Fruit Shop

Ah, fruit slots, how we miss those days, days where you could just pick up and online casino slot and perfect it rather easily. NetEnt clearly heard our cries, since they came out with this online slot: Fruit Shop. This is a 5 reel by 15 pay line sort of online casino game that takes a lot of elements of your classic fruit slot. However, this game manages to re-purpose it for a modern-day audience! Not only is this slot fun to play, but it’s playable across all devices! Yes, this is including mobile phones. This means you can take it just about anywhere and keep the money ball rolling.

So what does Fruit Shop have that a lot of these other fruity homages don’t? Well for starters it has a lot more detail. Not only that, but you can tell that this online casino slot was made with a lot more heart. More love than your average slot. This isn’t just a cash grab, this is a fully functional online fruit machine that is just waiting to be played! Waiting to pay out boatloads of cash! Be sure to check out the rest of the review below for more info!

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Expectation vs Reality when betting on Fruit Shop

Fruit Shop is an online casino game from developer NetEnt. These guys have spent years perfecting their craft. So, when we heard that they were going to be doing a fruity we just knew that they were going to ace it! What we liked about this slot was that the developer decided to change things up a bit. You see, this one has elements of a classic fruity, but it also has a few modern features implemented too!

Gameplay on this Slot

Players can experience Fruit Shop from as little as 15p to around £150 per spin on our online casino. This is definitely going to appeal to a lot of players out there who are looking to just play for fun! As well as those who are looking to play for big cash payouts! Those playing this slot for the first time might find that playing on the lower amounts helps. This is because it means you are getting a feel for the game and can, therefore, strategise a lot easier! The autoplay mode definitely helps too if you just want to make a quick buck without playing.

The colours and overall visuals found in Fruit Shop are very well done. They do an excellent job in setting the pace for the player from the outset and throughout! All the fruits found here are very bright and colourful, they also serve as the games chosen symbols. Each of these fruits offers something different in terms of scores. The more of these symbols you can match, the better your standing at the end when it’s time to cash out! This slot reminds us of a lot of Fruit Ninja for some reason, perhaps it is the visuals or maybe we just really like fruit-related games who knows!

It goes without saying, but the more you play the more you will ultimately win. This is especially true if you happen to be someone who likes playing on the higher bet amounts. Yes, the risks here are a lot more troublesome, but when you stop to consider the rewards you can win here, it’s very easy to see why so many tend to take this path. This is a very fun slot to play, so making money off it should be easy if you put your back into it!

Bonus Games/Bonus Features available on Fruit Shop UK Slot

Fruit Shop has quite a few exciting online casino features in it which are surprising considering it’s a relatively easy slot to play! All of these features offer the player something new to consider with every spin they partake in. We’d advise you get a feel for the paytable before you begin spinning for obvious reasons. Those wanting to rack up massive scores here will need these features, features here include:
WILD: The wild symbol found in this slot takes the shape of the games logo, find it on the three middle reels and you’ll double your score in a second! Not only that, but the wilds here will substitute for all other symbols bar the scatter!
Bonus SPINS: Bonus spins give you a chance at utilising multipliers to help better your score! Extra spins come from the cherry symbols. If you match two of them and you’ll get one more spin. However, if you can match five cherries you will be given five bonus spins in return!

fruit shop slot game

Hit or Miss?

Fruit Shop is a fantastic little online casino game from NetEnt. It is a game that we will personally return to every now and again, just to see what products they have on the shelves! Fruit Shop is in many ways a homage to the slots of old. But, at the same time is its own entity. It will no doubt inspire countless other developers to try their hand at something similar. Whether or not they succeed in creating something as popular still remains to be seen.

NetEnt – The developer of Fruit Shop video slot

There’s not a lot we can say about these guys that you should know already, especially if you consider yourself a regular player of online slots. NetEntertainment is a dynasty at this point given all the hard work and dedication they’ve put in over the years. NetEnt’s titles always have a certain level of quality to them no matter the theme and no matter the audience in mind. These guys know what works and aren’t afraid to reinvent the wheel if it means that they’re trying something new for the benefit of their core fanbase. If you want you can also check these out