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Genie Almighty is one of the latest online slots to take the online casino world by storm. It’s been developed by the Playzido gaming company and features 10 paylines with a 5×3 grid layout. The Genie Almighty slot has a mystical magic Arabian theme with several exciting bonus features.

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Genie Almighty Slot Review

The Genie is out of the lamp! In this slots game developed by Playzido gaming company, players embark on a magical adventure that begins on a beautiful street in Arabia. Launched in November 2021, this slot features numerous awards and bonus features that will catch anyone’s attention.

Genie Almighty isn’t progressive and features a 5×3 layout with over 10 paylines that work in both directions. In addition, there are 8 game symbols that players can encounter throughout the game. Most of the payouts are small but occur regularly, indicating that the volatility of this slot is low.

It’s the perfect slot game that lets players encounter a Genie with magical powers that can grant them treasures like never before! So, why the wait? Head over to King Casino to try this slot or any of our other 1000+ games!

How To Play Genie Almighty

Players who try Genie Almighty for the first time will be thrilled to see a mystical mediaeval Arabian theme, equipped with 3 rows, 5 reels, and 10 paylines. Players will initially encounter 7 symbols – a tiger, crossed swords, a pink jewel, and 4 different card icons decorated with gems.

Hitting 3-5 of the same icons on any one of the 10 paylines will help a player possibly form a winning combination. Furthermore, 3 lamps are situated below the reels, and these can activate at any time, turning the reel into a wild reel. Once a wild reel is activated, players can find a Scatter icon in the form of a Genie. If players can successfully hit this scatter icon on the first and last reel, they will activate a mini-game!

These mini-games will offer players 3 choices. Reveal bonus spins, take cash, or take an increase to the free spin multiplier. In the end, players choose between launching a round of Bonus Spins or taking the cash and jetting off.

Genie Almighty Slot Gameplay

Genie Almighty Bonus Features & Jackpots

Players can encounter several exciting bonus features and jackpots in this slot. Remember, since it’s not a progressive slot, the jackpots are fixed.

That being said, the bonus features and jackpots available are as follows:

Scatter Icon (Genie)

The scatter icon (Genie) pops up after the lamps are activated, and the reel turns into a ‘wild reel.’ The activation of this wild reel means that players can now potentially win the biggest prizes in this slot.

Bonus Symbol

Landing the same bonus symbols on the first and last reel will trigger a cash bonus prize for players. At this point, players will have the option of picking a bonus in the ‘Cave of Wonders’ to likely win either cash or Bonus Spins.

Bonus Spins

Bonus Spins are what make slots most enticing for players. When landing the Bonus Spins in Genie Almighty, you get the option to choose a Free Spin or a cash prize in the Cave of Wonders.

Theme, Graphics and Sound

Genie Almighty features a magical Arabian theme that allows players to travel back in time to visit the Arabian Peninsula. Players are allowed the chance to encounter the Genie in the lamp and potentially make their wildest dreams come true!

The graphics in this slot are high definition and stunning compared to other slots. As this slot was just recently developed, the symbols have incredible detail. The background features a bazaar in an old Arabian city, making it even more interesting for players.

The soundtrack for this game is well-chosen and goes with the theme. At the same time, the sound effects keep players focused.

RTP and Volatility

The RTP (Return to Player) percentage in Genie Almighty is 95.48%. This slot is known to be a low volatility slot. The payouts aren’t high but often occur enough to keep players interested.

Genie Almighty Review Summary

Genie Almighty is one of the most recently developed slot games by Playzido. It may not be very popular because of its recent release date, but that in no way means that the slot isn’t worth your time.

In fact, with an RTP of 95.48% and low volatility, players may have high chances of getting payouts, even if they aren’t that big. Hence, any player who’s in the mood for testing their luck should give this slot machine a try! Or head to Las Vegas with King Casino in Vegas Cash.

Genie Almighty FAQs

What is the RTP of Genie Almighty?

The RTP of Genie Almighty is 95.48%.

Can you play Genie Almighty for free?

Unfortunately, if you want to play Genie Almighty for free, you’re out of luck, as demo play is not available in UK casinos.

What’s the volatility of Genie Almighty?

The volatility of Genie Almighty is low.

What’s the minimum bet on Genie Almighty?

The minimum bet on Genie Almighty is £0.10.

Can you win real money on the Genie Almighty slot game?

Yes, Genie Almighty is a real money slot, meaning players can spin and potentially win real money.

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*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.