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Online Casino Chargebacks – Can You Get Casino Money Back?

If you are thinking of disputing charges from an online casino, think carefully before requesting a chargeback. This blog post will discuss when to dispute casino charges and when not to. We’ll also share a step-by-step guide on how you can make an online casino chargeback.

Can You Dispute Charges From An Online Casino 

It is possible to dispute charges from an online casino; however, in most cases, casino chargebacks are unsuccessful. There are also a lot of drawbacks you should know about.

Online casinos provide a service to players. In exchange for money, that service provides the chance to play various casino games online. If you play slots, you understand that there is a chance you can win money and also a chance you can lose.

A chargeback is like a refund, but rather than asking the online casino for your money back, the bank will try to get it back for you. 

When To Dispute Casino Charges 

Before you dispute a casino charge, you must be confident you are disputing for a good reason. Otherwise, there could be consequences that you won’t want to deal with.

There are a few reasons why you would consider disputing casino charges. The main reason to dispute casino charges is when the casino does not provide the service they advertised. For example, an online casino states that they have an excellent range of 100+ online slots to play when you sign up. But you sign up, and the reality is that there are only 3 slots available to play. This would be worthy of a chargeback as they are not withholding their promise.

Another example of a casino not providing the service they promised is if they took your deposit money and you couldn’t access any games.

You are also allowed to dispute casino charges if they have broken the rules set by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). Licenced casinos must provide a fair service for everyone. If a casino rigged their games to help them gain a better profit, this is worth disputing.  

There are some cases where people are victims of fraud, have their details stolen and find they have been charged lots of money by a casino. If you have had your bank or credit card stolen and don’t recognise any transactions, you can dispute these charges.

How To Reverse Casino Charges 

If you want to reverse casino charges, you need to have a valid reason for doing so. You can reverse casino charges by following these steps:

  1. Seek legal advice if you are unsure of your decision. There are consequences if you try to reverse casino charges without a valid reason.
  2. Before you dispute casino charges, contact the online casino first. If they fail to resolve your issues, you can make a chargeback.
  3. Contact your local bank and request a chargeback for fraudulent activity.
  4. The bank will carry out an in-depth investigation to verify your claims. The payment will be cancelled if the bank has validated your chargeback request. You will then receive your money back in full.

When NOT To Dispute Casino Charges 

There is a small percentage of people who try to dispute casino charges simply because they want their money back. 

You cannot request a chargeback simply because you didn’t win and regret how much you spent when playing slots. Online casinos are not responsible for refunding bets to players that didn’t result in a win. Slots are a game of chance, and you either win or lose. 

You may think that you have a genuine reason for disputing casino charges if someone you know, such as a friend or family member, has accessed your online casino account without your permission. However, this is not a reason to request a chargeback.

If someone you know has played casino games on your account without permission, this is not the casino’s fault. It is your responsibility to keep your login details and password private. You should never share your details with anyone else.

Can Online Casino Chargebacks Land You In Jail? 

Making wrongful online casino chargebacks can have serious consequences. If you request a chargeback without a valid reason, you will likely be blacklisted from particular online casinos and will not be able to play casino games in the future.

Making dishonest chargebacks is illegal as it is fraud. If you are found to be intentionally committing fraud, you could potentially be sued by the bank or online casino. Investigating chargebacks is costly, and you could have to pay and cover the costs for this. If the case is serious, you could face criminal charges.

Do Casino Chargebacks Get Investigated? 

After you have contacted your bank explaining your reason for making an online casino chargeback, the bank will work with the casino to check the claim is valid. The bank will carry out a complete and thorough investigation. If they find you are eligible for a chargeback, you are likely to get your money back.