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Danger! High Voltage

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Causing nothing but pure chaos in online slot games is nothing new, if anything this industry was built on online casino slots that have an element of danger to them. Danger! High Voltage from developer Big Time Gaming allows players to do everything they were told not to when looking at warning signs!

Those that push against these rules will not only feel a jolt of adrenaline course through their veins, but they’ll also find a lot of cash to line their pockets in the process too!

*Any values mentioned are subject to change.

This slot is a 6 reel kind of game, one that boasts a massive 4,096 different ways to come out on top, which is definitely impressive when you stop to think about all these combinations that could crop up from nowhere (RKO style).

The volatility is incredibly high in this online casino title is something to be expected given the slots name and theme of choice! Big Time Gaming has quite the hit on their hands with this one, be sure to read on to find out more! 

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How to Play Danger! High Voltage

This online casino game takes an alternative approach to gameplay. We mentioned above that this is a high velocity sort of game, and that’s because it is. The amount of action on the screen at any given time is remarkable, constantly keeping the player on their toes with every spin! Slots like this are so entertaining as you see the reels whirl at the speed of light! 

The theme of this slot is danger, almost like someone looked at a hazard sign and decided to stick their middle finger up at it and make an online slot that goes against it! Not only is the soundtrack of this slot incredibly fast, but the visuals presented here are incredibly detailed, encouraging players to spin and spin again.

The animations found here very rarely stutter too, allowing you to play for long periods of time without a breakdown in quality! 
Symbols in Danger! High Voltage also add to the immersive elements here, all offering something different in terms of their scores! We really don’t want to ruin all the symbols here as they’re so wacky, but to give you a teaser we can tell you that the coloured skulls here are hands down the most fun to match here.

For whatever reason Big Time Gaming has added in random Mexican-related symbols here too, such as tacos; why they’ve done this – no one knows! 

Danger High Voltage Bonus Features

Danger! High Voltage has plenty of outstanding online casino features and gameplay elements that all change how you approach each spin. These features are perfect for players who are looking to take advantage of the games high RTP percentage!

Keep in mind that the more you play of this slot the more you will win naturally, but if you are looking to fast-track your scores then you should be looking out for these features! Bonus features include:

  • WILDS: Danger! High Voltage is full of wild symbols — sort of fitting considering how mental this slot is! All of the wilds found here will do something different depending on the circumstances that you find them. Matching these wilds will cause most symbols on the board to be substituted for the scatter symbols. The more wilds you can find the more scatters you push into the game! 
  • SCATTER: The scatter symbols that the wilds drop off are vital in your efforts to make the most money possible here. Scatters will toss the symbols around on the board yes, but their main purpose is to bring more spins into the game! Try to match more than three scatters as this will net you more bonus spins! 
  • Bonus SPINS: Extra spins in Danger! High Voltage are the quickest and easiest way of making money here. Bonus spins are valuable because they give players multipliers, the perfect thing to help you multiply your scores instantly! If you want the highest scores possible then you will want these extra spins! 

Expectation vs Reality when betting on Danger! High Voltage

Danger! High Voltage is the sort of online casino game you should play when you’re feeling like smashing up a few things. We all get angry from time to time, but channeling it into something is always helpful — especially if you can make some money out of it too!

When we heard about the theme of this slot we thought that the developer was crazy, after all, how can a slot that encourages people to essentially shock themselves be anything more than a flop? Boy were we wrong, this is such a fun slot, one that you can play over and over again and never get tired! 

The Developer of Danger! High Voltage Online Slot Game

One of our personal favourite online casino developers, Big Time Gaming have never been known to shy away from a challenge!

Every single slot they produce has been heavily praised from all who experience it — including rival developers who would love to see just how they go about making their games! Slots like Danger! High Voltage are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their levels of creativity.

Check out any of the online casino slots in their catalogue and you’ll find the same experimental flair that’s only helped garner their reputation. Remember to also check these out

Hit or Miss? 

Danger! High Voltage is an online casino game that only gets better the more you play it, a slot that says to the rules ‘I’m doing my own thing’. We can only imagine what Big Time Gaming was smoking when they came up with the premise for this slot!

If you are looking for a slot that tries something a little crazy with its theme and gameplay — all the while providing you with many different ways to make money — then will be right at home with Danger! High Voltage, one of the most experimental slots we’ve ever played, check it out! 

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.