to us when we are lucky enough to catch scarab symbols on the reels though it does require 6 scarabs so it may take some work to achieve! If we can manage it though it will  give us 3 free bonus spins and potentially accrue more, each time locking in any scarabs.

Another bonus we get is the pyramid bonus, this is a shining golden pyramid symbol, as the reels slow to a halt, if one of these lands a daunting noise will start, building tension as the potential of more pyramids potentially fall.

If it comes off and we get 3 pyramids then we will be rewarded with 3 bonus spins! During this bonus game, two random reels will be wild allowing for cash spins to be activated with 4 scarabs!

Amatic Industries – The Developers of Lucky Egypt Casino Game

Amatic Industries are based in Austria and offer a huge variety of casino games; both online and physical, so if you find a favourite online slot, there is a high chance you could find it your local casino too! And with this evident mass of varied experience they have put it all together to bring us this online slot game.

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Our Verdict on Lucky Egypt

Whilst the theme has been done to death, quite literally with multiple mummy themed slot games out there, the Lucky Egypt slot does a good job of potentially pushing out some of the lesser Egyptian themed slots on the market.

One of the biggest things that could prevent people from getting invested in this game is the steep entry requirements of a minimum bet of £50. This is obviously a very intentional decision from Amatic. For these reasons we feel it has built to a score of 6/10.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.